Sunday, September 30, 2007


Enrichment: I had a dream last night in which a young man (under 30) financed his upper division education through graduate school education by writing a self help and get rich type of book series. He would also lecture people about his system. His system not only made him rich but also financed his education. Though most people would just take the money he valued his education for its own sake and so pursued it through to a PHD in Psychology and eventually became a psychologist.

In some ways this kind of thinking reminded me of when I was young. I was also studying psychology at the time I got married and had a son. It became too difficult for me financially to stay in school at the time and I didn't want to owe thousands of dollars in student loans so I just started working full time to support my wife and son. I have never really regretted that because my son gave me a reason to stay alive for real and no education would have done that for me. However, I continued to study, learn and to educate myself regarding anything I have been interested in and continued to take community College courses until I went to a University.

This dream sequence as I began to wake up triggered past life memories in Atlantis when I worked on developing sentient robots to work with and help people. In this life I began in this direction again at age 18 but by 21 I saw that we were about 50 years too early for what I wanted to do so I went on to other things in my life. The interesting thing is that now we are just entering the time I wanted to be in. However, now I see things completely differently than I did at 20 or 21. My life brought me through many experiences that moved me to study spirit and nature and religions and philosophy, anthropology, sociology and psychology. This brings me to a totally different world view than I had when I was 20.

If I had traveled down the path I was on at 20 I would now be very closed minded likely. I would not have opened myself to understanding many cultures, especially Tibetan and Nepali and India. My experiences living with Sherpas in the Himalayas and visiting Dharmsala, India where the Dalai Lama lives have completely changed my world view as well as my view on spirituality and Religion. I, personally found that the Tibetan form of Buddhism had more to share with me personally than anything else I studied. Sure, there are flaws to any system. For example, I did not find enough equality for women in Tibetan Buddhist Culture because women in the United States have more equality. However, I found in Nepal for example, that women tend to own everything because it is a matriarchal culture. So the men have an entirely different role in that culture. This has created a different kind of equality there. So even though it is very different than here it works in its own way.

For example, California where I live is still based a lot upon Spanish law traditionally. In Spain there is a matriarchal culture as well where women control wealth a lot. So this has created a very equal playing field for women in California to the point where we are a no fault state. In other words no one has to be at fault legally for the dissolution of a marriage. This creates a kind of equality of the sexes and lessens the problems in divorce to some degree in California because of the historical role of matriarchal thought and law traditionally when California belonged to Spain starting in the 1500's until 1849 when California became one of the United States.

Anyway, I'm digressing. For me, my dream simply connected some of the many Freds I have been in many different lifetimes so that I could see them in a new light. Rather than seeing one as good and another as bad I saw this time each one had its value in the culture my body and soul lived in. Each person I was was a direct response to the problems that I encountered in that lifetime. So the basic thing I realized was that whoever I became was whoever I could be and survive the problems of that life and culture. This gave me an entirely different take on all my lives. Before this, I had tended to view myself as intrinsically the same person in each lifetime rather than taking into account all the traumas and experiences of each lifetime in their effects on my being and soul. Even though understanding this is much more overwhelming to my senses it makes much more logical sense than my previous understanding of reincarnation.

Also, one does not necessarily embody as just a male. Though I can remember some of my female incarnations they are usually more male in their approach to life. It is possible that I have also been in many other female lifetimes its just that I can't perceive life that way anymore. It is such a different approach to life for me that I just can't always get there in consciousness.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Problem Caused by Religion

The Problem Caused by Religion. I keep reading about televangelists and religious politicians having sexual and/or marital problems. I think the real problem is that when people study religion before they study themselves, humanity the world and their REAL needs, problems are going to arise. It really doesn't matter what religion it is. Breathing, eating, drinking water, urination, defecation, sexual release and human companionship are all necessary for someone to be both healthy and sane. When any one of these very real human needs is denied repeatedly there are going to be either physical or mental or emotional problems long term or short term. I might believe for example(I don't really) that unless I live underwater and breathe the air in the water I can't go to heaven. How long do you think that will last? Though not doing any one of the above may take longer eventually people snap in one way or another. When will people develop common sense about these things? I guess it is just natural selection in action! Without common sense people don't survive well and sometimes they don't survive at all!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Saving Bees and Spiders

Saving Bees and Spiders. Whether you keep bees and spiders alive like I do because of ahimsa(vowing to not kill anything) or whether you just understand that the more bees are left alive(especially these day) the more that humans might survive because pollination will continue so humans will have most fruits and vegetables to eat because of the pollination. And if you don't like mosquitos biting you and giving you West Nile Virus and if you don't like flies contaminating your food by barfing on it like they do then keeping spiders and mosquito hawks alive is a good idea.

Where I live there are a variety of spiders called daddylonglegs. Though these spiders are the most poisonous in America they cannot bite through human skin and therefore are safe for humans to be around. However, they kill all the other spiders because they are the most poisonous. So if I see a jumping or other spider I usher is quickly out of the house in a wad of toilet paper. However, if it is a daddylonglegs I let it stay until it is 1 inch to 2 inches in diameter but if it is laying eggs and having babies then they go out immediately. In this way I maintain the ecosystem within my house to my liking and I have almost no mosquitos or flies to worry about because all the spiders set up house in the eves outside of my home and garden
and protect my home and family like guard dogs. The other positive thing about all this is that I don't engender negative karma or negative will against me by killing anything unnecessarily.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

E.T. Revisited

E.T. Revisited. My wife and I sat down and watched the 20th anniversary copy of E.T. that we own on DVD. I hadn't seen the movie in some time but I had been wanting to for a long time. I was amazed how timeless that movie is and how artful Spielburg was and is with our emotions. I think the movie came out within a couple of years of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the first one with Harrison Ford.

I have written a couple of things fairly intuitively in realm of E.T. lately. However, since I'm intuitive lots of times what I write stands up as true for those of you capable of testing what I write about. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. I write about what I like and what I think I know something about. However, at my age I have learned the more one learns the more one realizes how little they really know. At age 20 or 21 people think they know everything but it is mostly an illusion. But in a way it's good they think that otherwise nothing new would get done. Having faith in oneself or an idea is very powerful both in the short run and in the long run. Young people accomplish things simply because they don't believe those who tell them they can't or that it's impossible. People accomplish the impossible because they believe it can be done. God Bless those who do the impossible anyway and make it worthwhile to be a human on Earth.

Musings of a precognitive psychic

Science Fiction? Since most of you are not lifelong precognitive psychics that have had the capacity to be telepathic when necessary I believe you should consider the following(unless you have had similar experiences) as theoretical in nature or fantastical in nature.

I write in this manner to encourage people to become all that they can be as a soul manifest on earth in a human body or for beings beyond earth to be all you can be in whatever form you now inhabit.

My memories span about 6 millions years. I can remember from about 5 million years BC to about 1 million years AD. However, I'm not always sure how useful all this is except when I meet someone who is reincarnated in the present that I have known in the past or future.

What I find is there is no one that I Speak to in this lifetime that I haven't known as a friend or relative or closer in another lifetime. So many times I'll be walking down the street I realize that I have known this or that person before. Usually, I will just quietly send them a blessing(prayer) and walk on my way unless they introduce themselves as I don't want to frighten people by walking up to them and starting a conversation. That might be okay for someone who was under 5 foot 10 inches tall with a very mild personality. However, I am almost 6 foot 5 inches tall and very strong built and I find introducing myself except during an emergency or a necessary communication to be difficult for people because my size and strength intimidates people. Even if I make my personality very mild it sometimes scares people. So generally speaking I let people come talk to me if they feel something unless there are very special circumstances.

I have memories of some of my lifetimes between 1100 AD to 1930Ad that were on the Asian Continent. There were also lifetimes during that time period of lifetimes in Europe and the United States as well. These lifetimes were based upon friends and relatives and what I was trying to learn as a soul at the time. Souls tend to travel in groups through incarnation after incarnation much like people do here in this lifetime. They do this so they won't feel so alone. Incarnating in groups can be very good or very bad depending upon the soul. Sometimes souls can be supportive and other times they can be destructive to the evolution of a soul. Generally speaking it is good to stay with beings both in between lifetimes and during lifetimes that take you to a good place and not a bad one. To stay with people that drag you down or just drain your life blood isn't good generally for the soul. However, for really profoundly developed souls like say a Jesus or a Buddha it doesn't really matter so much because they will do whatever it takes to lift everyone. But souls this developed are very rare and it takes thousands of virtuous lifetimes to become like them. Just like in the same time it takes a lot of work to become a good doctor or psychologist. A lot of people aspire to be a really good doctor or psychologist but how many really make it there? The same is true of a Jesus or a Buddha.

Also, it is my personal experience that not everyone chooses to have multiple lifetimes or even one lifetime in a physical body in a place like earth or any of the other thousands to millions of planets in our galaxy. (There are planets in thousands of galaxies that are inhabited by various types of life forms including humanoids). I would define humanoids as beings with 2 eyes, five fingers and 5 toes on hands and feet that have legs and arms etc. and are from 20incles to 50 feet in height. Note:added Friday 9-28-07 I was told that the smallest humanoids in this galaxy are about 1/2 inch in height. Their children are about 1/4 inch or less and their babies are 1/16 of an inch or less. They live on a moon with atmosphere and water and are therefore genetically designed for optimum living conditions and longevity there. They wanted you to know so if we visit there we don't step on them accidentally. end note

In the writings of Buddha he speaks of many of these places and even Jesus says, "In my father's house are many mansions."

Theories of Space and Time

More on theories of space and Time. I do not have a degree in Physics but I am interested in the subject and have studied some in regard to this subjects and many others. What I tend to be best at is in being a synthesist. In other words I do my best in bringing different disciplines together in an intuitive instinctual way and thereby creating something useful and new.

It is my present understanding that Earth has its own unique version of space time. In other words the average person may think(just like those who thought the earth is flat) that time is constant throughout the universe. In fact, this is just not true. So it is my understanding that the mass, existence and movement of earth combined with its spinning core of hot magma create our unique space-time that we tend to experience here on earth. Of course there are other factors like the effects of every other energy or mass in the universe upon earth and her specific space-time. So then the magnetic fields and associated gravitational fields of earth are what I would like to talk about. In theory these gravitational fields and magnetic fields which permeate and surround earth as if it were a giant magnet with north and south poles are the basis not only of all electricity generated on earth but also of altering space time by using a little of the power of the magnetic and gravitational fields to generate the necessary force to actually travel through space time to any other space time.

So, in theory if one wanted to travel say to the center of the galaxy in a ship based upon a space time drive one would first shift to a location near the sun and then using the gigantic north south magnetic and gravitational fields of the sun access the power to shift instantly into the center of the Galaxy, hopefully arriving at a safe location that could maintain human life in the ship. Since beings that live near the center of the galaxy would have different physical needs than ones where we live arriving at a safe location might be a lot to ask for. But that is not to say that it wouldn't be possible to do.

Behavior Modification by Pheromones

Behavior Modification. Spraying pheromones over populated areas is causing behavior modification of the affected humans, animals, birds, insects etc. No one wants their homes, schools, cities to be sprayed for the Australian light brown apple moth! Since I last wrote on the subject I have learned a lot about the subject. First of all, when we returned to our home in Coastal Monterey County, California after the spraying was supposed to stop but didn't my wife immediately within 24 hours of our arrival got asthmatic bronchitus and was laid up for one week on heavy meds to prevent a stay in the hospital. I felt myself getting a sore throat along with my daughter from the spraying but stopped full illness by will power, garlic caps, and taking heavy doses of vitamin C so I could take care of my wife during her pheromone spraying caused illness.

By the way, everyone who volunteered at schools after the spraying to wash and wipe down playground equipment got sick, in Marina, Seaside, Monterey, Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach, California. Carmel was sprayed even though they weren't notified. We were notified only by a postcard that arrived less than 24 hours before the aerial spraying began. My wife's physician expects a new cardiovascular disease to be named after the spraying that is beginning here but looks like the spraying could spread all over California.

Another doctor we know of that specializes in menopause problems says that pheromones are common to most creatures and they affect the hormone balance of almost all things that breathe air. In humans it affects sleep cycles long term. In my own case my sleep cycle has been altered about 4 hours from my own norm. My wife's cycle has been altered in that she can't sleep hardly at all. I have heard the same sleeping complaint from many women over 35 since the spraying started. I have listened to birds outside my house and even their songs have changed to something that sounds like, "What the F--- is going on?"

Though it is bad enough that our area has been sprayed it is much worse than that now. Yesterday, on local tv news I heard that spraying of pheromones by air is going to spread now to Santa Cruz County, and to Las Lomas, Prunedale, Aromas and to Salinas. Since this variety of apple moth from Australia breeds prolifically it lays between 300 to 1500 eggs at a time and it eats not only the tender leaves of crops but also it likes ornamentals and oaks and even pine needles. The diet includes somewhere between 250 to over 1000 or more varieties of plants. They are in at least 11 or more California Counties including Los Angeles County. However, I believe it is very unlikely that spraying pheromones will stop their spread. The main reason they are spreading so fast is that ornamental growers unknowingly are transporting them all over the state to this state and others because their are no laws in place yet to stop and check ornamental plants. There is no other insect that I know of that is native to the U. S. that eats so many different things. Most insects eat only one or just a few types of plants. So the Australian Apple Moth is a potentially devastating creature for Agribusiness throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico and further south.

If my wife gets ill again we are considering putting my daughter in independent study from her private school and moving out of the area until the spraying stops one year from now. They are planning to spray our area again in early October and every month for one year. That is just too much behavior modification for us. I don't even drink alcohol except once a month or less so I'm not interested in living my life this altered. Also, I don't want my wife to die from her obviously allergic reactions to the spraying.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Time Space Drive?

A Time-Space Drive? Science Fiction? When I saw Flight of the Navigator, the Disney movie much of it was familiar to me because I had lived it as a child. My only real question was: Was I the only child on earth to have these kinds of experiences or were there thousands or millions of us? I can remember sitting in church being bored and then a Green CRT(a green screen television monitor) appeared in the air in front of me there in church. On it were the plans to build a time-space drive that was designed to fit into a flying saucer. At the time I wondered why this would be given to a child of only 8 or 9 years old. I could read the plans as I had been trained on Electrical wiring diagrams for building houses and warehouses by my father since I was 5 or 6. So it all seemed quite logical to me then. The only thing was: Why were they showing this to me? It seemed to me much more useful to give this to some adult. I still don't fully have an answer to that even now.

The drive was amazingly simple much like an electric motor is with copper windings and magnets and an armature that can spin and break the magnetic field and thereby generate electricity by continually breaking the magnetic field with the copper windings. Only instead of using batteries the whole magnetic field of earth is used as a power source and with this as a power source much like when Nicola Tesla who invented alternating current electrified Boulder Colorado the energy was free. There are no power meters at all involved nor do I think there could be for measuring how much power one is using or for billing purposes.

As I understood it at the time the main part was and is a man made crystal or man made? diamond that is, like the Great Pyramid, a direct ratio to the weight and size and mass of the Earth itself. So for a 25 or so foot diameter ufo saucer shape on would need about a 3 foot diameter Glass Crystal or Diamond as a base armature in the center of the craft. However, the 3 foot diameter Crystal or Diamond hovers once the craft is turned on. In this hovering position(levitating position) it is then free to spin in any direction (depending on where the driver wants to go and at what speed) Since I don't have a degree in Physics or Aerodynamics that is about as far as I can take it at present. Once resonance is reached then a way of focusing the energy allows for the positioning of the craft in relation to the magnetic fields of earth. A ship of this sort travels, I guess along the ley lines of the planet that are directly connected to the magnetic fields. So even though the magnetic fields might be moving the ley lines are constant in relation to the earth just like GPS readings are constant within about 3 feet in any direction usually. How the Time travel aspect works I don't entirely know. However, I do know that the time altering part of the drive is necessary for a zero to 5000 mile an hour acceleration in less than a second. So, I imagine that time is altered somewhat in the same way for instance that one makes a smooth braking stop in a car except in reverse only in this case warping time enough so one doesn't die in a zero to 5000 mile acceleration in less than a second.

At the time when I was 8 or 9 I understood that this was the primary form of transportation with in the Galaxy, in about a 25 foot diameter saucer shape. Of course there are many variations of this within the galaxy but this form of drive and the small saucer shape is the primary way humanoids from about 3 feet in height to about 7 feet in height travel the galaxies instantly(at least according to their experience of time). How much time the ship actually experiences is another question. By humanoid residents of this galaxy this basic drive and saucer shape is and was thought of about the way we saw a vw Bug in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

Fearful or Fearless?

Fearful or Fearless? As a human being in any given moment we have these two choices. For one reason or the other we tend to choose one or the other each moment we live. Because I have come close to death for long periods of time at age 2, at ages 10to15 and at ages 50 and 51, I have seen both. As a teenager I found I could go back and forth between fear and fearlessness pretty easily, almost without effort. One moment I would be fearlessly climbing trees, scuba diving, going off the high dive, jumping dirt bikes(motorcycles) 8 feet off the ground and then alternately worrying about a girlfriend or someone who had been fearless at the wrong time my age and who was now dead.

I think one sees fearlessness more in 3rd world countries where one is constantly surrounded by death. When I travelled India and Nepal for 4 months in 1985&6 with my family it changed the 5 of us greatly. Though I don't miss the complete sense of constant overwhelm of the senses I do miss greatly the preciousness of meeting people who really know death and just how precious life really is. In comparison, most people I meet in the United States are like sleepwalkers in comparison in the way they navigate their lives.

There was a statement made by an African in the movie Blackhawk Down. He said something like "Americans live long boring lives but here in Africa we live quick interesting ones!" I think that about says the truth of life. You can live a long boring one or you can live a quick interesting one. It is always your choice.

In a strange way I have lived both kinds of lives at different points in my life. So for me, the most amazing thing is that I'm still alive at 59 years of age. At age 25 I really never expected to see 30. But at 30 I was a single parent raising my son alone. When my son was born when I was 26 I realized I needed to stay alive for him so I stopped Rock climbing. I think this was a good idea because one of my rock climbing buddies died climbing within 2 years. So I guess you could say my son saved my life.

I have always had very good instincts about how far I could take things and still survive. I've noticed most people don't seem to have that ability. For example, I realized that I couldn't ride my off road motorcycle every day. I rationed myself to 2 hours two days a week. I found that if I rode more than that I started to get injured doing stunts and taking risks. I found if I rode I had to keep pushing the envelope until I got injured.

I found the same thing in regard to dating from ages 21 to 25. When I broke up with the girl I had planned the next 20 years around at age 21 I was lost. So rather than commit suicide directly or by accident taking risks I would look for another girlfriend and then another and then another. I found this was a way for me to stay alive. Because as long as I was dating someone I knew I couldn't commit suicide directly or indirectly. So the end result of this was that between 1969 and 1973 I had a lot of girlfriends. People seem at times impressed with this. However, I wasn't happy doing this. It was just a way to stay alive until I found the right girl I could settle down and live with. I can remember saying to friends even at age 25, "I'm going to have a long series of girlfriends. I don't think I'll ever settle down." Within 6 months of this my then live in girlfriend got pregnant and we married before my son was born. This changed everything in my life since. Though my girlfriend-wife and I broke up within 4 years I raised my son to adulthood by myself. Though I was 26 when my son was born my wife was only 21 and not ready for being a wife or a mother. Actually, I don't think she was ever ready to be a mother for life, but a girlfriend and a wife, yes.

So are you fearful or fearless? I guess there is a time for everything.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

To Die With My Boots On

To Die With My Boots On. I've always had a fantasy of one day realizing that I'd just had enough life maybe at say 80 or 90. And that I would drive in my car or take a bus if I was no longer driving some winter day and go to Mt. Shasta where my Dad's ashes are and walk into the snowstorm on the mountain and never come back. Now, I realize this is fantasy because the reality is that if you have a wife or significant other, if you have kids you care about and are close to, if you have friends that you care about, you wouldn't be able to do this because it could harm them or cause one of them to suicide in losing you in this way.

However, I have told my wife that I refuse to ever go to an old folks home and that she should expect me to go missing in a snowstorm because if I can't live at home then my home is the snowstorm and I would feel sorry for those who found my body half eaten by some fox, wolf, coyote, dog or Turkey vulture. So, given the choice, for me the choice would be the snowstorm.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Everyone Starts Out Psychic

Everyone Starts Out Psychic. When I was little I noticed most little kids were telepathic and then one by one they stopped doing it. I began to notice this when I was about 2. The other thing I noticed was that rich people all were psychic but usually didn't talk about it. Poor people usually were screwed up by being told by someone that there really weren't Angels, God, or anything else. Then as adults they in desperation turn to alcohol or drugs to fill the void that believing nothing useful exists creates. So in the end the only real difference that I have noticed between long term rich people and long term poor people is that rich people live their powers and poor people short circuit their powers. This I find as an intuitive person is the only real difference. This is especially true because rich people may be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist,animist, humanist, agnostic or whatever. But what they all seem to have in common is to secretly accept and use their God given intuitive gifts. They nurture their gifts, they study their gifts, and they grow their gifts within whatever belief structure that they practice in their lives.

When I was about 21 my best friend at that time entered UCLA and finally got a masters degree in History of Religion specializing in Buddhism and Sanskrit. We both decided we wanted to go to Nepal to Mustang sometime during our adult lives. Though we both have been to Nepal and I believe my friend went to Mustang once there is something else I wanted to share. All religions in our studied appear to be designed for one cultural and geographic area. When that religion moves beyond that culture or geographic area many elements are no longer useful. Some things remain but in studying a little of all religions what we found is that most religions at that level are saying the same thing which is basically, "Be nice to other Beings because if you are more than likely they might be nice to you!" No matter the religion this is a very basic rule. Yes, there are variations but in the end that's what they all share.

All this only becomes a real problem when someone says, "If you don't belong to my religion then you don't deserve to live!" That creates wars that have been fought for thousands of years.
The other problem which is, "If you don't belong to my religion you are going to hell!" People can laugh at this but if this is backed up by a club, stick, knife, gun, bomb etc. then wars start over this kind of craziness. Whereas if people were just open minded enough to study each others religions then maybe these really stupid wars could finally stop.

The other thing I have noticed in studying psychology is that the main people who threaten other people in this way usually were abused psychologically, physically, or sexually as children or young adults. So here then we find out the most fundamentalist religious killers to have been victims themselves of other psychologically, physically or sexually abused people.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pratyeka Buddhas

Pratyekabuddhas. Please forgive me for trying to express in words that which I don't entirely have words for. I was contemplating what God, the universe would want me next to do last night when one of my teachers came to me and told me that I was a Pratyekabuddha. Since I didn't even know what this meant, I heard the word "Prayetka Buddha". I decided to go online to find out what this meant. Soon, I found that the proper spelling was Pratyekabuddha and that such a Buddha becomes enlightened by the contemplation of "dependant arising". It is also rendered into English as "dependant origination","conditioned genesis","dependant co-arising","interdependant arising" etc.

Since it is an important part of Buddhist metaphysics it is sometimes defined as: phenomena arise together in a mutally interdependant web of cause and effect.

Because I experience the entire physical and non-physical universes as one continuum I suppose that what I do is to whenever possible increase the rate of vibration of the continuum by infinite reasonance whenever the opportunity arises. I experience this as being much like a surfer waits for the perfect wave and then being hopefully perfectly in tune rides this wave and thereby enriches both himself and all beings watching or photographing him.

However, in my case with infinite reasonance God (and all Buddhas if you prefer) assist me to be successful in this. So in this case God and all the Buddhas and Christs and I ride these waves together to create the most amount of Good (enlightenment) for all sentient beings throughout all time and space and beyond.

I am writing this for you who also do this and to say to you that you may also be a PratyekaBuddha also and just not have had a name for it before just like myself. Though I recognize that I likely knew this name and what it meant in other lifetimes this is quite new still for me in this lifetime.

While I was taking a shower this morning I again spoke to my teacher. I said, I think that I do teach but in a new format. Though I don't go out and publicly speak in front of groups of people
this is by choice. For I have found even the basic concept of religion no longer useful in our world. Religions at this point in human evolution, I believe are presently counterproductive to
the survival of humans as a race on earth. So if I teach it would only be ethical if I taught in a way to create evolutions of thought and contemplation rather than a religion. I believe at this time in the evolution of the human race that the way I am presently functioning is more useful. So in the way that I write online it tends to inspire other writers because I tend to share deep insights into the human condition. They then bounce off what I say like one does a muse and then re-translate ideas direct through to the general populace through articles, books and movies. In this way I externally try to lift mankind into a more useful and enduring state of consciousness than the ones people ordinarily inhabit. Also, since I write in more of a philosophical and humanistic vein less people get offended by what I write than those who write totally ingrained in any one religion or philosophy. I am simply one more being on earth trying to make sense of the universe we live in.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

After 40: Every moment is Grace

After 40:Every Moment is Grace. Human life is always very tenuous and temporary. People in most parts of the world just seem to accept this fact. However, here in America we cheat death and challenge death at every turn. We see ourselves as miracle workers. And compared to life in the 19th century we are miracle workers. But in the end life as a human being is very temporary. Even if in the next centuries some of us manage to live to 100, 200, or 300 or more, still recognizing the relatively temporary state of being any one human isn't very long in the overall scheme of things.

Since I had whooping cough at 2 and then got Sunstroke at 10 and then had Childhood epilepsy from ages 10 to 15 I definitely realized young that life was temporary. My best friend from age 10 through high school until Viet Nam happened had also had polio and had almost died. So the two of us were much more serious in our attitudes about life from an early age than most people we knew. We also tended to be more polite and gentlemanly than most people our ages.
Because he didn't walk well until he was about 6 he compensated by developing young very strong arms. So in junior high he had the record for the rope climb for about 20 years because he didn't use his legs at all in the rope climb, only his arms.

In my 20's I didn't really expect to live to see 30 years of age just because the world seemed so crazy then. However, looking back at all the time I've lived the least crazy were the 90's and the 50's. All other decades were equally crazy as hell. What I mean be this is that there was more a feeling that we all might survive on earth during the 50's and the 90's than any other time I have been alive. (and I have been alive since 1948). Since 2001 it has reminded me a lot of the insanity of about 1963 when Kennedy was assassinated until Nixon left office around 1974. Nothing compares to the craziness of 2001 until now except that during my lifetime.

I turned 40 in 1988. I realized that most people in history tended to have died by 40. Only a few made it past this difficult divide down through history. So I realized that any of us that make it past 40 are living on borrowed time or By the Grace of God every moment we live past 40 years of age. When I grew up the average 40 year old man that I knew was in physically worse shape than I am now at 59. Most 40 year olds I knew had lost at least half their teeth. And most 60 plus year olds had lost almost all their teeth. Now, I'm 59 and I have all my teeth except the wisdom teeth that I had pulled at age 18. About 7 of my teeth have root canals and a few more have caps but I still have remnants of every tooth except wisdom teeth. This would have been almost unheard of during the 1950's for a 59 year old. Times change and the quality of life increases for many of us but don't forget all the people in 3rd world nations for whom this isn't true. We are still the exceptions not the worldwide rule.

A Muse for Writers

A Muse for Writers. About 20 years ago a good friend of mine who has published 10 or 20 books that he has written read a few pages I had written. His reaction was, "Fred. I could write 10 books about what you have written on these two pages. You have absolutely incredible ideas but you wouldn't be able to publish them in the form you have written them because it is like listening to your mind before you translate your mind into something people around you can relate to. However, what you write is amazing and can't help but inspire writers who CAN translate what you write into concepts the average person can relate to."

Since I prefer not to edit or to force myself to write in a translated way it allows other writers to glean what they can from my raw, wild, mind, experiential data and to convert what I write into something that the average intelligent person can find useful. In this way I can not only be a muse to other writers but I also find a lot of my ideas in movies and books.

You might say to me, "Oh that is just zeitgeist of this era." In other words "Great minds think alike". I suppose in the end it is hard to say. However, I see myself as a muse for other writers to help save the world. That is how I see myself.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Galactic Media

Galactic Media. You can take this seriously or as conjecture. It's up to you. For me, this is just my experience with the universe. So take it seriously or think of it as science fiction it's your choice.

In 1970 I allowed the Galactic Sentience who is Governmental head of the Milky Way Galaxy to see through my eyes with the condition that he would prevent the Earth from being nuked or otherwise destroyed before average people were allowed to leave and colonize other worlds and dimensions. Looking back now as far as earth was concerned it was well worth the personal sacrifice. However, as a 59 year old adult I wonder what has been learned by the galaxy through my awareness since I was 22 years old.

After writing the previous article "Heroes" because my attention was on this problem, one of the 1,000,000 plus IQ residents that I met while traveling out of my body to the galactic core came and talked to me. He showed me that where legally available there are 100,000 to 500,000 channels of what might pass for Galactic TV. The main difference would be that children around the galaxy who view this kind of stuff do more than view it. They play live it, too. There are places where especially upper class children or the children of world or dimentional leaders actually experience what it is like to experience the mind, thoughts feelings,experiences of beings from other planets. If the beings being studied through direct experience are a same or similar species then there are gym like places where people can walk and move and experience physically everything that won't harm or kill that child or adult to experience. Most adults, however, choose the less dangerous viewing process that affects ones physical and mental health less of simply being in a room where all the walls(the room is usually round) are the experience and then they see superimposed on the screen the hands, feet, or other kind of appendage(if there are appendages) of the being or beings or worlds being studied.

The Galactic Sentience allows this to promote harmony and understanding between diferent species on different planets and dimensions in the Galaxy.


Heroes. Last year I became a fan of "Heroes" the NBC TV series. In the world we are presently living I think it is quite obvious to every thinking person that without real heroes who are gifted intellectually and spiritually there really isn't much hope for the human race of earth to survive through the next few thousand years. So a program like "Heroes", even though it is hollywoodized to the MAX, at least opens the possibility of people who will dare to use their gifts whether they be physical, intellectual and spiritual for the greater good of all beings.

As a very young person I was frightened by the prospect of nuclear holocaust. For those of you who grew up in the U.S. of the 1950's like me every time your school had you get under your desk in a nuclear war drill(Once or twice a month) you thought, "If this really happens all of us will be cinders in a moment." It was very real for us all as World War II had already happened to our parents and we were all living the Cold War every day. I then at age 12 I read a book called "Alas Babylon" about a post nuclear war scenario of a man and his family in the United States. It wasn't pretty. It was very genuine. As a thoughtful young person in a world where the draft still existed (until at least the mid 70's), I was trained from age 3 or 4 to EXPECT to fight and possibly die for my country. As you can see the world was very different than now when people are pretty unrealistic in general about anything very REAL. In grade School, in junior High School and in High School we were always told to prepare to be drafted and to fight. Those who weren't physically and psychologically prepared to fight and die all knew were the first to die in conflicts and the most likely to have psychological problems afterward. These things were all expected by boys my age at every point from 4 to 6 years of age. Girls were allowed to play and be silly but boys were expected to prepare to fight and die. It was the way it was. So boys played soldier and Cowboys and Indians a lot to prepare for the inevitable when I grew up in the 1950's.

I was lucky. Because I had had childhood epilepsy I was classified 4f. This meant I wouldn't be drafted unless our country was physically attacked. If our country was physically attacked everyone of all ages fights that is still in the country. That is reality. No matter what you may have been told. I felt guilty as I watched friends join up, get drafted, get student deferments, move to canada, get married and have kids and basically do anything to prevent getting drafted and going to Viet Nam. Even people who volunteered I watched come back strung out on drugs from being over there or just crazy and self destructive to the point where you know they were going to kill someone or themselves soon.

When I lived in Venice, California which then was a lot like living in Haight Ashbury San Francisco I met many many men and boys who had been to Viet Nam. Mostly they were a little crazy from the experience and some decided that they would do anything not to go back. Some died. Some left the U.S. and some survived and led relatively normal lives. But to a man anyone who had really seen action refused to talk about it. It was either something sacred or their private torture that seem to eat and them and diminish them daily.

After I left Venice because to many people I knew were going crazy and dying, I moved to San Diego where I returned to College and was quite successful in school from 1971 to 1973. Then I married because my girlfriend was pregnant and started raising my son when I was 26. In between Venice and getting married I grew in intuitive gifts a lot, partly out of necessity of staying alive in a body and partly because I saw the wisdom of being gifted in this crazy world we all live in. During my times of exploration I discovered I could soul travel, read auras, remote view anywhere on earth, sit in my car and see what might happen on that journey and time my leaving to prevent car accidents etc. Each day between 1970 and 1973 it seemed I learned something new.

For example, once my paradigm shifted into experientially understanding soul travel, astral projection and bi-location I decided mostly out of sheer terror to stick with bi-location. Because at least during bi-location one doesn't have to worry about other beings trying to occupy ones body as one does during Astral projection. Bi-location is the ability to be in more than one place in consciousness at the same time. Some people that are really excellent multi taskers can do multilocation. I personally don't like being more than 3 places at the same time as I find it too distracting and basically not useful to me. So now I like to be either everywhere at once with a reference point as my physical body or I like to be everywhere and nowhere at once with two reference points of my body and one or more other places. However, my present system has evolved over about 50 years of conscious experiences.

Some people prefer to live as prisoners within their own bodies and some also like generating forcefields around them within about 3 feet in all directions. I used to do this and was trained to do this as a child. But when I started studying other metaphysical systems and tried some of them in scientific experiments which to you would be like test driving cars at a new car dealership I found that I could customize my system and design one that suited me and my nature best so I did.

At this point my concern for the world Nuking itself out of existence and my progression down the road to bi-location through direct experience interfaced and I found myself praying myself to find a way to save the human race from extinction by nuke or any other means. I found that I could also bi-locate off earth in 1970 at that time even though this is much harder to do in 2007 for a variety of reasons. I made it out into space and noticed that space did not affect my mind or soul body (you might have your own name for the kind of body that one can travel of world in). So I thought myself to Venus and also found that there were other beings that lived there in mind or soul bodies(though not ones in physical bodies at least as we know them). I told them that I wanted to go to the center of the Galaxy because I believed that God would help me save the beings of earth from extinction if I did that. They told me to go into the Sun as that was a way to the center of the Galaxy for me. I said, "Won't I burn up in the sun?" They said, "You are not in a physical body so you won't burn up." I said "Oh!" So I did as they told me and went into the sun. There I met people made of plasma. These plasma beings put me in a plasma chair or something like that and sent a part of me to the center of the Galaxy. In the center of the galaxy I was very confused because what I thought was there was not at all what I experienced there. Instead of God I found beings there with millions of IQ points but that couldn't go to where earth was because they would die. I found that there is an extremely developed culture system in the center of the Galaxy but that is still concerned about earth the way the United Nations might be concerned about a small Pacific Island that might nuke itself out of existence. I guess that would be a fairly accurate way that they would look at earth sort of like a place someone would go if they were physically healthy enough and rich enough for a vacation.

I asked the leader of the Galactic Government for help with earth. He said, "I will help earth if you let me see through your eyes when you return to earth. At the time I was naive and said, "Yes!". Looking back at this it seems like a pretty naive thing for me to agree to.

You may say to me, "Boy, do you have a good imagination!" However, I must tell you the lead up to these experiences.

I was going to college in San Diego County and I lived then in Rancho Bernardo just off Interstate 15. I believe it was 1970 or 1971. I had been taking a course at the experimental College at San Diego State University in addition to my other coursework. The course was called Universal Awareness. The class started in Aztec Center with 100 to 200 people. As the class progressed some stayed and some moved on. Eventually, a core group of about 20 to 50 people decided to meet every friday night at someones house in Balboa Park in San Diego near the San Diego Zoo. It was here that this core group started to experience in real time reading auras, astral projection etc. In other words I started to have genuine experiences that were scientifically provable to me. Having been a computer programmer in the past as well as working building houses I had learned to be methodical, logical and scientific in everything I was serious about in life. At this point I asked God if I could soul travel so I could be with God and travel the Galaxies with him. I asked this as a prayer knowing full well that anything I had ever asked God for with this intensity he had given me. There was a certain level of naivite still in me as I was still only 21 or 22. I don't think I really thought about the REAL consequences of what would happen to my life if I actually starting soul traveling consciously any time I wished!

I got the flu and decided to go out to the desert in Yucca Valley on the Yucca Mesa to "dry out" my cold and flu so it wouldn't interfere with my studies in College. I was alone here at least 100 miles from anyone I knew. As I went to sleep way out in the desert in the cabin I felt uneasy being there alone so far from anyone I knew. At about 2am I got up to go to the bathroom in that half asleep state one gets into in order to relieve oneself without fully waking up. As I tried to turn on the light switch my whole arm went through the wall. My first reaction was an internal scream of realization that I was not in my physical body. I did not try to urinate as I knew I would only wet the bed of my body in the other room. The most difficult experience was of walking into the other room and seeing my body asleep. It took all my will power to remember what I had read a person does in this situation. I laid down into my body and immediately woke up shaking. I was scared I was going to die of fright right then. After I had calmed down enough I got up packed up my then 1966 seablu volkwagon bug and by 3 am I was driving back to Rancho Bernardo. As I drove out of the driveway I said to God, "YOU almost scared me to death! Please God. Give me a good experience to take the awful taste of this one out of my mouth!"

God did as I had begged him to. I am grateful for God's kindness and Grace to me. Two months later I woke up and sat up out of my body. I looked back and saw my body sleeping peacefully and yet I wasn't terrified because I was still joined to my body from my hips to my toes. Then something even more unusual happened. Another of my bodies walked into my bedroom door with an angelic peaceful look on its face. This body wearing the same pajamas that I and my other body were wearing laid down into me and then I laid down into my body. I felt Peace this time and said, "Thank you, God for this good experience that I asked for!" At this point my entire paradigm of reality permanently changed. Because I realized that both I and my soul existed separately from my body I knew for sure my soul was immortal. I knew my physical body was like a car my soul drives and I knew that I had to take care of my body as it was the only physical one I had here on earth. This was a personal powerful experiential shift that permanently changed me into someone new! Yes, in a way you could say I was reborn in that moment because I knew from DIRECT EXPERIENCE my soul was immortal!

Each one of us, you and me included are the Heroes that are the hope of the human race for millions of years to come!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bodhichitta is the Root to Omniscience

Bodhichitta is the root to Omniscience. I heard the Dalai Lama say this. I also agree with it through direct experience. Though I was born intuitively gifted and this created good health and grace in my life beginning especially during my teens and after, still there was terror at first and then later fear came and went during different periods of my young life. When root fear ended for me the beginning of this end came when I embraced fully two things in the early 1980s.First, I embraced developing compassion for all sentient life in time and space and beyond time and space. Second, I took Ahimsa vows. The most basic way to look at Ahimsa Vows is to say I took a vow not to kill any sentient being as long as I did not have to act in self defense of myself or others. What this meant to me in actuality was that if a fly or hornet or spider was in my house my first reaction was not to kill it unless it likely could or would harm people in my house. So, for example, a fly, if I could capture it under a plastic glass and then put a paper or my hand under the glass I would escort it out of the house. The same was true of bees and hornets and the like except I would only put a piece of paper under the plastic glass.

As soon as I began to do this all the time my luck in life got better in leaps and bounds. But just like on the TV show "My Name is Earl", I began to have extremely good karma in my life. However, at times big things that I didn't like still happened. However, there were much less little things that happened to mess things up. The positivity caused by doing this for over 25 years now is positively Amazing!

In regard to bodhichitta which directly translated means working on developing compassion for all sentient beings in all time and space and beyond time and space, I found that the very first person that is blessed by this is the person doing it. So even though this compassion and good will toward all beings including oneself helps all beings including oneself. The very act of trying to do this blesses amazingly the person doing this first. The good that comes from doing this is never ending and exponential. If compassion was money each dollar of compassion sent out seems to net at least 10 dollars of compassion sent back. At times one dollar of compassion nets millions of dollars sent back. One does not always know when the million dollar variety will happen so be sure to be giving out that one dollar to all beings in good will all the time 24 hours a day even in your dreams. Praying and blessings toward all beings makes bodhichitta millionaires out of all of us.

Another way to look at this is through what is called Enlightened Self Interest. Enlightened Self Interest includes all beings on the planet and beyond as far as I am concerned. Looked at in this way, it is a very real way to save the planet and all life upon it far into the future if enough of us do this!

Extreme Scientific Thought

The Problem of Extreme Scientific Thought.My wife says I need to provide a definition of Extreme Scientific thought so you as the reader have somewhere to go from. My personal definition of Extreme Scientific thought would be a person who only sees the world in mathematical and logical terms and who devalues any other way of perceiving reality. An Example of what I'm trying to get it if you took the patient to be all life on earth would be: "The operation was successful but the patient died!" This basically sums up my problem with extreme scientific thought. I define myself as a cultural relativist. A cultural relativist is someone who sees all cultural viewpoints including any science or religion within those cultures as intrinsically equal with no one culture intrinsically superior. I see extreme scientific thought as a religion that can be just as big a problem in its own right as extreme fundamentalist Islamic thought or extreme fundamentalist thought of any religion.

For example, Shakespeare once wrote,"A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet." However, if you took that rose from a scientific point of view we might take tear the petals off and then number them and give them a color name and then split the stem etc. etc. However, does any of that give one the experience of gazing at or smelling a wonderful rose? Does that give one the feeling of being pricked and bleeding from one of its thorns? Is it really useful in the end to count the petals or split the stem or break off the thorns and count them? Your answer likely would depend on your conditioning and interests from childhood on into adulthood. However, whatever your conditioning and interests are or were from adulthood on it is important to recognize that everyone on earth has had either a completely different experience than you have had or maybe a somewhat similar one. It is also important to realize that you will tend to gravitate towards people who have had similar experiences to you and to shun those who had different experiences. That is just human nature. However, recognizing this gives you as a sophisticated adult great power in controlling your life and making better life decisions than the average person who may be oblivious to this fact of life.

I take this a step further in cultural relativism because I realized that every culture on earth and every religion on earth has something to teach me and everyone else who realizes this truth. This doesn't mean I have to adopt every culture or religion as my own. However, what it does mean is that as a Citizen of Earth I can make the parts of any cultures or religions or science that I choose my own and thereby enrich my life, the life of my family and friends.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Yoga of Time Travel II

The Yoga of Time Travel II. My uncle, after becoming the youngest professor at Northwestern University then became a "B" movie actor in black and white movie mysteries in the 40's. After almost dying he then became a Science of Mind Minister to the Stars in Hollywood, California. Since this was the early 60's he took his teenage son(about my age) named Chris and went to visit Sai Baba in India. Sai Baba was then known as now as a consummate miracle worker. Some in India compare him to Jesus because of his miracles ongoing. He was born in 1926. When my uncle visited him he gave my uncle a ring. On the ring was an embossed picture of my uncle, his two sons and a German Shepard dog but what was interesting was that all both boys were grown up. At the time of their visit one of the boys was but 4 years old and there was no German Shepard Dog then. So this ring was obviously symbolic of a future that hadn't happened yet. And yet, the ring demonstrated a future that hadn't happened and yet one day would.

My cousin, Chris, was given prayer beads by Sai Baba. Several years later the beads broke and knowing Sai Baba was known for miracles put his broken necklace in a drawer and closed it and left it overnight. When he woke up he checked it and it was magically repaired. While my uncle was visiting Sai Baba there was a man from New York City who made a large donation to Sai Baba's benevolent charity organization. Sai Baba then wanted to give the man a reward. The man said, "I saw a yellow diamond ring that I wanted to give to my wife in Tiffany's in New York. Sai Baba closed his eyes and put his hands behind his back. After a little while he smiled and held out the same diamond ring that the man had seen in Tiffany's in New York City. When the man returned to New York he visited Tiffany's and asked about the yellow diamond ring. The salesperson said, "Well. That was a strange story. A man with an afro and orange robes walked in and asked for the ring and paid cash for it and quickly walked out the door."

That is why I called these to articles, the yoga of Time Travel, because real masters do it easily and regularly. It didn't just happen once 2000 years ago. This kind of thing has been going on for literally thousands of years. It is nothing new. I have also been exposed to masters who can do these kinds of things. And, you know, it really changes a persons reality paradigm. One can either run away screaming or one has to accept that something amazing has happened and want to know more. I, obviously, am in the second category.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Yoga of Time Travel

The Yoga of Time Travel. Not everyone believes that time travel is possible. Not everyone believed it was possible for heavier than air flight. Some say the biggest reaction at Kitty Hawk when the Wright brothers first did motorized flight was open mouth of disbelief. However, when that many upstanding individuals see something things change. Unless of course, the government and or Area 51 are involved. But that's another story.

When my father was 9 years old his science teacher told the class that within a few years people would be flying around the world in ships and across oceans. The children laughed and scoffed at him. Yet when Linburgh flew to Paris, France from the East Coast of the United States everything changed.

When I was 11 years old in 1957 and the Soviet Union put Sputnik into space you would have thought they had invaded us people were so upset. Yet within 12 years the United States put men on the moon. No other nation has done that since (at least as far as the news media says).

I believe the same is true of time travel. However, here we have a catch. The catch is that he who controls time travel can stop any war by preventing it before it happens(at least theoretically) even a nuclear one. So since the ultimate weapon is not nuclear weapons but time travel which likely is related to getting anywhere in any galaxy instantly(at least it would appear instantly to the time travelers) I don't think anyone is going to tell us about time travel anytime soon.

If time and space travel are inter-related then there could already be many U.S, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese space colonies already in space and on planets in this solar system or even elsewhere. Because why should the average person be told any of this? After all, the public is like a herd of cattle and if they stampede in shock or fright, assets could be damaged even their sensibilities of finding out that World Governments have lied to them since World War II or thereabouts.

Because of my own experiences in 1974 on Mount Shasta and in 1990, over Mt. Shasta City I believe that both space and time are being travelled by being who are definitely associated with American military black ops. Whether it is american or alien pilots I don't know. However, I do know we are in cahoots with them as a nation.

However, I also believe like our government that for individuals to know too much in specific about time travel could be very dangerous for life on earth. However, I believe it is just as important for people who are educated to know that it is likely that time travel now exists on earth. In this way the intelligencia of earth can help be a part of the checks and balances necessary to keep this thing from getting entirely out of hand. I don't believe it is very useful to have aliens police time travel once it started to be used here in the 30's and 40's. In order to be respected by alien races we all must do what we can to police timespace travel so that serious problems aren't created with alien groups.

Recent articles about a new form of time travel that scientists are now experimenting with can be read from the last months news. In this newly invented form one can only travel back to the point in time where the machine was made. Since this is being built now as I speak it could be useful to bring people back to this point in time especially if thing get environmentally ugly for life on earth in the next 500 to 1000 years. I can especially see the usefulness if another ice age gets triggered in the next 100 years or so. In that situation life on the equator would be what was left for humans. If it goes the other way I was reading that it was once 74 degrees farenheit average temperature at the north pole. It was said what brought the temperature back down to what we have experienced the last few centuries was 1 million years of ferns growing from the north pole to the equator. Ferns it seems really love carbon dioxide.

The Judgement of other Men

The judgment of other men. When I was a little boy I knew immediately that there was only going to be one man in my family, my father. My father was always larger than life. He was a man's man and all the builders and contractors loved my Dad. He always made them laugh. He was quite a guy. But being a man's man is not being a father. Being a man's man is being a workaholic and outworking and outdoing all the other men so they look up to you. Being a man's man is to be so superior and intelligent than no one else ever comes close.

So I took one look at my Dad and realized immediately that I did not want to be a man's man. Both my father and my Grandfather were men's men. I chose to be a ladies man instead. All the men loved Dad and his jokes but all the ladies loved me. I sometimes wonder what men will say of me after I'm dead. Maybe nothing at all. Or maybe "He never gave up no matter how bad things got." I'm 59 and have been married 3 times for a total of over 30 years of marriage now. So over half my life I've been married and raising kids. My first son was born in 1974 and my latest child was born in 1996. So that means that I have been raising someone under 15 years of age continually since 1974.

Originally, I was thinking of writing a piece called "pray without ceasing" or the opposite side of the coin, "Outsmarting oneself" for I have done both continually since I was for sure 15 but mostly all my life too. My oldest stepson is a Fire Captain, my stepdaughter is a lawyer, my biological son was a computer tech during his twenties and now is in medical school, my older biological daughter is in college and went to Europe this last summer, and my youngest is in junior high.

There was a concept I was trying to live and now am living which is called "the leisure to practice". What this really means is that you are financially covered in such a way that you can pray or do whatever you want to help people. However, the reality of such a situation is a lot to deal with for most people because if you are free to do anything to help you are also free to do nothing at all. So I find myself asking God what I should do next to help life on earth and beyond. God answer to me usually is something like, "You're doing it!" In the course of my lifetime of studies of beings like Jesus, Saint Germain, Buddha, Krishna etc. there is one thing they all seem to have in common. "They were all completely spontaneous!" While I was studying Padmasambhava (who brought Buddhism to Tibet) this was really his thing, "spontaneous accomplishment". He was a Mahasiddha (which means something like Kingly magic user yogi). So someone who is or was a Mahasiddha regularly performs healings both mental and physical and magical feats like flying through the air or walking through walls.

I have been to Rewalsar(now in Himchal Pradesh in India)(in tibetan it is Tsopema) where Padmasambhava created a lake while being burned at the stake and then flew up several thousand feet and melted his foot into a boulder on a nearby mountain. I have seen both the lake and the melted footprint. what was amazing to me was that my Vasques Cascade hiking boot size 14 perfectly fit the melted footprint. I realized that Padmasambhava must have been over 6 feet tall to have feet that big. (I'm 6feet 4 inches tall) When I put my foot in his melted print the whole sky turned purple and purple violet lightning crashed out of the clouds. I had asked Saint Germain if he and Padmasambhava were the same being. Because of the violet lightning I realized the answer was "yes!"

I had realized that since Padmasambhava was supposed to have been originally from Afghanistan between 500 and 800 AD and that he was described as having a pink complexion that he might have been the same person Merlin, the magician. If he was Merlin the Magician then that was supposed to be one of the incarnations of Saint Germain. So Voila! I had pieced together that likely Merlin was Padmasambhava, especially if Saint Germain was giving me a sign that they were the same soul!

The Death of Friends

The death of Friends-The deaths that have affected my life the most have been my best friends. Sometimes relatives are also our best friends. My father's passing in 1985 totally changed my life in both bad and good ways. My Grandmother(mother's mother) passing on in 1978 changed how I viewed death because I experienced her passing on when she left her body. It was the most bittersweet experience so far in my life. I thought I was just losing my mind until I realized it was the same time she passed. So I realized I was experiencing some of what she was. She was totally relieved to pass off this veil of tears but after not seeing me for about 10 years she felt loss that I was only 5 hours away by truck when she passed and I had already driven 15 hours to see her before she passed on. So she was sad she wouldn't get to see me in person before she died. Since she lived with me and my parents from the time I was born until I was about 22 years old mostly she had been the one that was always there for me as my parents were very busy, especially from my birth until I was 12 years old and my mother's father passed on. So Nana was a trusted friend although also a sad person as her husband had left her never to return when she was 60 and my mother had to support her financially until she was 27 all the way from age 18. My mother married my father when she was 27.

Last year my oldest friend from childhood (I met him when I was 6) died. I went to church sunday school with him and his sister. He was instrumental in my attending college as he was always very intellectual and philosophical. Since he was a couple of years older than I was I enjoyed his humor and philosophical bent. Though we drifted apart as friends when we both married and I had children he came back into my life after his first wife died. He was instrumental in my marrying my present wife as I was confused in the middle of a divorce and custody battle. He could see clearer than I that my then girlfriend was someone that I needed to marry. He was so right. He was one of my 2 best men when we married in Yosemite.

When he died last year I had a very hard time of it. I knew if I had spent more time with him it would have extended his life another 6 months or year. But I knew when he decided to come out gay after 2 marriages that he was just to old for him to survive that. During college I knew he had experimented with both men and women but at the time I thought it was just a phase he was going through just like many L.A. types in the 60's and 70's.

When he told me that he had always been attracted to all his male friends I felt my friendship violated. I really didn't need to hear that. However, now I know that he needed to say it to me whether I could deal with that or not. He had kept all these things hidden toward all his male friends all these years. No wonder he had had problems with drugs and prostitutes even though he was married to two different women a total of about 20 years. He had a flawless public life and a difficult private life I realize now all these years. So 4 years after "coming out" he died alone in his town house in the San Fernando Valley. No one found his body until a psychic mutual friend of ours called me and said she couldn't reach him by phone and felt he might have passed on. I called his sister and she called the police. We found out a few hours later that he had been dead for a week or more in his bed at home.

Though I knew my friend had personal problems I also knew of all the young people he had helped as a high school teacher over 40 years. He had chosen to teach in East L.A. to give these kids a good start in life. He turned around many lives that would have been lost otherwise.

During the Viet Nam War he was a conscientious objector for religious reasons. However, after he was allowed not to be drafted he then felt an obligation to society to do something with his life and so dedicated himself to underprivileged kids in East L.A. I was amazed he spent all these years in the smog and with all the difficulties fulfilling his life's mission. He was an amazing man. Yes. He had problems but who of us doesn't?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Thailand, Nepal, India

Thailand, Nepal, India. In 1985 I was shown to go to the Himalayas. One of the Tibetan dieties had come to me while I was working as a fire lookout in California. Since this job was only a 6 month seasonal job I had only to find someone to run my business for the time I and my family would be gone. So when the 5 of us took off from San Francisco International Airport for Narito, Japan on the first leg of our amazing journey we knew we had up to 6 months to explore near the flight destinations would visit. We had 6 month open ended discount tickets. I don't know whether this type of ticket exists still. But if it does one would find it at places like and the like. I found my tickets on a fluke while walking down Haight Street in San Francisco, California, USA. A friend of mine was accompanying us on a nostalgic tour down memory lane of the late 1960's and early 70's. My mother was with us and saw an advertisement in a window. It said "one week in hawaii including airfare 250 dollars." since this definitely sounded too good to be true I accompanied my mother in to "protect" her from possibly unscrupulous vendors. The Company's name was Global Travel II. I soon realized they were a perfectly legitimate outfit and asked if they sold discount open ended tickets to Asia. The man said "yes". I then asked, "How much would it be for 5 - 6 month open ended tickets to Kathmandu, Nepal. The man worked on his computer a moment and then said, " about 6 thousand dollars.You will have to leave by December 11 th because of the Asian holidays and you will have to fly as far as Bangkok to avoid the holiday travelers." I said, "Can we get 6 month open ended tickets?" He said, "Yes. And I'll throw in Hong Kong if you want to visit there once either going or coming back."

I looked at my wife in amazement and she nodded. The five of us would fly out within one week. We hoped it was enough time to train her sister to run our business while we were gone. In the end the trip was quite reasonable in 1985. 6 thousand for 6 months airfare (or however short we wanted to be there) and 4 thousand for land costs and four thousand to keep our house, car and business intact.

Actually, at that time the biggest expense for us was the airline tickets. Once there we ate like kings and queens for a few dollars a day. (Provided we were in someplace like Tokyo, Bangkok, Kathmandu or some place like New Delhi). Otherwise we ate whatever was available that would make not us as westerners sick. That was usually Dahl Bhat, Rice, Curried potatoes or tibetan momos(meat or potato dumplings).I also got pretty attached to Chai tea and Mango Lassi's(a mango flavored yogurt type of drink. (Though I was a complete lacto ovo vegetarian from birth until age 32 by 33 when I started studying with Tibetan Lamas they insisted I eat some meat. This is because if one lives above 8000 feet in elevation or above in altitude without modern indoor heating that one has in western countries one likely will die if only vegetarian at above 8000 feet if one stays and lives full time there. So after 1983 I was about 95% vegetarian and still am about that ratio to this day. Also, at the time I was experimenting with being a survivalist(burying food in 50 gallon drums and worrying about economic collapse). The savings and loan collapse made everyone pretty worried then just like the sub-prime meltdown is causing the world to worry now.

I should also mention that we wanted to stay longer in Japan and see at least Tokyo but when I found it would cost 300 dollars just to get my family to Tokyo from the Narito Airport on the Bullet train I gave up the idea and we just boarded the next plane to Bangkok, Thailand. So it was an 11 hour flight from San Francisco to Narito Airport in Japan and then it was, I believe another 7 hours flight to Bangkok, Thailand. So about 21 hours after we left San Francisco we arrived in Bangkok at about 1 am in the morning. We then rented two taxis in order to fit the five of us and all our stuff in and we went to Sweety's Guest house. They drove us at about 90 miles an hour which was kind of scary for us, especially after being rushed by so many taxi drivers at the airport. We had a whole lot to learn. The biggest thing we had to learn was that almost no one spoke English there outside of 5 star hotels or places within an airport. This became an even bigger problem when we realized that Thai script is illegible to English or European speakers and readers. This meant we couldn't read street signs or business signs unless they had English in the because they catered to Westerners.

Even though it was now about the middle of December it was unbearably humid and hot for us from California. After two days of watching ceiling fans spin with only sheets on our beds(too hot for any more) we decided to go to Koi Samed Island(not Phuket). PHuket had a very bad reputation then and we didn't want to expose our children to things like prostitution and white slavery and the like so we chose Koe Samed Island which was a popular place for snorklers and youngish Europeans especially Germans. For 1.5 dollars a day one could rent a grass hut on the beach for 2. We opted for a 10 foot by 10 foot raised wooden hut so we wouldn't have to deal with sand fleas and other critters at night. By then we had hired a translator, Nairoosee, from Malaysia to bargain and translate for us. He was very valuable and paid for himself many times over in his service to us. We wanted to see him again when we returned from Nepal and India. However, by then 4 of the 5 of us got Ghiarddhia (Protazoa) from the dust at that time in Kathmandu. Every western person we met during those years got this in Kathmandu if they were there more than 2 weeks. It is probably different now. However, the best cooked western food then was in kathmandu, Nepal. It was wonderful. The family could stuff themselves on the best pasta, or lasangna, or chicken or whatever cooked to American or European pallates tastes and then eat the most decadent Chocolate cake or other deserts for 5 people and never pay more than 10 dollars plus tip. That was wonderful!

Before I left I got a call from Switzerland from my longtime friend, Anton. He said, " Fred, you SOB! You're going to get to Nepal before me." I said, "Why don't you get a discount fare from from Zurich or Geneva and fly direct and visit us here when we return from India. We'll probably be back in about 2 months." He said, "Okay. I'll see what I can do." He and I had begun our friendship in 1969 climbing mountains together. On one of our first climbs I almost hadn't survived it because of winter weather. On another one we almost froze to death when we had had to dig a snow cave in a blizzard white out. So we had almost died several times already climbing various peaks in the U.S. Anton and I also had done rock climbing in places like Yosemite and Taquitz rock in Idylwild near Palm Springs. So two months later we met up semi unexpectedly in Kathmandu. He had been there a week or so already and kept checking in every day or so to see if we had returned from India to pick up our extra luggage at a hotel storage locker.

Anton had bought himself a bicycle and had toured the city and since he is a musician met a lot of professional musicians there. Eventually, he studied Tabla (a small tuned drum like Ravi Shankar used to play a lot) with a Kathmandu Tabla master. Later, Anton toured with Manose who is one of the best Nepali wooden flute players.

He was going to climb some of the mountains there before he left. I had given up mountain climbing when I got married and started having children because I wanted them to have a father alive. Now my step kids and kids are aged 36 to 11. So now I have raised 5 kids and have two goddaughters (one of which just got married).

After Anton and me and my family all met up we wanted to go to see the Rhinos and Tigers in
Royal Chitwan National Park on the terai in Southern Nepal. So we bought bus tickets to the park borders and all piled on board the bus. On one of the stops when a man saw us coming he took a chicken and killed it while we watched before we disembarked the bus. Yum YUm! Just what we wanted to see before we had dinner. However, I learned later that since most of these places had very little or no refrigeration meat had to be slaughtered on the spot to keep it fresh. So if there was refrigeration available it would be more likely used for beverages like sod pop which we drank instead of water so we wouldn't die while traveling. We had learned the hard way not to drink bottled water after we saw people filling bottles up with a hose behind a restaurant while we were traveling. We knew that wasn't good if we wanted to live with our western intestinal tracks intact. So after that, whenever we took a bus or train we drank only soda pop unless we had boiled the water for five minutes ourselves and let it cool before putting it into a canteen for travelling.

We bought a portable kerosene cookstove in Dharmsala, India(Himchal Pradesh 6000 feet high in the Himalayas). It served two purposes. First, it cooked food and boiled water for sterilization. 2nd, it heated our hotel room in Dharmsala which wasn't heated then and sometimes got below freezing inside at that altitude at night. Daytime temperatures in January and February were 25 to 65 degrees depending on the weather and the day. However, if you have ever smelled kerosene it is pretty smelly stuff and whenever it was warm enough outside we would open the shutters or the door.

Back to Chiwan National Park. Anton and me and my family rode an oxcart with Krishna, a 19 year old kid who came out of nowhere as our guide when we got off the bus. He took us to a hotel where we got some orange pop(remember, don't drink the water unless you boil it yourself). A monkey of the about 3 foot tall variety one sees a lot in India reminding me of something like a brown and white spider monkey came up and grabbed one of our open orange soda bottles and began drinking it. I had learned from past experience that you don't want to excite one of these because there are usually more monkey relatives nearby. And if you freak one of them out they all freak out and then someone might get bitten and get a disease like rabies. So carefully, be mellow with the monkeys please! After we had our laugh and took a few pictures of the monkey drinking the soda we went to our rooms so we didn't have to deal with monkeys anymore.

So early the next day Krishna showed up to take us into the Rhino, Tiger and Python bush. My then 12 year old step daughter who is now a lawyer in Oregon started to get quite nervous about the whole thing. I must admit I had second thoughts when we crossed a river in a dugout canoe knowing there was a breed of crocodiles in it. I made the kids stay still because if this thing turned over and didn't get bitten one would certainly get sick from the brown water.

On the other side of the river a fancy 4 wheel drive vehicle met us and took us further into the bush where 30 foot trees dotted the plains. I imagined this kind of country also exists in Africa because it looked very similar to movies I've seen of the savannahs.

We started hearing load banging noises that sounded like two train boxcars banging into each other. Krishna said it was rhino mating season so when the males collided like bucks and male goats do it made this loud sound. We said, "Oh!" We didn't know it was rhino mating season and wondered whether this had been a particularly good idea to bring the kids into the middle of this. My step daughter immediately climbed a tree after krishna said that was the safest place when a rhino attacks humans as without guns we wouldn't survive and guns weren't allowed. After he told the story of how a rhino first splits a human in two groin to chest and then stamps on a person or their head until they are squashed flat and stop moving. This did it for my stepdaughter and she ran up a tree. However, she was a little overweight and I said, "Rowshan, I don't think that branch will hold your weight as she was now standing on a high branch about 30 feet above me and the branch was the size of my little finger. Sure enough, the branch broke and she fell 25 feet. Luckily, I didn't have to break my back breaking her fall in order to save her life. Her hips caught in a v branch arrangement and all I had to do was to grab her head and upper body so it didn't smash against the trunk of the tree when her body stopped suddenly from her hips getting jammed in a V shaped branches.

After that, we were pretty shook up. My wife and I left the two youngest about 15 feet up a tree for safety with Krishna. Chris, the oldest boy took off with Anton to find Rhinos and Wendy and I took off with our camera to find rhinos. Soon, the rhinos found us. We weren't really prepared for how fast they were. I threw my then wife up a tree and then thought I would be killed trying to get up another tree because I almost dislocated my shoulder doing it. Luckily, somehow I scrambled up another tree before the rhino started ramming the tree I was on with his horn. what was really crazy was that after all that my wife had the camera so I didn't even get ANY shots of rhinos at all that trip. Luckily, the tree I chose was too big for the Rhino to knock down though I did move in the tree up to 3 feet each blow the rhino gave the tree.

One thing I learned is never underestimate just how fast these things are. In nature they reminded me more of a pissed off bear than anything else. So imagine something the weight of an average american auto pissed off at you for being in its territory.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dragon Wars-The Movie

Dragon Wars-The Movie. I actually really enjoyed the movie. However, if you didn't like the remake of Godzilla then you might not like this movie. However, if you like great special effects this one has that. It's like they took some of the beasts from one of the Star Wars movies and put rocket launchers on them and then made mini dragons that spout fire. It's a pretty entertaining multicultural movie that travels several genre's: martial arts, dragon and Godzilla movies and is very multicultural in its art form as it spans many centuries in Korea and then lands in the United States like many transplanted Asians have for several centuries on the west coast.

I believe the movie is based upon Korean legends of Dragons and spirits and then written and marketed in an international way. I enjoyed it a lot.

Youthful Terrifying Experiences

Youthful terrifying experiences. I'm writing this as a kind of warning to you who are intuitively gifted. This was a part of what I had to endure in my teens to survive to the present.

I was 15. After I had invoked God into my body powerfully through intense prayer and begging help from God on my knees something extremely powerful happened, my seizures at night during nightmares ceased never to return again. In place of this came a tremendous internal God power that terrified and frightened me to the core. This is why it reminds me of the experiences of Prophets in the Old Testament. Having God powerfully manifest through your mind and body is not something to trifle with or even play with. It was beyond anything I had ever imagined. As I walked around it was common to know what other people were thinking and feeling.

After my physical appearance changed during the next few months of invoking God into my body girls my age were suddenly very attracted to me. I had very mixed feelings about this as I knew it was God in my body with me that they were attracted to and not necessarily just me so I began to feel jealous. Soon, I got over this and just accepted that God and I were one being. So I began to see myself as a fusion of my own self and God manifest in the same body on earth. I experienced literally being the "Bride of God" in my own body. This is a very different experience than I can fully explain to you. The end result however, is that I now for the last 45 years or so see the aspect that God manifested in my body and my old self as one evolving spiritual and physical being. That is the best way I can put it.

Though the part with girls was very intoxicating there were other aspects that were just terrifying in an ongoing way. For example, I didn't know at that time that there are such things as protecting angels or as the Tibetan Buddhists call it Tutelary dieties which are similar things in the end. Protecting angels tend to be with swords of flame and shields whereas the Tibetan tutelary dieties look like ancient tibetan soldiers which remind me a lot of samurai soldiers in stance and attitude though they are bound by many of the same rules as protecting angels. The end result is that they protect incarnating highly developed souls from violation by less aware souls. In other words they protect less aware souls from harming themselves by interfering with someone who God has ordained to to specific powerful works.

So my experience was that if people teased me for being "Cosmic Fred" I, because I have specific covenants with God was not allowed to physically retaliate unless I was physically attacked. So the tutelary dieties (that I didn't know about then) would cause broken arms, legs
or concussions to these people after they had verbally been abusive to me.

However, now when I look back on all this I realize it is exactly what happens when people interfere with royalty, stars, politicians. Their bodyguards rough the interfering people up a bit. However, then I was horrified by this. If, for example, I was working at a part time job and saw this happen to someone I felt really bad and quit the job so nothing else bad happened to them. Because I knew it was because of their ignorance that they had been injured. I felt like they were one of my children and that I had to protect them somehow even though they had been verbally abusive to me.

It wasn't until I met my first Tibetan Lama that I began to understand and the Lamas taught me how to protect the ignorant from these kinds of experiences. So it wasn't until my early 30's that I was taught how to protect people from my protectors. I guess I had to grow up and become fully the empowered being that God had intended before I was allowed to protect those who were ignorant of the consequences of their actions.

I found out that for an unenlightened being to cause harm to an enlightened one is terrible karma. So actually, the protecting angels (or tutelary dieties) are actually protecting the innocent souls as much as they are protecting the enlightened ones.

My Intuitive Experiences

My Intuitive Experiences. My wife is reading a fictional series on Native American Shamanism and police work. She started talking about all this with me this morning and I told her she was trying to heal an old college relationship with someone who kept an old friend's skull in his college dorm room. She had convinced her friend to bury the skull so the soul would be at peace. Both these men were from northern mexico and the one alive was a medical student. I told her about the article I had written about Intuitive Gifts and she was interested in what I had said. She said she was grateful that even though she had asked God not to have supernatural experiences that would scare her that I had made a different covenant with God.

My convenant with God is, "God, show me what you want me to see, let me know what you want me to know, let me feel what you want me to feel but protect me and always, hold me close to your heart in all times." In this way though I have many supernatural experiences I always feel safe and protected though I must admit I must take a warrior's attitude, a warrior's stance. This means that the more unusual an experience is the more I refuse to have any emotions while it is taking place. This is because whether this experience I later consider to be either Good or bad or neutral it is not useful to me to become drained by bad experiences or so intoxicated by good experiences that I lose the ability to be rational and useful to God in whatever he wishes me to know to help other beings or my family or friends.

For example, if it is a good experience though I might feel the presence of angels I know it is more important in the moment to communicate with them even though the human experience is to swoon with positive emotion. So even though I allow these good feelings to wash over me I still stay rational because I have a responsibility to God to stay centered and rational to receive whatever it is that God is sending me through the angels so that I can be a good servant of God just like the angels and arcangels that bring me communications and empowerments are. It is the difference between acting like a child in an adult body to actually being the adult in an adult body that God demands of me and many of you.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Intuitive Gifts

Intuitive Gifts. Being born with intuitive gifts and using them to benefit oneself and others, developing them through genuine needs are very different things. As a lifetime precognitive psychic at 59 I have learned a great deal as you can imagine through direct experience as well as talking to other gifted people on the subject.

The most important thing I guess is: "Do you really need to develope these gifts that you have?" If the answer is "NO" then I think you should think again about embarking down this path as it is not an easy one. If the answer is "YES" then expect to encounter the same kinds of problems that both physical and intellectual athletes encounter for there are many unexpected things that begin to happen when you either consciously need to develop these gifts or circumstances beyond your control take place such as accident or other kinds of injury force these kinds of gifts into your life.

For example, though I was born very intuitive two incidents forced me to develop. The first was whooping cough. The way I learned to not die like many toddlers was to give up when I was literally choking to death. By giving up and fainting from a lack of oxygen my coughing ceased once I was unconscious and my body automatically began to breathe. Children who fight and never give up often die from both suffocation and exhaustion. Learning to "Let go and to Let God" opened the door for God to bring me both abundant life and abundant grace. The second big change in my life was getting childhood epilepsy at age 10 until age 15. Surviving this came from accessing both spirituality and religion. When I powerfully invoked God to live with me in my body my once every 6 months seizures at night while I was in dream state suddenly ended never to happen again. The other things that happened were a complete change in the way I looked within a few months and an integration of very powerful supernatural abilities in and around my life.

Since then my life has reminded me a lot of how prophets of the old testament speak of their experiences with God. At first I moved in Fear and Terror of God but then realized that moving in this way was both stupid and ignorant. So I realized that if I was going to have to be a spiritual person then I should have fun being that way. So I developed a system that I have called the Alchemy of Joy. In other words I decided to have fun seeing how many people I could help supernaturally to have better lives. Over the last 45 years or so it has led to to study mystical Christianity, Self Realization Fellowship,the Native American Shaman path and Finally in the 1980's Tibetan Buddhism. I found that mystical Christianity and Self Realization Fellowship had a lot in common. However, it wasn't until I began to understand non Dualism that I felt fully at peace with the supernatural Gifts that God coursed through my mind and body all the time.

My personal understanding of non dualism is that if one looked at everything the way one looks at weather around the world then one has a more realistic assessment of what is really happening on earth. For example, is rain good or bad? Obviously, it is neither and at times it can be good for one area or bad for another area or group of people. The same with wind, snow, drought, earthquakes, etc. So in the end mostly it is all about balance as too much or too little rain, wind, snow, drought etc. causes problems in greater or lessor ways.

Understanding non dualism helped me to see the gifts God had given me and why I was the way I was and that compassion towards all life in the universe was what God was asking of me so I would only use my gifts to make all life in the universe better all the time.

The Guardian

I think I'll call this "The Guardian". After writing the last blog about an ideal robotic sentient female I got an idea. The idea was how one could design a male, female or neuter robotic guardian companion. If the robotic companion was connected in some way to the human it was associated with(in other words the humans neuron impulses and emotional and physiological responses would be electronically relayed to the robot so that the robot could use this information (in real time to assist and help the human companion). The human, of course would have the option of turning on or off this information that could be relayed to the robot companion based purely upon the need of the human. Or in the case of a toddler or child the information could be relayed constantly so the robotic companion could be there to protect the child from itself or others or other creatures such as bad dogs, insects or whatever or even humans who might want to kidnap the child. In this way every human who could afford it would have a protector helper companion that would act as au pair, guard, companion, teacher, mentor, friend etc. This could greatly enhance the life of the human and the human race in general.

As a precognitive psychic I also remember not only the future but also the past. I remember thousands of years ago a highly advanced culture that I lived in that some call Lemuria where it was common for the upper class to have these kinds of companion, teacher robots from birth until 18 to 21 years of age. So I have memories of these kinds of sentient beings already. They were both good and bad in their long term effects on humans. They were good in that they allowed most people to function at an almost genius level. But they created problems in that humans raised in this way had difficulty functioning without them as adults. So it seems that if a child was raised in this way they always needed their robotic companion to be a whole person throughout their lives. This sometimes created problems when they married as often the person they married had a robotic lifelong companion too. Sometimes this worked out and sometimes it didn't.

Often the robotic life form that had been with them since birth would correct the human as to the facts of a situation and embarrass them in from of their mate. This could end marriages if not properly handled. So, often this robotic companion could resemble in this situation a mother in law or father in law with similar results.