Monday, September 24, 2007

Everyone Starts Out Psychic

Everyone Starts Out Psychic. When I was little I noticed most little kids were telepathic and then one by one they stopped doing it. I began to notice this when I was about 2. The other thing I noticed was that rich people all were psychic but usually didn't talk about it. Poor people usually were screwed up by being told by someone that there really weren't Angels, God, or anything else. Then as adults they in desperation turn to alcohol or drugs to fill the void that believing nothing useful exists creates. So in the end the only real difference that I have noticed between long term rich people and long term poor people is that rich people live their powers and poor people short circuit their powers. This I find as an intuitive person is the only real difference. This is especially true because rich people may be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist,animist, humanist, agnostic or whatever. But what they all seem to have in common is to secretly accept and use their God given intuitive gifts. They nurture their gifts, they study their gifts, and they grow their gifts within whatever belief structure that they practice in their lives.

When I was about 21 my best friend at that time entered UCLA and finally got a masters degree in History of Religion specializing in Buddhism and Sanskrit. We both decided we wanted to go to Nepal to Mustang sometime during our adult lives. Though we both have been to Nepal and I believe my friend went to Mustang once there is something else I wanted to share. All religions in our studied appear to be designed for one cultural and geographic area. When that religion moves beyond that culture or geographic area many elements are no longer useful. Some things remain but in studying a little of all religions what we found is that most religions at that level are saying the same thing which is basically, "Be nice to other Beings because if you are more than likely they might be nice to you!" No matter the religion this is a very basic rule. Yes, there are variations but in the end that's what they all share.

All this only becomes a real problem when someone says, "If you don't belong to my religion then you don't deserve to live!" That creates wars that have been fought for thousands of years.
The other problem which is, "If you don't belong to my religion you are going to hell!" People can laugh at this but if this is backed up by a club, stick, knife, gun, bomb etc. then wars start over this kind of craziness. Whereas if people were just open minded enough to study each others religions then maybe these really stupid wars could finally stop.

The other thing I have noticed in studying psychology is that the main people who threaten other people in this way usually were abused psychologically, physically, or sexually as children or young adults. So here then we find out the most fundamentalist religious killers to have been victims themselves of other psychologically, physically or sexually abused people.

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