Sunday, March 27, 2016

Giving thanks for Life

All of us reading this have lived another year from Easter 2015, including me.

Maybe today is a day of gratitude for our own lives as well as Jesus' Resurrection.

I was thinking today how life and God are the same thing to me. However, God in reality might also reside in Dark matter which has no time or space and is 96% of the known universe right now and Galaxies are like Waterfalls or waves that break on the shore from a really big ocean of Presently(Unknown matter and unknown fluid) which composes 96% of the known universe.

So, as much more is to be known in the future than we presently know and likely 100,000 times what we know we will know 1000 to 10,000 years from now.

But, in the meantime maybe what is important today is to give thanks for Life itself and thanks for Jesus' resurrection and that we live in an amazing country and world where the lives we live are possible.

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