Thursday, March 31, 2016

What Is Wealth?

To me, wealth is not money. Money maybe the last thing that wealth is.

To me, wealth is health, family, friends, living in a free country with opportunity with people you love and respect. Wealth is a good relationship with God and or Spirit. Wealth is a 24 hour a day feeling of peace in your heart from your relationship with life throughout the universe.

After all these things money might come into all this. But, without all these things first, money means nothing at all. You can own everything on earth financially but if you don't have health, family, friends and don't live in a free country or have a good relationship with God and with Spirit and are not friends with yourself it doesn't mean a thing except you are not starving for food and shelter and clothes.
Tibetan Buddhists call someone who is precious in all ways, Rinpoche which means "precious" and a Living Buddha. Some people feel this way about the present Pope too where all their spiritual good feelings reside in one or more "Good People".
But, true wealth is something you can share if you have it with yourself, your family, your friends and the world, and yet it grows greater every day.

By God's Grace

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