Tuesday, March 29, 2016

28,000 people die every year in U.S. from Opiate abuse

I was just listening to Sangay Gupta who is a brain surgeon on CNN today and he was talking about this. Also, in the U.S. we also have 80% of the pain killers on earth even though we are only 5% of the world's population. The rest of the world likely looks at us in horror because this isn't true other places.

Because the main drug most other places on earth where people can literally die almost any day from literally anything more than in the U.S. is religion.

However, people in the U.S. often think they are so superior because they have no religion or have avoided thinking about it at all because their lives have been relatively easy and maybe no one Yet that they really cannot imagine living with out has died YET. You notice I put yet in all caps. Because if you live long enough you are going to see almost everyone you loved growing up die like I have already.

So, what I have to say here is that without believing in something, when something serious happens in your life the only place you will have to turn is to drugs, and that is often fatal.

So, do you want to position yourself for a fatal experience?

IF not, you have to think about what is useful for you to believe in?

Yes. You can design the world you want to live in to some degree. And I would say engineering your future might be necessary to your long term survival here on earth.

HOWEVER, unless you have something to believe in when things go south (as they usually do at times during everyone's life) you likely won't survive it.

So, finding something to believe in when things happen you cannot cope with is necessary for long term human survival mentally, or physically.

Because humans NEED to believe in something when things are difficult, otherwise they often die or go crazy.

So, in addition to your career, figure out what you decide to believe in too, so some problem doesn't just kill you along the way.

For me, I was already conditioned by the religion I was raised in. So, I found myself suicidal in my early 20s when I had to leave this religion and the girl or girls I was interested in marrying at the time.

So, I had to re-engineer myself in a creative way to survive all this. But, the good thing about this is I literally became "The captain of my own ship and the master of my own destiny" through this process, even though I came very close to taking my own life there for several years.

So, what do you believe in?

What do you want to believe in?

If you have nothing to believe in at all just don't expect to be alive very long.

However, just believing in yourself might work for some people.

But, believing in something has always been a part of humans that survive very long here on earth.

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