Wednesday, March 30, 2016

notes on 2035 and "More regarding As Drones Evolve"

2035 is interconnected to  "AS DRONES EVOLVE".

So, when Silver meets Bret it sort of begins a new time line. In this time line Silver still meets Lilu and gets together with her and spends time with his Dad in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. However, when a new time line begins you realize that Saint Germain (Arcane) likely had something to do with the meeting of Silver and Bret and so Saint Germain, being the present day Time Lord of Earth under his Teacher, Meridian, who is the Time Lord of Earth and much more for millions of years here on earth, that they have some sort of plan and reason for the refining of time. Also,
who starts out here on earth as a clone of Silver's mind as a sentient robot in 2035   before she starts traveling time and self-evolving by infinitely redesigning herself with technology she finds throughout the galaxy as a time traveling sentient robot turns herself into something really amazing in a "beyond earth" kind of way. She still is created, initially and over time on the new time line too.

So, in 
Lily comes into Bret's life while Lilu is coming into Silver's life so there is symmetry in both their lives. So, this also lives the premise "Behind every Great Man is a Great Woman". In order to engineer a Future that the human race can not only survive but also prosper in, balance and symmetry are important at many points along the way.


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