Monday, August 31, 2009

LIfe is an Experiment 8-31-09

At its very best life is an experiment. At its worst it is a mistaken or failed experiment. And people have had all kinds of points of view on this subject since there were what could be called semi men or women on earth. And those who have survived have lived to share their points of view and those that died along the way without sharing their views with their children, siblings or others before they died really haven't had a say in anything that comes after. That's just the way it is.

I was sitting here thinking about my 61 years on earth I found myself depressed. Though I still believe in helping family and friends and people I find coming into my life and needing my help I find that I don't always have in my life what I need to go on living. My wife says it is my own fault but when I delve deeper I might say that the world isn't conducive to the way I might want to live my life so I prefer to be more outwardly polite than I might be if I always said exactly what I thought every moment.

It always comes down to a choice after all. Do you always want to say exactly what you think in every moment and be alone or do you want to learn to say things in a better way and still have people in your life?

This seems to be what each of us faces in life in some way or another. To say exactly what you think in every single moment cannot but drive people away. But to repress every thought and feeling so your life becomes a complete lie every moment, well, what good is that?

So, it seems to me to stay married and to raise your children and to live your life in this way one must always choose to compromise in some way. Because after all, what two people want to be the same place doing the same thing every moment of every day. So, for two or more people to be in any one place or relationship for any length of time compromises must be made. And every day one must think about what is really important in life or the really important things in one's life are lost, sometimes permanently.

So what is the value of your life or mine? Only each of us and God can say about each of our lives. No one else.

VW Crankshafts

To make this more useful I'm talking about a replacement for a 1970 VW Camper Westfalia van. It is a 1600cc engine newly built (the case) in Brazil with most of the rest of the parts machined in the U.S. primarily in California.

If you get a kit to build the engine yourself at home it might be useful to have the people there assemble the crankshaft for you. Also, there is a 14 part 5 star rating on assembling both the crankshaft and older VW type engines on Youtube that you should check out.

Watch carefully about heating up the parts you are putting on the shaft with either an electric hot plate and putting them on the shaft with Welders gloves(gauntlets) so you don't get burnt. Another way to heat the parts might be in the oven. However, if you do this be sure to have the crankshaft sitting on newspapers or something on a table nearby because the heat won't last long enough to run all the way to your workshop or garage unless this is the same place your oven or electric hot plate are located. Also, if you are doing this in the kitchen be sure to notify other members of your household when you are making critical moves of 30 seconds to 5 minutes in installing pieces on your crankshaft as there usually is no margin for error if you want it to work properly as an engine later.

It is much easier if you have the company you buy your engine from to assemble the crankshaft for you if you have that choice available. However, watching the 5 star rated 14 or more part youtube series on asembling an older VW engine is incredibly useful if you are attempting this for the first or second time or are just reviewing it after not doing it for several years.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

notes on Imovie

If you have an apple product like an IMac or a Macbook and have IMovie on board and if you have recorded a movie project or music-video project and have already modified it by going into the "Share" mode and prepared the project for sending to a place like then after you send it and want to record something new and then have recorded it, in order to move the old project out all you have to do is to go into "File" and click on "New PRoject" and then name it. This transfers your old project out of the work and modify area and then you can hit "Share" and then modify it for sending to a Youtube kind of Internet storage area.

Shasta song from 1986 Shasta cassette album

I was able to upload Anton Mizerak's song "Shasta" from his 1986 Shasta tape cassette album. Though he has about 10 different CD's that he has published under his Shastasong label that you can find at I called him and I got permission to put some or all of his 1986 tape cassette album called Shasta on youtube at

I was able successfully upload this one song from Imovie on my daughter's macbook while it scanned my desktop screen on my IMac. I had some trouble trying to move the next song I recorded from the workspace to prepare to send to youtube. So until I figure out how to move Shasta out and put in the next song ready to transfer to youtube I won't publish any more songs from Anton's album until I figure it out. I have a picture of Mt. Shasta taken right about tree line within a mile or so of Horse Camp lodge that I used as a background since mostly I was recording the spiritually inviting music of the song "Shasta". Those of us who lived in Mt. Shasta during the 1970s and 1980s(I lived there 1976-7 and 1980 to 1984 and 1989 to 1992). Though I loved to live in the Mt. Shasta area because I was raising from 1974 1 to 4 and now a total of 5 kids now 3 biological and 2 stepkids I found it hard to support everyone while living there or Hawaii for that matter. So I was able to make a much better living on the Northern California Coast within a days drive of Mt. Shasta.

My friend Anton and I have been friends since he was 11 and I 14 and we climbed Mt. Shasta together with two other friends in 1970 and in 1986 he flew over and met my wife and kids and I in Kathmandu, Nepal and we went to Chitwan National Park on the terai of Nepal and saw white Rhinos, Tigers, a type of alligator called a Gar, and rode on elephants and did other amazing stuff there. He also climbed up to 15,000 feet into the Himalayas on that trip and has gone back to India, Nepal, China and has visited very remote areas of Tibet on at least 5 to 10 journeys back to Asia or more since 1986. Since he often plays music concerts in Japan and Singapore it is only a hop, skip and jump to Thailand, India, Nepal, Tibet and China from there.

Of Course, Mr. Cheney, it's about healthcare


Mr. Cheney says he thinks the CIA probe at justice is about politics. Of course, it's about healthcare. Liberals want public healthcare and conservatives don't want to be further demonized by research into Cheney backed CIA torture of Terrorist detainees. It's very simple. It's a liberal and conservative bloodbath in the making. Hopefully, no real blood letting will occur. Hopefully, some meaningful healthcare for the American public will result. And hopefully, the very strangeness of trying to conduct a war in Afghanistan(that we likely will lose) because Afghanistan has thrown out every foreign power since Alexander the Great(including the Soviet Soviet Union 'Russia'). And it looks like we might be next like the end to another Viet Nam type of War. By the way when Afghanistan threw out the Soviet Union it collapsed as a Communist state and turned into what is now Russia.

What will happen to the United States and the western world "The Coalition" if we get thrown out some time during the next 10 years?

So, presently the only good I presently see coming out of all this is we might get some useful long term healthcare in the United States because of all this. If not, the whole thing looks like one big waste of time as well as a potential road to long term bankruptcy for the U.S. and the free world. What do you think?

If you Can't Be with the one you Love

I've watched people wait all their lives for the right person to walk into their lives and mostly that person never came.

My wife waited 39 years for me and then I came into her life and she says she has been happy ever since.

For me, life has been very different than both of these examples. At first, (until age 21) I was fairly loyal to my 4 steady girlfriends from age 16 to 21. (I was still pretty young) and though I spent the night with a girlfriend by the time I was 16 I was still a technical virgin until age 21). (My parents were lay ministers). But at 21 I was pretty angry at doing all the right things and dating only girls I intended to be serious with or married to and went a different direction. At 21 basically I said, "15 to 21 didn't work for me at all in regard to girlfriends so now my criterea is: "If I know a girl will sleep with me I will go out with her if not I won't". I know this sounds crass but at that time I was trying to stay alive after having my heart seriously broken for the first real time. And dating seemed to be the only way to keep life in my body. As long as a woman cared about me I could stay alive for another day.

At age 25 my then live in girlfriend got pregnant and my son was born and so we got married a month before he was born so he had my last name. And yes, I did love my new wife. But she wasn't a type of person to be a real mother so I wound up being a single father when my son was 3. So my mother stepped in and my son bonded with her as his mother instead. But then at 4 I moved away with my son and married a lady with 2 kids from her 1st marriage when I was 32.

The point I'm trying to get to is that some people wait for true love but for most it either never comes or it comes at the wrong time when you have kids with someone and you know you just have to deny your true love so you don't destroy lives by being stupid.

But then how do you keep going feeling dead inside? Sometimes if you don't take that chance your life seems just so unbearable. And yet you know if you are a practical person that to break a marriage with children up just because you've fallen in love with someone is stupid and usually really bad karma for everyone involved.

But how do you live knowing there is someone out there that means more to you than your own life does? I guess life is like being a soldier on the battlefield and you just live on for your kids. Because if you fail your kids then what good are you to the human race? to yourself? To Anyone?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Searching for God 1969 to 1980

I was thinking as I woke up this morning of 1969 to 1980 and my quest for God in my life then. In 1969 I was 21 and had just been excommunicated from the "I AM" Activity that my parents had joined (my mother in 1936 and my father around 1940). So when I was born in 1948 I was naturally just indoctrinated into my parents religion as well. So Saint Germain and Jesus became the basis of my spiritual life along with personal experiences with visibly seeing Achangel Michael and his band when I was 2.

So after being trained as a youth leader within the "I AM" activity that was run by Edna May Ballard after her husband passed away in 1939. Since my parents were in charge of the main "I AM" church in Los Angeles which at that time had about 1000 members so I came to know Mrs. Ballard quite well from the time I was 2 months old and played the part of the boy Jesus in 1960 in the "I AM Come" pageant of the Life of Christ present every summer in Mt. Shasta, California at their Amphitheater there. I also had parts of what they call Violet Flame Angels from 1963 until 1968 and in 1969 played the part of Archangel Gabriel who zaps open the tomb of Jesus while surrounded by other Archangels and many other angels.

Since I slowly developed the philosophy of: "God is where you find him, her, the being". This way of viewing the universe is not compatible with any organized religion if you speak about it to any minister. If you are quiet and don't say a word and don't make any waves you might still be able to survive in your church. However, for me, the truth must be spoken and written about and so I was asked to leave the church I was raised in.

I was young and very idealistic then whereas now at age 61 I would still call myself a pragmatic idealist. In other words 'do what works but still have lofty but practical ideals'.

So at age 21 I found myself without my thousands of church friends around the world and without an expanded world community that I had depended upon up until then. I was completely unprepared for "shunning" and many people die eventually from suicide under these conditions. However, it turned out I was made of stronger stuff than that and having to leave my childhood religion turned out to be the best thing that had ever happened to me in the long run.

I became my own person and capable of thinking my own thoughts and having my own ideas about everything and not limited in any way by any person, place or condition. It forced me to grow in amazing amazing ways in order to grow and to stay alive in spite of this horrid temporary knockdown. So though I was suicidal for about 2 years, within 5 years of this incident my son was born and I then had a reason to stay alive for him no matter what and I could completely put this incident behind me.

To say my life has been lonelier because of this incident would be true. However, instead of about 10,000 to 25,000 people being my center of the universe all life on earth and the universe became my center which is infinitely more expansive in scope and my understanding of God and life grew infinitely as well and will never stop growing.

So, in an enlightened sense I have lived "God is where you find him, her the Being" literally in every way every moment.

In 1975 when my son was about 1 year old my wife and I contacted her old boyfriend who had become a member of the Summit Lighthouse in Del Mar, California. He and his new girlfriend were living there at the Del Mar Center and studying under an older gentleman who lived there name Paul who was then in his 60s. In 1975 I was 27 and still fairly idealistic but practical enough to be a good husband and father to my son.

My father became interested also in the Summit Lighthouse and started buying their literature and recordings of dictations. In 1977 my marriage started to fall apart and so my mother and I went to Summit University for 3 months when it was located in Pasadena, California. At this time I met Elizabeth Clare Prophet formally even though I had met her once in Del Mar on the beach while she was swimming there. She was 9 years older than I. The second meeting she was wearing a sarape from Mexico and I watched her study me there in Pasadena as she was and is a very intuitive person like myself. She later said to my father and I, "I have found that my students who come from the 'I am Activity' tend to have psychological problems". That was her take on her transplanted students from the "I AM".

However, my point of view now would be that serious members of almost any religion are sort of "in their own world" and when you try to "change worlds" it can be very difficult no matter what they reason.

So, for me joining the Summit University with my mother was definitely a "change of worlds" for me.

The Summit at that time was very similar in teachings to the "I am Activity" in many ways. However, the main difference was that the "I AM Activity" had been persecuted as a religion at the beginning of World War II when Mr. Ballard had passed away. So it was still reeling from this public thrashing that had taken away about 90% of its members. So it is safe to say that they were no as open to sharing their teachings with everyone as the Summit Lighthouse was then since the Summit hadn't been persecuted as a religion yet.

So when I joined the Summit I saw all these young people like my self with advanced degrees. In other words Doctors, lawyers, nurses, successful Business people and a whole lot of people who had been very idealistic hippies before joining the Summit. However, most of the males cut their hair in order to appear more mainstream and to help the movement grow among all people which it did by leaps and bounds.

However, there was another side to the Summit of being a group that stayed together to sort of face together "The end of the World as we know it". So in this way it became eventually known as a doomsday cult. However, I don't think this is a completely fair assessment. However, they did go to Montana and buy about 2300 acres of land and then access geothermal energy there for generating their electrical power and then dig down and create nuclear fallout shelters and buy rifles then during the 1980s. However, this was only a very small minority of the people in the religion that did this.

I never believed the "end of the world was coming ever" simply because I had grown up with people who moved to places like Santa Fe, New Mexico and Denver during the 1930s and 1940s when they thought the world was going to end in "The Change". So I always thought this kind of thinking was a bunch of hooey.

My idea was, "NO. The world is not going to end. You are all just going to have to find a way to Cope with thousands and maybe millions of years of this!"

So that is where I still find myself. The world isn't going to end and even if it does it would be a long slow torturous death of the world that people directly cause by not dealing with things as they really are. Scientifically, that is very real!

After going to Summit University and putting my son in their Montessori school for one year he got Whooping Cough and so I left the Computer Staff and moved to San Diego with my parents to better take care of my son as a now single parent.

In 1980 I moved with my son to Mt. Shasta and married a lady with 2 children from her first marriage and we bought 2 1/2 acres of land there and built our home. Though I still went to a couple of Summit Lighthouse conferences at Camelot in Malibu Canyon I mostly started going off on my own and started studying with Native American Medicine Men and Women and then Tibetan lamas in California, Oregon, India and Nepal during the 1980s culminating with a 4 month pilgrimage to India and Nepal with my family (3 kids, the wife and I in 1985-6).

Friday, August 28, 2009

VW Engines

Though I have owned VW's starting with 1966 when I bought a 1965 Seablue VW bug and in 1969 bought a 1966 seablue bug when my 1968 Camaro though incredibly fast and quick and cornered like a sports car does ate through gas faster than I wanted to at that time.(However, I kept the 1968 Camaro until 1978. I just didn't drive it long distances) So, I bought my second bug which took me about 130,000 miles in the 5 years I owned it. I still consider my 1966 bug the most comfortable car than I have ever traveled long distance in because I'm 6 feet 4 1/2 inches tall. Though nowadays I'm not only tall I'm also wider than I was then now at age 61 so I'm not so sure about that statement if I drove today. Also, I pretty much drive only with my cruise control if I'm on the freeway or hiway now since my Lexus has the easiest cruise control to use effectively that I have ever seen and because my right foot is kind of worn out from millions of miles of driving since I was about 12.

Also, my Dad had a Westfalia 1964 VW camper van and I owned with my second wife a 1971 VW Westfalia Camper van that we called "FIG" because it was part of the license plate.

Anyway, my 20 year old daughter who lives in Oregon now showed up with her 24 year old boyfriend in his 1970 VW Westfalia Van. He couldn't figure out what was wrong with the oil pressure and did every diagnostic that he or I or the local VW mechanics could think of. Finally, after much work he found metal filings in the crankcase which meant the main bearings were gone. It turned out that the 200 dollars he had spent in Colorado to put new main bearings in had been a little too oversize in its tolerance and had made it safely to Oregon and down to where I live on the Northern California coast but that was the end of the engine completely.

So, even though my wife and I enjoyed having them visit the extra time eventually they were going to have to get back up to Oregon to return to their home and work and making a living.

So, we decided to buy them a new engine and at first he thought he would get one from Brazil. After much research on the internet and phone he found two companies in California that manufacture new VW type engines. He's on his way to pick up one of the kits today with my daughter. He could either wait 2 months for one to be totally built for him or he could wait 1 week for all the parts to be machined for him. So he customized what he wanted and this way since it is a new engine and since he intends to keep his 1970 VW Westfalia Van the rest of his life because he is a car guy after all, he will rebuild the new engine 1, 2 or 3 times over the future years as it gets to 70,000 to 90,000 miles on it. (Since VW's run at a very high rpm they usually need looking after starting about 70,000 miles. Also, these engines need the valves adjusted about every 3,000 to 6,000 miles unless that feature has been modified somehow on these new vw replacement clone type engines.

So we will see over the next week or so how well all this has worked out for everyone.

Likely Word Derivation

I was taking a shower tonight and started to think about where the word "punk" came from originally and realized that the first meaning of "punk" that I can remember hearing about was literally the punk that reminds me of a piece of stick incense that was used to light cannons in battle. The punks coaled just like sticks of incense do and that hot coal was all that was needed to set off a cannon. So on naval battle ships and in land battles punks were kept lighted during battles sometimes for hours to set off cannons because matches could be blown out by the wind whereas punks usually kept going unless they got wet.

So the meaning I take from the word
"punk" likely is that today and for several hundred years now punks are mostly teenagers who on purpose or by accident through young ignorance set off dangerous situations just like the original punks who lit cannons centuries ago.

The logic of this progression seems flawless to me. However, what is obvious many times is different than one might think.

For example, I was riding my motorcycle through a golf course on a paved road when I heard a noise and the man said, "PUSSY!" At the time I thought he might have been speaking to me. But as I thought about it most motorcycle riders I know might just run a man over who spoke like that to them. When I returned home I told my wife about this and she said wisely, "He likely was talking to a golf partner and was horrified when you heard him." I thought back to the situation and then remembered how the man looked like he was going to faint when I looked at him as I passed on my motorcycle. The look on his face told me that he wasn't speaking to me and was afraid that he was in danger of my thinking he was actually talking to me.

Life is strange. Many of these chance occurrances aren't at all what they appear to be. So, for example, my story about punks could be completely accurate or it could be only a logical conjecture with no basis in fact.

In my life I like to simplify things a lot. I have noticed that the more complex a person tends to make life the more confused that person and everyone else who tries to communicate with that person gets.

So, even though simplification sometimes misses its mark, making things too complex not only confuses others but eventually confuses even the person who does that.

If you can think of a more efficient way to function than simplifying like Einstein did I'd like to hear it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kennedy Praised as Legislator, conciliator

quote from news article with same name as title by Glen Johnson Associated Press received in relatively local newspaper(Monterey county herald) August 27th 2009

"--Bush was typical, noting that he and the 77-year-old Kennedy worked together on immigration, mental illness and public education issues, including joining forces on the "No Child Left Behind" law still derided by Democrats and their union allies.
quote from article

"In a life filled with trials," Bush said, "Ted Kennedy never gave in to self-pity or despair."

His father, former President George H.W. Bush, echoed that thought.

"While we didn't see eye to eye on many political issues through the years, I always respected his steadfast public service," the elder Bush said.

The widow of another Republican president, Ronald Reagan, called Kennedy "an ally and a dear friend."

Nancy Reagan said: "Ronnie and Ted could always find common ground, and they had great respect for one another. In recent years, Ted and I found our common ground in stem cell research."

Obama led the nation in mourning, saying of Kennedy: "His ideas and ideals are stamped on scores of laws and reflected in millions of lives — in seniors who know new dignity, in families that know new opportunity, in children who know education's promise, and in all who can pursue their dream in an America that is more equal and more just — including myself."

Throughout Wednesday, the testimonials flowed from people and organizations whose causes Kennedy championed during a 47-year Senate career.

Kennedy "was simply the greatest champion American workers and the labor movement ever had in the U.S. Senate," said John Gage, president of the American Federation of Government Employees, the nation's largest federal employee union." end quote.

It appears all the heavyweights of present US History agree that Kennedy was simply the best, greatest and most effective Senator of the last 50 years of either party.

Kalachakra Tantric Initiation

In 1985 along with my children and wife, I received the Kalachakra Tantric Initiation in Bodhgaya, India along with 500,000 others from Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Japan, China and the rest of the world.

Kala means Time and Chakra means cycles or wheel. So, to say Kalachakra literally means either "Time Wheel" or "Time Cycles" and is considered the single most powerful initiation given, by many advanced Tibetan Lamas and monks.

quote from Wikipedia under the heading "Kalachakra"

"---The Kalachakra tradition revolves around the concept of time(kala) and cycles(chakra): from the cycles of the planets, to the cycles of human breathing, it teaches the practice of working with the most subtle energies within one's body on the path to enlightenment"

I felt my life greatly change just before, during and after receiving this initiation. At that time we only thought we were trying to meet a good friend, Geshe Lobsang Gyatso but when we arrived since there were at least 10,000 monks and Lamas present for the Kalachakra Initiation we found that there were many many Geshe Lobsang Gyatso's also present. So, on a loud speaker it was asked that the Geshe Lobsang Gyatso that had recently returned from Santa Cruz and helping Lama Yeshe pass over please come to the podium. Soon our Geshe Lobsang Gyatso arrived and spoke with us.

We had no idea at the time what the Kalachakra Initiation was but we agreed with Geshela that we would all receive the Kalachakra Initiation as we felt God had put us there to meet with him and to receive this initiation at that point. Several days later we had received the initiation along with 500,000 others directly from the Dalai Lama.

It was very powerful and I have been very different since then. One of the changes was that I started to write about a being that I call "His Oneness" that was within the Arcane or "Memories" Cosmology. I believe at this point that His Oneness is the "King of Shambala mentioned in the Kalachakra Tantra and that he lives on in a kind of non-aging dimension connected to earth somehow since Lemuria.

I experienced how much my enlightenment was fostered by this initiation and have never forgotten the devotion and sincerity of the people I met and saw there. It was a completely amazing and unforgettable experience in every way. The fact that about 400,000 of the people there were in traditional native dress made the experience even more amazing on multiple levels as well. There was simply nothing of ordinary western world reality present at that time for me. So it was sort of like being on another planet being around Tibetan monks and Lamas during the 2 months we traveled with Geshela, Lobsang from Darjeeling, Vince from Alaska and my three children and wife across India through Benares (Varanasi), Taj Mahal(Agra), New Delhi, and finally to Dharmsala in Himchal Pradesh state, India.

Then we eventually went back to Katmandu for 2 more months and to Chitwan National Park to see up close White Rhinos(very fast and dangerous up close), Tigers and various snakes and monkeys(monkeys like soda pop) because they would steal ours if we weren't looking for a moment.

We eventually met my friend Anton from Mt. Shasta, California before we went to Chitwan so he went there with us and rode elephants while watching rhinos and road jeep like vehicles while hoping rhinos wouldn't gore us or the jeeps and while on foot and ran up trees to avoid being split up the middle by attacking white rhinos and hoped the tree wouldn't be knocked to the ground by the rhino trying to kill us. But eventually the mating rhinos left us in peace so we could safely retreat and live to tell family and friends about it all.

Outside of a few near death experiences for each of us including Ghiarddhea (protozoa in the intestines) which made 4 out of 5 of us extremely skinny for about 6 months, we all survived the totally amazing experience of India, Nepal and Dharmsala and the Kalachakra Initiation. Rewalsar, India was pretty amazing as well. It is a Padmasambhava(Dorje Drollo) holy place. Since I had received this initiation from a Nyingma Lama in UC Berkeley along with several hundred others, two lamas and a monk in Dharmsala told me it was important that I go to Rewalsar(Tsopema in Tibetan). It is located near Mendi, India in Himchal Pradesh state.

Regarding Yesu

In the last few months a wrote a series where I tied in my Character Arcane and new Character, Prophetess to Yesu(Aramaic for Jesus). IN other words Yesu was actually the name Jesus was called by everyone he grew up with.

For me, the whole point of writing the series on Yesu was to illustrate how scientifically it could have been done to create a being like Jesus without having to believe in hard to believe or accept supernormal fairy tales.

For example, Mary may or may not have been a virgin and if she wasn't impregnated by Joseph then she likely was by Arcangel Gabriel either supernaturally or physically.

Second, it is still possible to raise one's body from the dead by methods still taught in India if you want to take several years doing it if you have the right mental, physical, spiritual and emotional constitution. But just like running the 4 minute mile it isn't for everyone.

It is also possible to travel time and space without any metal or plastic or electronic technology beyond your own physical body but once again to be really successful, alive and mentally balanced while doing this it takes a 4 minute miler kind of constitution to do this as well.

It is also possible to heal by the laying on of hands or even at a distance by a variety of means if one has the correct abilities that are correctly developed. And once again one needs a 4 minute miler kind of person that is very gifted and disciplined to pull this off.

So what I was trying to say is that a really exceptional person like Jesus obviously was could theoretically with the right teachers have turned into the Jesus we know and changed the whole world ever since. And I am saying it is scientifically from my point of view at least completely possible.

And he wasn't the only one along the way that did amazing things like this either. He is just the best known presently. And Thank God we have him with us still.

If you are interested in reading about Arcane and his relationship with Yesu and ARcane's new wife, Prophetess here are some webpages that might interest you.

The following is an article about Jesus as St. Issa in India

The following is an article about how provincial people tended to be en masse during the times Jesus was alive.

The following is regarding the burning of the library of Alexandria

It is my hope that my research and ideas from my life experiences and research help you in your quest for truth, peace and enlightenment. It is my hope that all of us doing this will lead eventually to the end of suffering and the bringing to bliss of all sentient beings in the universe.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shasta Album

In 1986 my friend Anton released a tape cassette music album he entitled Shasta. I found a copy of it the other day and found a an old jogging Sony Walkman and a couple of 3 inch tall speakers that it could play through and sat in my Hot tub (Spa) and listened to the old songs from when I lived the Mt. Shasta life. At that time my wife and I had 2 1/2 acres of land on the side of Mt. Shasta in Northern California at 4000 feet. I built a house that was an A frame so it could shed the up to 7 feet of snow at one time on the ground there during the winters then without breaking through the roof if I wasn't there to clear it off.

There was one song in particular I liked to hear called "Rainbow Caravans" and it reminded me of the many alternative cross country skiers and kayakers and mountain climbers that Anton and I met and hung out with and skied and kayaked and mountain climbed with during the 1970s and 1980s.

So since Anton and I have known each other since church when he was 11 and I 14 and since we started climbing mountains together and rock climbing in 1969 when he was about 18 and was just starting at UCLA I called up and asked him if I could put his early Shasta Album from tape cassette on Youtube. He said he had a few of these old tapes still on hand and gave them away to close friends who remembered those days. He said it was okay if I did this. I said a lot of people our age are nostalgic for songs like this. Since I'm 61 it probably means he's about 58 now but still doing concerts all over.

I thought about doing a transfer of this album song by song tonight but it's already 11:32 pm and there are 4 other people in the house asleep or getting ready to sleep so now just isn't the time to do more than write a blog on one of my computers.

Here is a list of songs on the first side of the 1986 Shasta Album:songs by Anton Mizerak
Changes in the Season
New Beginnings
Love is a Longing
What makes life worth living
We've Got the Power

Side 2

Community Song
Rainbow Caravans

Oh Body

Also, Anton is fluent in Sanskrit which is the root language of Hindi(India) and Tibetan and likely Newari(Nepal's language) and possibly several hundred other languages in India and the surrounding area.

Sanskrit is like Latin in that it is a very ancient language and for other reasons. However, Guatama Buddha's teachings are often written in Sanskrit and have been preserved in this form for 2500 years now. Since Anton was always fascinated by Guatama Buddha's teachings especially in the form of Tibetan Buddhism he became fluent in Sanskrit at UCLA during the early 1970s when he got his master's degree there.

If you are interested in New Age Music with a Mt. Shasta and World Music Flavor contact Anton at:

In 1986 Anton and I met in Katmandu, Nepal. When we were rock climbing and mountain climbing he had had a dream to go to Mustang in Nepal which he eventually did. Since he was playing concerts in Europe at the time and visiting relatives in Switzerland he flew to Nepal from Switzerland, I believe and met my family (5 of us, 3 kids from 10 to 14) in Katmandu,Nepal in late February or early March of 1986. After he returned from visiting us and the Himalayas he created this Shasta album on tape cassette later that year likely during the summer months.

My family arrived in Katmandu in December 1985 and wound up receiving the Kalachakra Tantra from the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya, India along with 500,000 others from Tibet, Nepal, India, Bhutan and the rest of the world, most in their native dress which was amazingly spectacular. However, India at that time was a fairly serious cultural shock both very good and bad at the same time. I found India to be literally, "The most Amazing place on earth" and this in a good sense and in a difficult sense when one found dead bodies in the streets unattended to at that time. But precisely because of the nearness of death in India at that time, every moment of each precious life meant something to everyone we met there, unlike the United States where many people wander around in a Disneyland like unreal trance all the time because reality just can't be found anywhere for them. Whereas in India everywhere we went reality and death on every level was there intruding into every waking moment. And because of this one could not run away from both the incredible good of life as well as being faced with death and dying almost every day in some way.

Though Anton has returned to India, Nepal, China and that area many times since to study Tabla with masters in Katmandu, to give Concerts in Japan and Singapore etc. and to travel Asia extensively, I found my resources had to go to getting my kids through school and traveling and living in Hawaii and California and traveling Europe. Though it could be problematic at 61 to go into some of the conditions one sometimes finds in Asia I have hopes of traveling to Asia again only this time I would go less native with many more luxuries and less 50 mile hikes with backpacks through the Himalayas like I did when I was 37 with my family.

New Hope for Health Care Reform

Senator Edward Kennedy had friends on both sides of the isle both Democratic and Republican. He was the old style deal making Senator and even considered an ally of President Bush on some issues. Because of his passing there is actually more chance for health care reform now than before as a legacy and as a testament to the passing of the Lion of the Senate and as Obama said, "The Best Senator of our time".

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The war between liberals and Conservatives

The following is my observation as a 61 year old male adult: First Obama got elected which freaked out the conservative wing of the Republican party. Then when Obama tried to enact healthcare the blitz went out on Fox news, Limbaugh and other conservative venues against public healthcare for the masses. Though I fully understand both the pros and cons of this issue it is a very heated one and affects everyone directly or indirectly in the U.S.

Now we are seeing the returning mortar fire from the liberals in prosecuting CIA operatives and anyone connected with the torture abuse of Terror suspects and their families.

It actually was inevitable because the sacred cow of the liberals of health care reform being attacked in this sort of crazy way by conservatives was bound to set up a full on war in issues. I've seen this kind of thing before.

What usually happens is the liberals protect their sacred cow and the conservatives also rally to protect their sacred cow and because of this is is much more likely that there will be some sort of health care legislation passed with the promise to conservatives being we won't lynch more republicans in the latest torture witch hunt and destroy more careers and reputations and legacies like Bush, Cheney and other republicans. There are many things at stake for both parties long run (20 to 50 years in legacies).

So when you start to see the big guns coming out like this you know either blood or compromise will result, (usually a little of both)

Seeing the Future 8-25-09

I was sitting in the hot tub(spa) outside which is connected to my redwood deck in my backyard. My daughter who is 20 then joined me and later her boyfriend got in too.

Later, my daughter got out and just her boyfriend and I started talking. He thought I was "uncreating" (a way I like to speak about these things) what he was trying to do. I explained to him that that wasn't true. I said, "Hey look. I want both of you in college which was his goal. His parents broke up and then his mother had moved away from Colorado where he grew up and he had to take care of himself so college was put off until now. He is now 24. So I was very supportive of his goal to go to community college and to transfer to a state university or a UC in his junior year. This is what I did too and I have always thought it is the most economically viable way to get educated if you aren't rich yet.

Though my daughter was an "A" student throughout high school and went to 1 year of college she didn't have a major that excited her and started traveling the world instead until a useful major appealed her. Along the way her boyfriend and she started living together. She is a very mature 20 and I can see they have a very good chance of staying together because I am 61 and have seen thousands of relationships and if anyone has a good chance in staying together it is them.

But also as a good father I would like to see both of them get a good education as long as they have an idea of what they want to do with it, especially in the present economic conditions worldwide.

I said to my daughter's boyfriend. When I look down the timeline of you buying an engine for your VW van from Brazil I don't see it getting done by the time you think for a variety of reasons. Why don't you and my daughter stay here as my wife and I have a very big house and go to a community college here for your first semester and then for winter quarter just transfer to the community you and she want to? I could see this was very tempting for him. However, I knew this might cause problems for my daughter and her mother since she and I have been divorced for 15 years. So I told him that it could cause trouble between my ex and my daughter and even affect his relationship with my daughter if they did this. I needed to be honest about this or it wouldn't be fair to my daughter and he.

I could see he was a little scared because he had made friends with my ex and my daughters 35 year old sister who both live in Oregon now on a ranch. However, the chance of a place to stay while going to college was very tempting for him to get them started for her second year of college and his first.

I said looking down the present time line I could see a minimum 50% chance of it going this way but I also told him I can't always read other people's time lines as well as my own because I'm not sure what their decisions will be ongoing like I can usually know what my own will be. So I can sometimes predict major events in my own life for one or several years with about a 90% or better accuracy for my own life as long as I can see the important variables. Thank you God!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

VW Vans past and present

To make sense of my love for VW vans we have to go all the way back to my first interesting experience with any VW which was an oval window green convertable that a friend of my father's owned and he let me steer it and even push on the little round wheel that was attached to the foot throttle. I was 8 years old and was fascinated with this little car that looked like a giant beetle at the time. They were so small but so well designed that a man 6 foot 6 inches tall had plenty of head and foot room in them. So it was better to be tall than wide if you wanted to be comfortable in a Bug.

Later in 1966 I purchased for college a 1965 vw bug. Then again in 1969 I bought another one that I wound up driving over 130,000 miles in 5 years.(I drove a lot then to be with girlfriends and to climb mountains and rock climb with my buddies in places like Yosemite Valley). I could afford it then because gas was only between 17 cents and 33 cents a gallon then. It didn't go to 50 to 80 cents a gallon until the Arab Oil embargo in 1973.

When I bought my first bug for college my Dad also bought for himself a Westfalia VW 1964 Camper. He then bought a roof rack so we could sleep on a foam pad on the roof at night in the desert whenever it was warm enough. The only problem was that Dad snored and with wooden cupboards inside it amplified the sound like being inside an acoustic guitar when we slept inside way out in the middle of nowhere.

In the 1970s after my son was born I bought a VW window van and painted it green and white. When I married my second wife she had a 1971 VW Westfalia van that she called FIG because that was part of the license. It was red and white then.

We sold it to help buy material to build our house 10 miles from the nearest small town out in the forests of Mt. Shasta, an A-Frame on 2 1/2 acres of land.

Recently my 20 year old daughter and her boyfriend showed up in a 1970 Westfalia VW van. I stared thinking that this thing is 40 years old now, a real antique. But they seem very happy with it and it still gets 20 miles per gallon even though it is now bored out to 1900 cc. However, it is still pretty slow going uphill so they prefer to not drive it on freeways and usually take the scenic drives through mountains and deserts instead because it is safer because a slower vehicle than most now.

What is still wonderful about them is that you can still work on them yourself which seems to give my daughter's boyfriend endless pleasure to keep it up and maintain it himself.

Though I parted with my last VW van in the early 1980s I still miss the vans and especially my 1966 vw seablue bug that I sold to go to Hawaii in 1974 along with my Grand piano that was a high school graduation gift. However, I must say here that I moved so much back then(from 21 to 30) that I had already moved the grand piano up to the second floor of several apartments throughout California by then and so to sell it saved my back from placing the piano on a 3 inch piece of padded wood and pushing it up 2 floors over and over again.

My present wife bought me a grand piano for my birthday about 10 years ago now so I now have another baby Grand piano that I and everyone else who likes to play uses.

Anyway, I realy enjoyed bugs and still find that in general that they are still the most comfortable car for me to drive cross country in even though I haven't had one in years. And still, a Westfalia VW van Camper is one of the best designed campers I have ever seen in its size anywhere on earth. It's only problem now(The 1970s and earlier) is that they are kind of dangerous because they are so slow on a freeway and uphill and because of that be sort of a hazard to themselves and other drivers in some situations now. But for the real enthusiast, getting off the freeway and driving the back roads at slower speeds brings out the real beauty of a VW van camper.

By the way I found out that Brazil still makes new Engines for these early VW bugs and campers and window vans and that there are companies here in the U.S. that assemble these parts here as well or you can order an engine direct from Brazil.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Michelle Obama's shorts

It was very hot and being over 40 she didn't want to embarrass herself by passing out in the heat. Shorts. Smart move.

All you fashionistas out there shouldn't worry. She stayed cool. She survived. She's practical and alive. Enough said.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

UNUS again

UNUS is a super secret time travel operation utilizing the best of the best of planet Earth to prevent all non-test nuclear blasts from taking out any city on earth. This is their primary objective.

They operate by reading newspapers and news bulletins worldwide. When a rogue blast occurs they try to erase it from the news as quickly as possible by preventing it from happening in the first place through retroactive time travel.

Since the U.S. since the 1930s and many other countries and corporations have gotten a hold of or developed time travel units of various kinds and sizes there are many different types of units operating both sanctioned and unsanctioned by the United Nations at this point.

Since all time travel units emit a certain type of energy wave that can be detected like a cell phone signal by GPS satellites every time burst is recorded when travel occurs to another time, whether that time burst is in air, land or sea on earth by satellites. In fact, the primary reason for GPS satellites was to track all time movements both in and out of time since GPS satellites were installed in the sky. Most other reasons for these satellites had to be thought up or made up after the fact.

So UNUS which is an acrostic for United Nations Operatives using U.S. time travel weaponry.

They have been all trained by Arcane, a Psi-OPs master (psychic operations master) under the Swiss Alps since the 1950s ongoing. Each class is 100 to 500 new operatives both male and female. As operatives pass pass away during operations or leave because of various reasons like age or infirmity new operatives are needed to find nuclear blasts and then to prevent them through time travel.

Now, you really didn't think we could go 60 years now with nuclear weapons with no real serious accidents yet did you?

Here are some of the things I have written about this as an intuitive:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There must at least be two Health care options

If the Article above is factual I don't think we are going to see a public health care plan out of congress this year. The only way I can see a public health care plan actually happen and actually work is if there is a two tier system where those wealthy enough can get whatever care they want for a price and where those less wealthy can get enough to stay alive and healthy. I don't see any plan coming out of congress unless people keep what they have and then add some kind of public option or co-op or something like that.

If 60 to 70% of Americans lose what they presently have it just isn't going to work at all. The whole thing will coming crashing down directly or indirectly if that happens.

IF you take away what people have to get a rationed health care system for everyone then nothing at all is going to happen this year or any other. If people try to change things too much then nothing will happen at all. Why can't people be practical and pragmatic about this when there is so much at stake for All Americans?

Angels 8-18-09

A visitor to my house staying in our guest room had a dream about Archangels and told me about it today. I told him some of my stories about angels including my first one which is my first "normal" memory of this lifetime when I was about 2. It was probably Christmas 1950 and I was about 2 years old and my Grandmother in whose lap I was sitting was singing "Hark the Herald Angels sing" to me. I looked up and Archangel Michael and his band which totaled 7 including him were there standing next to us. They all had jeweled armor and were beardless but all had shoulder length hair. All their armors were different and were different colors and Archangel Michael smiled at me along with the rest of them as if to say, "We're here for you buddy.We will be with you throughout this life to protect you!" And they have or else I wouldn't be here writing this for you now.

So when I told our house guest that my wife and I since way before we met have had lives always filled with angels it made sense to him then that he had this dream of Archangels while staying here with his Lady.

It took me back to when I was 21 and was thinking of ending my life because life was just too painful then to consider staying alive. I sort of felt like this between ages 21 to 23 the most. And I only completely gave up the idea of dying on purpose or just by taking too big a risk when my son was born when I was 26. My kids needing me have given me a good enough reason to stay alive since then.

There was a point when a lady friend of my parents' from church who was clairvoyant like me sort of took me under her wing so to speak. She was still very beautiful and in her early 40s and had about 3 kids my age. She took me to her house and introduced me to her mother and two of her children and proceeded to bring angels down close to the physical to encourage me to stay alive because it was obvious to another clairvoyant that life had just become to tough for me to consider staying alive much longer.

So, when I realized I could live here in the physical with angels right here on earth I had a major realization that if I could experience the bliss of angels in my presence most or all of the time it would be like living in heaven right here on earth. So even though this was 4 years before my son was born and about 25 girlfriends before my wife I decided to stay alive with angels here on earth. Since angels were pretty much with me all the time and I was then 6 foot 4 1/2 inches tall and handsome I always had a girlfriend pretty much. The angels and the girlfriends kept me alive until my son was born and I vowed to stay alive for my son and later for my other children when they were born.

The nice thing about living with angels is that one doesn't ever really need alcohol or drugs to feel wonderful. Just being around angels makes one feel elated and sometimes one feels like they are living in heaven. I prefer to live in a heaven on earth. How about you?

One of the ways to draw angels into the lives of your children to help and to protect them is to say as you kiss your kids goodnight, "Angels be with you." This plants the seed of "Angels" in your childrens subconscious and often angels will be in their dreams. Also when you do this it gives angels permission to help guide and guard your children and to keep them physically and mentally and spiritually safe 24 hours a day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Enlightenment never ends or begins

Is there a beginning moment for any of us? Can you define your moment of beginning? One might do this theoretically but in actual experience can you define it? I remember going through an exercise with a group called Breakthrough which is a human potential movement group. In this exercise I was supposed to remember a pre present day experience before defined "normal" reality began. So I tried to reach back to an awareness before "normal" present day reality began somewhere between age 2 and 4 years of age.

I was successful and somewhat horrified to see my mother so huge like an elephant with a huge human head. I was nursing and had to be between ages 6 months and 9 months old because my mother stopped breast feeding me at age 9 months because I kept biting her nipple.

However, what was sort of horrifying for me was my complete animal response and perception of the moment. I needed this woman and breast to stay alive. So I would do almost anything this being and breast demanded of me so I wouldn't die. It wasn't love it was survival at that point. Love is a conditioned response. I wasn't there yet. I was trying to survive the moment and to get the breast to feed me. I was helpless and would do anything necessary to survive. Period.

In my perceptions then my mother's breast was as big as a kitchen is to me now.

I had reached back into an awareness that I didn't know existed and my point here is that enlightenment predated even this pre-normal experience of mine.

Also, I observed my mother go into senile dementia. But did enlightenment end there? NO. I would say it continued and does continue on into senile dementia or alzheimer's as well. Yes. It is a very different experience but still enlightenment continues.

Does enlightenment continue after death? It is my experience that it does. It takes on a slightly different form than here in the physical. I have watched the souls of everyone I have known as they passed on. Some of them had a really hard time on the other side and some have a relatively easy time. It all depended on the soul and the souls ongoing experience.

What I understand the least is how enlightenment transitions for some souls back into incarnation in another body. I can pick up what happens when a soul is conceived in a womb and all this makes sense to me. However, there is what happens between a soul living on the other side and then somehow choosing to reincarnate in some situations and how and why all that takes place that is more of a mystery to me still. I can fathom it but I don't know how many souls actually reincarnate and I meet angels all the time who might say things like, "Oh, We never incarnate. We like being angels." And it makes me think that maybe only specific souls that want to do graduate work of some kind actually incarnate as humans. So, there are aspects to all this that I'm still figuring out.

In theory I understand it all but in specific there are still many mysteries for me to explore. But in the end I can unequivocally say: "Enlightenment never ends or begins".

The True Way

So, given the problem of phenomena, then the best way forward is always to move forward realizing that you and all beings are one in both your bliss and your suffering. One does not escape into delusion or drugs to run away from suffering. Instead one learns to generate blissful states of consciousness while understanding that suffering is just a part of life on earth like eating food or going to the bathroom or breathing. By understanding the basic suffering all beings endure one needn't run from this but instead develop a kindness and a compassion for all beings, not just humans.

The next steps are to use ones intelligence and meditative techniques and by consulting wise men and women and children to find and to create new ways to actually begin to bring about the end of suffering and the bringing to bliss for all beings. And naturally through this one finds ones supernatural gifts begin to develop through meditation and perception which enable one to help in amazing ways that exponentially grow over time as long as ones motivation and altruism stays true and pure enough to the goal of enlightenment for not only oneself but for the sake of all life in the universe.

The Problem of Phenomena

Phenomena in this case is referring to the occurrences of supernatural activity that naturally occur during the process of enlightenment.

Once one sees the suffering in all life and devotes oneself to ending the suffering of all life in the universe by the bringing to bliss of all life in the universe by an altruistic commitment often these supernatural occurrences happen as a way to increase the efficiency of this path. What actually happens is that as the commitment being begins to succeed in his or her or its path to enlightenment(depending upon the planet or dimension in which the being(s) make the commitment towards enlightenment) supernatural events will occur to speed the positive outcome of the ending of suffering and the bringing to bliss of all beings.

However, if the only reason a being continues on the path of ending the suffering of all beings is to witness the phenomena or if the being continues and uses this hook of attention as the primary way to engage new and potential students towards enlightenment, it is not the correct focus to have for long term positive results for all beings eventually attaining enlightenment.

However, this is not to say that any useful hook that helps end the suffering of beings and that takes them to bliss might be useful in creating positive outcomes. It is just to say that it or they are not the ideal or most useful way to bring about the greatest amount of positive change of all beings in the universe the soonest towards peace and enlightenment and the permanent end of suffering of all beings.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Co-Op Healthcare

Now that the public option seems to be losing traction because there simply aren't enough Democratic or Republican votes to pass ANY public option, Obama is trying to accomplish his goals another way that IS now supported by both Liberal and conservative Democrats and this could actually pass both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

However, the fault I see with this is "What if paid employees of for profit Health insurance companies were paid to secretly be put in these co-ops to destroy them over a couple of years?"

Though Government financing of privately organized health Co-Ops sounds good in practice it may or may not be a good idea to have a series of government financed regional health co-ops to solve the public option health care concept. Private insurance companies have every interest in destroying these co-ops (UNLESS) they are required by law to not be able to refuse policies for anyone no matter their pre-existing health problems.

So, if you want this Co-op thing to work you must force for profit insurance companies to take everyone. ONly then to they have a vested interest in making sure these co-ops survive and prosper so they don't have to have policies on EVERYONE! Instead all who need insurance could have insurance through the co-ops. Though the public complaint about co-ops is that the poorest of people still wouldn't be able to afford joining a non-profit health co-op. So covering all U.S. citizens still won't happen with health co-ops.

Butterflies are Us

Though the following is a true story it happened in the early 1980s on the northern coast of California.

We were living in the Mt. Shasta area then and we were down on the coast visiting my wife's parents. However, for one reason or another we arrived late and didn't want to wake her parents up in their affluent area and so parked our 1971 VW Westphalia Camper at the beach instead with the three kids which were about 5 to 10 years old then. This all went fine except we had brought our Garfield type of acting and looking cat named "Pinky" along. So when he rushed out the window during the night to go to the bathroom and hunt for mice he didn't come back.

My oldest stepson named Chris was crestfallen as "Pinky" was his closest friend. So when we arrived at the grandparents house nearby Chris asked the doves and pigeons where his cat "Pinky" was. Chris started to write down bird language but eventually burnt it up because his Biological Dad wanted to use the bird language to hunt quail to kill and eat them. However, on this occasion Chris told his mother and I what the birds told him about where the cat was. The birds said that the cat was with nuns that had tied him up until the owner came for him in the monastery nearby. So when my wife and son went to the monastery sure enough the cat was where the birds had told my step son.

After this, I realized that my stepson was intuitively gifted and intellectually gifted in a remarkable way. So I began to teach him how to experience flying as a bird or butterfly and to share consciousness with them like Native American Medicine men and woman do and many gifted people and shamans all over earth do.

So, I thought that starting with something small would be best. So I started with some butterflies that were outside the grandparents house near the fireplace chimney. However, Chris went in too strong with his consciousness and the Butterfly ran into the chimney because it couldn't cope with someone coming into its consciousness so strong. I told Chris that he needed a lighter touch. We we just trying to experience what it was like to be a butterfly and to fly and not to make the butterfly crash or anything like that. However, to Chris, this just showed him that what we were doing was working so he was elated. Though I felt bad for the butterfly it quickly recovered after I told Chris to release him with his mind and we all laughed at the silliness of the situation. However, that was one of the more precious times we had while raising our kids.

There was another time when Chris was under 10 years old and he had been out birding a lot with his grandmother and could name any bird in California by then. So at that point we were passing by Tule Lake near the Backside of Mt. Shasta on the north eastern side and he looked at a bird and said, "That's an immature white Pelican!" Though everyone in the car laughed at him then he perservered and later when I looked up the bird in a bird book I saw he was right, "It was an immature white pelican". But my thought was, "What was an immature white pelican doing in Tule Lake Several hundred miles or more from the ocean?" I still don't have an answer for that unless it was maybe less stormy or cold there or the bird had gotten blown there by a storm and was there by accident. But the funny thing was that it actually was an immature white pelican hundreds of miles from any ocean!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time Travel 8-16-09

As we go through all the experiences in life that we all eventually do (unless death takes us young) we have to change in order to continue to survive all that comes.

So, in understanding that I find myself(especially in a year ending in 9) (1969 being the craziest transition year I ever spent in my life) I find my life once again in multiple transitions which I have found over the decades to be the most eventful transition years for me personally.

In the past I have believed that time travel operated by certain rules that never change. However, this year I'm experiencing things I never have before. Part of it I believe to be the aging process as I'm now 61. But part if it seems also to be a further evolution of intuitive gifts. In a strange sort of way I find myself becoming psychologically volatile like I was at age 21 in 1969 and I find this very odd because I don't have the same naivete's of actually still being 21. I sort of feel in some ways like when you stand in the water at the beach and the sand is sucked out from under your feet by the waves going back out to sea and it makes one unstable and sometimes one falls down because of it.

This sense of everything changing in the world and of almost nothing being like it was in 1969 and 1970 can be slightly unnerving for someone my age. Especially as one by one all the people older than I that I knew are passing away as well as some of the people my age and younger. So the stability of laws of the universe don't seem quite as secure as they once did to me.

So, my experience of everything is transition(from one state of being to another). And this is not just physical transition of everything and all beings on earth of any kind but of everything psychologically changing as well. Even the definitions of things and the way people use words in general and even the way people tend to think is different now to the point where communication can be difficult if someone is over 7 to 10 years different in age than you.

Oh, you can manage appearing to communicate with platitudes but I'm talking about meaningful communications about love and philosophy and the meaning of life. Unless one is good at using telepathy in addition to words in their communications then really understanding each other seems to slip away in the translation because of a lack of common experiences.

So to, with time travel, many of the questions asked in the past might not be relevant to present new generations. The questions important to them might be completely different than the ones important to my generation or to other generations both before and after me.

It is this constant unfolding of new dimensions and realities that I find interesting. So it is almost as if between generations this wave action of sucking the sand out from under each of us becomes very relevant as time moves forward. So, teach your children to ask good questions. Without good skills in creating good questions humans won't survive what is coming.

The Time Traveler's Wife:The Movie

If you don't mind a wonderfully done tear jerker then you are in for a treat. The relationship between the time traveler and his wife is as sweet and and solid as relationships get. Without their devotion and dedication to each other the plot and movie could not work. Since my relationship with my present wife is like this one I cried through most of the movie in tears of both joy and pain.(I had put my mother's ashes in the ocean the day before) So this was a good excuse to both enjoy the movie and to cry.

Though my experience of time travel has different rules, still I found this movie wonderful, especially when his daughter travels time some with him.

Though after hearing that he and his wife meet when she is 6 years old alone in a field near her home I wasn't sure if they could pull this meeting off without being creepy. And they did as well as any movie could. The little girl becomes the man's best friend and eventually his wife when she is in her 20s.

In some ways we are all time travelers in the sense that we all progress forward in time until we die. And you will all see yourselves in this movie in many different ways. So, it touches everyone and is an unforgettable movie in its thought provoking style and content.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Memories the free online book

Between 1980 and the early 2000s I wrote the many chapters and sections of "Memories". Originally Arcane, Lord Fire, Elohar and Ragna, etc. were all written independently by me but as I reread them I realized they all are a part of the same cosmology and timeline. When I almost died in 1998 from a Heart virus I had the time while coming back to life to realize that I was actually writing about the past lives of myself and my friends and relatives which I had already experienced in the past, present and future. Am I asking you to believe me? Why should you if this is not your experience? It is still hard for me to believe and I have experienced it. So whether you see this as science fiction, spiritual unfoldment teachings or actual past life experiences or all three is perfectly fine with me.

Sequels to online book "Memories"

If you have already read my free online book "Memories" then you might be interested in some short sequels written after the "Memories" book

Year later: Here is my new archive site that likely didn't exist when I wrote this in 2009:
The sequels names are His Oneness, Arcane, Celeste, Jonathan, Ragna, Eridian, Flame, Planet Savers, Elohar and some are related also like UNUS, Tommy, Protectors, Hiding, Yesu, and Mahasiddha. So, though all these go in slightly different directions, they all occupy the same universe that I experience.

The Taliban Strategy

As the above article illustrates the real target of the bombing was American diplomats. Since this is a guerrila war and not a rich nation fighting a rich nation it is much more like the war the American colonists fought against the British in 1776. Because of this the Taliban can only win when they choose the time and the place to fight and it is a surprise, an ambush. This is the only way they can win battles. There is no other way for them. They will simply wear the Western World down through trying to bankrupt Western nations. This battle by the Taliban as it is being fought could feasibly go on for hundreds of years or when the Western World or India or China gets so upset that they either nuke the area so no one lives there or spray agent orange again so no plants can live there as in the DMZ of Viet Nam where there are still multiple headed and legged people being born 40 years later from spraying agent orange. It all depends who gets ultimately upset first. And the longer this goes on the more likely it is that no one will be able to ever live again in Afghanistan, Pakistan or in that area. There must be a way out found so all can live in peace. Otherwise, no one will ever live in that area ever again. Just do the logic. Just do the math. I suppose it could look like Viet Nam does now. That would be another alternative.

So this thing will go on as long as any country is willing to pay for it.(Or drug lord in the case of the Taliban).

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ashes in the Ocean

Since Mom died last fall I have waited with her ashes on my grand piano to put her ashes to rest. At first I wanted them to be on a mountain with my Dad. But realized I need to honor her wishes which was: "Anywhere in the ocean". So, finally I"m honoring my mother. I needed to wait for my son who has been busy in college to get some time off this summer and have time to process my mother's passing. Finally, this week he said he could deal with putting my mother's ashes to rest in the ocean as was her wish. I think if it were up to what I would want(if it was only me) I would like my Mother's ashes to always be on my piano listening to me, my daughter and others of my family play and sing like she used to do while singing with me and the rest of us, especially Christmas carols at Christmas.

However, there are many others including my mother that I have to listen to if I am to have a clear conscious and self respect. So soon my mothers ashes will be in the sea.

It has been a long road to get to this point and so in a way I am relieved. However, I'm not exactly sure how I will feel in the short and long run with Mom's ashes gone into the sea.

My 13 year old daughter said to me that I'm old fashioned and that I was about her age 50 years ago which is close to the truth as I'm now 61. But there is another statistic that says the later person has children the longer lives they tend to have. But for me, since I started at 26 and now have a 35 year old son, a 20 year old daughter and a 13 year old daughter(all biological) and two step kids and two goddaughters I feel my life has been greatly extended by all this family already. So, though MOm's ashes will be gone soon into the ocean I still have the rest of my near and extended family and friends and for this I am truly grateful every day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

new Kind of Polar Vehicle is needed

I found this at my other website in my journal in 2007. I still think it is a good idea today.

"I was thinking as I was waking up this morning about what kind of new vehicle was needed so snowmobiles didn't sink into the melting ice and permafrost. Though all this might become a moot point of the price of gasoline keeps going up, I was thinking that if one combined the characteristics of a snowmobile with a jet ski that also had an electric winch that three or more of these vehicles could tie together for safety and travel either ice or melting permafrost and survive the ordeal. Though the vehicle I envsion is more for thin ice, another type of vehicle could be designed for travelling over melting permafrost. (An ideal permafrost vehicle would be a light weight tank tread vehicle like a snowmobile with small tank treads on the front for stearing.)"

Today: I was thinking more about this as I read it and thought about start with a jet ski that floats and semi-protects the rider(s) from freezing to death by keeping them out of the water somewhat. If you took this vehicle to arctic situations and people were wearing dry diving suits to keep them warm so they wouldn't get frostbite and then added a lightweight track similar to a snowmobile. With a winch powered directly by the gasoline engine or as an electrical power takeoff from the engine like winches on 4 wheel drives on land, this could allow a vehicle to not sink when the ice cracks when traveling over the ocean on ice. If the ice split apart you would stay relatively dry. If stuck you could pull out your winch and attach it through large ice screws or grapling hooks into the ice and just keep going. If your ice flow broke away from the mainland, you simply launch it into the ocean and ride jet ski style back to land. When you reach land then use your tank treads again to ride home.

If you have ever seen a Duck that has wheels like a truck on land and goes into water like a boat with a propeller the vehicle I'm thinking of is basically like this only it only takes 1 or 2 people instead of about 20 to 40 like a Duck.

With the melting Arctic and Antarctic this kind of vehicle will naturally be developed for hunters, explorers and tourists over time and used during the times when ice is breaking up and away from land islands and major land masses.

Traveling Time and Space

It is possible to travel both time and space simaltaneously without any technology outside of ones body and consciousness.

However, the question then often becomes: Is this practical or useful in any way?

For, in the end we all must deal with eating, breathing, living, defecating, urinating and our sexual sides as well as just the basic survival of living every day.

There are some who are terrified of you knowing it is possible to do this because they have a vested interest of you being disempowered so they can turn you just into a consumer or other type of slave to their whims. However, this is nothing new. People have been enslaving each other psychologically, religiously, physically, mentally etc as long a humans have been in existence on this planet or any other.

To give you an example of how almost everyone already travels time and space all the time every day in their consciousness one need only turn to pictures, reading, TV, computers, telling stories to one another etc.

In the above examples most people don't realize that they actually travel to where and when they think about in their consciousness. Where and when you travel to can be equally as dangerous as going to the wrong side of town and getting physically murdered. So, it behooves each of us to be very careful where we travel in our consciousness so we don't wind up insane or dead by accident.

What one thinks about is equally as important as what one actually does physically. Once a person learns this then they are possibly safe enough to learn to soul travel as long as their motivation is a good one. And if one's time soul traveling benefits both they and the ones the meet while doing this then a few of them learn to either take their physical bodies to other places or times. There is one famous person who has done this for years: Sai Baba. There are of course many evolved people who can do this sort of thing worldwide. However, they prefer to be more anonymous for a variety of reasons.

So, the single most important thing I can say to you is: be very careful where you travel physically but be even more careful where you travel in consciousness. Both can be equally rewarding but also equally dangerous. Once this lesson is learned and one develops compassion towards all beings in the universe then one can consciously travel the universe safely like I have by consciously soul traveling since my late teens and early 20s. However, compassion and respect for all life in the universe is the only thing that will keep you alive while doing this.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Earth Bodies

It isn't always fun being an intuitive. For example, the few days leading up to the Christmas day Earthquake and Tsunami 2004 was really hell for me and another intuitive I have known most of my life. At that time I thought I was going to die and was actually relieved when the earthquake and tsunami hit so at least I knew then what I had been feeling for the past week. I felt very bad for all those that died but in that previous week I had also experienced the heaven realms come closer to earth than I had ever experienced them before.

I think it is tied into somehow with how animals get kind of crazy before an earthquake. I don't get crazy I just feel like I'm pretty confused for a few days. The intensity depends on the severity of the earthquake and the Christmas Day 2004 was about the worst I ever felt and then as soon as the earthquake and Tsunami was over and about 200,000 people dead I was back to normal, relieved I wasn't dead but sad for all those that died. My only consolation was experiencing the heaven realms coming very near to pick them all up before the event occurred.

Today was a difficult day too. And as the earthquakes occurred once again I started to feel like myself again. It is just part of being an intuitive. I don't like the pre earthquake confusion. But I do like knowing things before they happen so I can save my life and others over and over again. So if I say that I sense something is coming on my blog here I usually sense an over 70% chance of a coming event. As you know this stuff isn't rocket science. It is sort of like being asleep and hearing a car drive by. You might hear the car drive by but you cannot tell anyone what kind of car it was and if you aren't awake enough when it drives by it might not even register in your conscious mind. Being an intuitive is kind of like that. But I think it is best when these kinds of gifts save lives.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Father vs. Man etc.

Father versus man. Mother versus woman. I think women are a little more naturally wired to be good mothers than men are to be good fathers. So this is why I'm concentrating more on the fathers because I have been one since 1974 when my son was born and I still have a 13 year old biological daughter that my wife and I are still raising all these years later.

What inspired this article was when I walked out into my hot tub (outdoor spa) that my 20 year old daughter and my 35 year old son were vacating under the stars even though I really wanted them to stay and look up at the stars with me there too. However, they said they were melting from having been in there under the stars for a while already and needed to get out so the heat didn't get to them any more than it already had.

So I got into the spa at about 11 pm by myself and immediately started to feel that I was really upset that I had lost everything I enjoyed about myself as a man. After a couple of minutes of a really horrifying experience I realized this wasn't me but possibly what my son or daughter was experiencing instead. Because I had had to give up the whole man thing during my 30s too so I could be a better father. Neither my 35 year old son or my 20 year old daughter have had kids yet either. Whereas I have been raising someone under age 15 continuously since 1974 and it is now August 2009(a very long time). But since family has been the best thing in my life being a father has been the only role I have really enjoyed playing since about 26 years of age. Before then my role from age 15 to 25 (in the way I saw myself) was lover to quite a few women. But when my son was born I gave all that up(theoretically at least) so that my son could have a good life and future.

But in the end if one has a child by choice or not and one is male then this is always something to think about. If you have a child and you are not there fully as a father then your child might not prosper and survive in any or all ways. It is true that if you are with a woman that gets pregnant and she has the baby and never tells you there really is nothing you can ever do about that. Because of the 1960s and 1970s I wonder about that too myself because no one I knew back then ever used condoms and if the girl wasn't using birth control pills or an IUD or foam or a diaphram then I suppose almost anything was possible. But among the people I hung out with then VD, herpes, and stuff like that wasn't a problem yet until the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The real point of this article is to encourage men to take being a father seriously because if you don't your children may never make it on any level. In other words if you aren't there they may die, go crazy, be abused etc.

So taking your children's future seriously is very important if you have children or want to have children as a father.

I had an experience where after my son was born I slowly began to realize that the woman I was married to was someone I was very much in love with, was very intelligent, but also would never be a good mother to my son as her growing up time was very troubled. So even though she had a 170 IQ and was beautiful and everything I had ever dreamed of she was completely unsuited to be a mother because of her troubled upbringing. This was very heartbreaking for all three of us.

So, as a result of this I became a single father at age 29. I didn't stop loving my wife I just had to put his well being first and my wife agreed and gave me full custody in the divorce. She also saw she wasn't suited to mother him either.

During the separation and after the divorce I once again for the last time went from husband and father to Man and father for the last time. I said hello to my bachelor side that had languished since I was 25 and found that absolutely everything had changed now I was a single parent. I could no longer go for the hot wild babes because they were completely useless to my now 4 year old son and I had to think of his well being before my own.

From the moment I fully realized this I have been a father before I was a man always. That is not to say it wasn't and awful struggle for me. It's just to say that my son needed me to be a good father more than I needed to be a lady's man. So when I married again it was to a woman with 2 kids who was my age. So together we were a couple raising 3 kids from ages 5 to 8 years old.

Yours, mine and eventually ours when in 1989 my now 20 year old daughter was born. But the man I knew from age 15 to 25 and very briefly again between ages 29 and 32 when I married a second time was buried permanently at least until we divorced tumultuously in 1995. I quickly remarried and had another daughter so I might get custody of my then 5 year old but failed to get more than joint legal custody with my ex getting primary custody and I got about 10 weeks a year with my then 7 year old daughter. I suppose this experience with my now 20 year old daughter was the most painful of my life exceeding even the death of both of my parents. My parents were old and ready to die. My daughter was legally screwed out of having her father there. There is nothing that will ever make this right in my heart. The best I can do is to make a good relationship with my now 20 year old daughter while she is visiting me with her boyfriend now.

So, once again, if you are a father and you are not there and things don't go right you have no one to blame for what happens but yourself.

I did everything I could think of possible and legal including go bankrupt trying to get custody of my daughter. Though it was incredibly painful my daughter respects and understands that I almost died trying to do right by her and now we are finally trying to rebuild our father daughter relationship now she is 20.

So if you are a real father and your child is born or is about to be just know that fatherhood never ends until you die. And even then I believe you will be praying and helping your children and grandchildren from the other side.

Living Dharma 8-9-09

The path to literally become "Living Dharma" begins in this life or continues in this life by looking around at all life in the universe and saying to oneself something like, "There is too much suffering everywhere I look. What can I do to help both myself and all beings reduce and then permanently end their suffering and to replace the suffering with happiness and bliss?"

This is the path of all "Holy People". Ending suffering is the beginning of hope for those who actually try to do it and for those whose suffering starts to end or whose suffering does end.

The question, "How can I make things better for all beings?", begins to permeate ones being. And because humans are much more gifted than most give themselves credit for, the answers to the questions come flying out of our dreams and subconscious and we begin to heal and the universe begins to heal as well. It is a never ending ongoing process of healing for all beings. However, the eternal act and acts of healing make life worth living for all beings.

Becoming literally "Living Dharma" is the single most important thing a being can do!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Health Care must be done correctly

If all America does is copy completely all the other socialized medicine systems of other countries then then the infinite liabilities of such and action could take us down and there would be no turning back then.

So it is very important that we have a two tiered system that allows those who can afford it to pay for their healthcare and to be able to choose their doctors etc.

Then a bottom tier would be available for those unable to pay for their healthcare. This would catch those who lose their policies because of pre-existing conditions. They might not be able to choose their doctors but at least in this catch all system they would not unnecessarily die or go bankrupt because of not being able to get good healthcare.

I think only with a two tiered system that allows the wealthy to get whatever care they can afford and yet prevents the death and bankruptcy of those unable to get or keep private insurance we would have the best of both worlds.

What is scaring some people is that every Senator and Representative is making up their own plan and even though this is a grass roots way to do it and the opposite of what the Clintons did, it is scaring the hell out of a lot of older traditional Americans.

Somehow they must be told the truth without Fox News and Limbaugh manipulating the truth into a fictional context. If there is different news for every group left to right then the only result is going to be some kind of revolution either mental or physical. This whole thing now has gone completely berserk!

The fact that each group only trusts their own mouthpiece means nothing if there is no truth in that news at all!

The Vocal minority

The vocal conservative minority showing up at town hall meetings across America are disgruntled voters. They could not elect A Republican or even a conservative candidate of any kind to the office of President and so now they are panicking with the real life result they actually got.

However, times have seriously changed and it is like FDR during the 1930s once again. Health care reform is a make or break financial issue for the nation. To Avoid it and to actually listen to the conservative misinformation is to take a gun to the head of the country and to pull the trigger Russian roulette style.

Let's face it folks. The conservatives through Bush have bankrupted the nation in Iraq and Afghanistan just like the country was almost bankrupted by the Viet Nam war. If we don't deal with health care problems now we will be a banana republic in about 10 years. The richness of our nation is over at least for now and without belt tightening of an extreme kind now the Great Depression will look like child's play in comparison to what we will face now and into the future.

The Health Care Debate

Of all the issues that I have heard regarding health care in the United States. None seems to be more pressing than the statistic that 50% of bankruptcies in the U.S. are caused by health care costs. Addressing this one issue is a humane and real one. If ambulances can pick up someone from literally anywhere in the United States and take them to a hospital, what good does that do if the people then go bankrupt and lose everything because their insurance company drops them or they have no insurance to begin with because they can't afford it?

This one issue is why this nation is failing. If we cannot solve this one issue for our citizens then we can only be the laughing stock of the civilized world.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Building a Trampoline

During our trip to the east coast of the U.S. my wife used the trampoline or lack of it to keep our 13 year old daughter in line during our trip.

But when we returned home the trampoline was being trucked to our door. Of course, we had to assemble it.

Having put together many things like houses, car engines etc. over the years I thought this might be mentally easy although physically a little hard at age 61. So I decided to complete the initial circle of pipes with my 13 year old and enlist the help of my 35 year old son, 20 year old daughter and her 23 year old Boyfriend when they returned from their day of fun near the ocean. As I began to assemble it I realized my picture of what it was supposed to look like was slightly skewed. So I had my 13 year old print out the instructions from the internet including pictorial instructions. Sure enough, it was put together in some respects differently than my mental picture. However, there was another obstacle to overcome. One of the pipe arcs that makes up the 4 arcs that make the circle had been dropped hard on the ground or smashed in some other way during shipping. So I began, using some of the tools I inherited from my father and grandfather to try to make the piping circular on the end again. I realized that although I could make it close to a circular tube on the end again I couldn't, at least with the tools at hand make it perfect. So I realized that I could instead drive the connecting insert(a slightly smaller pipe section) into the almost perfect end and create the same result. But then I realized that the other section of pipe arc also had a smaller pipe section welding and screwed in place. And even after removing the screw I couldn't get it loose because I didn't see the spot weld because I didn't expect it to be there. But when my daughter's boyfriend arrived he noticed the spot weld and we decided to break the weld with a chisel because the smaller pipe I had driven into the other smashed but recovered pipe would never be removed now. Finally, using and old iron vice from the 1930s and a metal chisel we were able to break the weld and remove it and install that piece. The we began installing the springs on every 8th loop and groove until the mat was supported completely in a circle. Then we put in all the springs and the spring cover and we were done.

I was amazed that my 20 year old daughter's boyfriend could jump so high but understood he was a snowboarder that could do 65 foot jumps so had to have excellent balance to do that. I went on too and had a great time being the naturally fearless person I am. But at age 61 I realized I had forgotten how to stop a jump and to slow down and almost hurt myself because of this. My wife was upset because I weigh about 300 even though I'm 6 foot 5 inches tall and said that my feet in the bottom of a bounce were only 2 feet from the ground so this made her concerned. My 13 year old was in ecstasy from the trampoline because he friend also has one and was amazed how good her sister's boyfriend was on it because one of his best friends had had one during his teens when he grew up in Colorado.

However, a cautionary note for older persons like myself. I found that it did things to my body that I hadn't anticipated and the next morning when I jumped for a while again I had a had time keeping my balance walking when I got off it like one gets after having been sailing for a day. So be careful not only while jumping on a trampoline but also after you get off if you are over 50 or so. But it IS great exercise with low impact to the bottoms of your feet. However, it is stressful to your musculature and spine and balance, especially if you are not skinny anymore and over 50 like me.