Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Problem Caused by Religion

The Problem Caused by Religion. I keep reading about televangelists and religious politicians having sexual and/or marital problems. I think the real problem is that when people study religion before they study themselves, humanity the world and their REAL needs, problems are going to arise. It really doesn't matter what religion it is. Breathing, eating, drinking water, urination, defecation, sexual release and human companionship are all necessary for someone to be both healthy and sane. When any one of these very real human needs is denied repeatedly there are going to be either physical or mental or emotional problems long term or short term. I might believe for example(I don't really) that unless I live underwater and breathe the air in the water I can't go to heaven. How long do you think that will last? Though not doing any one of the above may take longer eventually people snap in one way or another. When will people develop common sense about these things? I guess it is just natural selection in action! Without common sense people don't survive well and sometimes they don't survive at all!

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