Monday, March 28, 2016

Historically all Sectarian wars main cause is always overpopulation

Even if you look back at Christian sectarian wars between Protestants and Catholics the primary cause of these wars was overpopulation in areas where there were too many young people to inherit the land. So, if there wasn't a plague to thin people out, wars often broke out and the excuse was often religious differences.

But always, it is only an excuse to thin out the populations so the young don't all have to be criminals to have any life at all. It is when the farms and land and water cannot feed everyone and so often the excuse is religious sectarian wars.

So, this is an ongoing problem throughout the history of the human race.

Basically, it goes like this:

Either there is a plague that thins people out,

Or there is a war that thins people out.

It has always been this way throughout recorded history.

And what is happening in this sectarian war in the middle East is no different.

So, the cause of ISIS and Al Qaeda is overpopulation in the middle East.

Why is the Middle East overpopulated?

Because Birth Control was not allowed by Muslim leaders throughout the middle east.

The thousands to millions now would not be dying now if birth control had been allowed since 1960 or so.

So, we likely will now see millions dying in the middle East and some in Europe as well directly because of this.

So, this should be a lesson to all mankind:


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