Friday, September 7, 2007

Asian Dragons

I was reading recently some Asian legends about dragons. They are different than for example stories about for example St. George and the dragon in western cultures. In western cultures it is more about the wildness and danger of a dragon and so they were to be hunted by knights and eliminated. In fact, there is what might be a baby dragon that has been preserved in alcohol I believe within a glass jar that I have seen that is purported to be from 14Th century Europe.

However, in Asian culture the dragon takes on another set of meanings. The dragon is more symbolic of renewal and empowerment both spiritual and political. So the great leaders of Asia in the past were always considered reincarnations of Dragons. For example, the Emperors of Japan are considered Dragon incarnations. Not being from Asia I can only give you the tip of the legends. To learn more about this you will have to delve deeper into all this than I have.

One of the reasons that this is of interest to me is that in my book "Memories" that I have written on line I have written past life memories in legendary form that took place in the future. The body I wore already in the future was partly descended from Earth but also mixed with other humanoid races that future humans met with and traded with in the future. On this planet there were water dragons and the first Arcane that I was named after had given his life trying to defend his world and culture from aliens to his world. Though the first "Arcane" and his water dragon died defending their world they were successful. This water dragon was ridden by the first Arcane and could fly sort of like flying fish do so that her wings could both move water and also fly through the air for long or short sprints. This was mostly a water planet of more than 95% water and so the humans or humanoids there though they were at least 75% genetically descended from earth also had been modified to breathe water since there wasn't enough land above water at that time.

When I was born as the second "Arcane" I was named this and it was a great honor. The Oracle of my planet had deemed me in that lifetime to be a Planet Saver. This meant that I would develop into someone who could use his gifts to save the planet from evil situations or people so that the people wouldn't go extinct. It is my belief that one usually doesn't lose abilities once developed in any lifetime. Though all property is lost when one passes all spiritual, musical or technical gifts are not lost and reincarnate with the soul into whatever form that being incarnates into.

I have memories incarnating as humans, stars, and many other types of beings in this and other universes that span at least 7 million years. It is not my experience that every soul incarnates even once or that all souls incarnate thousands of times like myself. I think it depends on how each of our souls are designed by the creator.

If you are interested in reading my book online which I call "Memories" I will put the 11 web pages here so you can find them.

Please remember I love to write but hate to edit. Also, I'm aware that my books are encoded.
If you ever saw the movie by Disney "Flight of the Navigator" I had some experiences in my childhood similar to the main character. The part for me that was most significant was when they put an electrical "helmet" on his head and interstellar navigation came out on the green screen tv or computer monitor. I can remember being in church when a Green lettered TV screen appeared in my head that had plans for the building of a ufo engine. At the time I knew it was the real McCoy. I was about 9 years old when this happened. The plans were put there in case of a nuclear war so I could in an emergency construct a ufo to get out of here if necessary. I know this sounds pretty funny but when I saw this movie I realized that I wasn't the only little kid who had had this kind of experience because I wasn't the author of the movie. So my question is: "How many kids in the 1950's and since have had these kinds of experiences worldwide?"

According to Col. Corso who was in Army Intelligence and worked directly for President Eisenhower, talked about Americans trying to make this kind of helmet work to operate a ufo that still operated from Roswell. He said that many who tried it went crazy or died because it was thought that their thought patterns didn't match the original operator. It appeared the original "pilot" was the only one who could operate the ship using his thoughts. I guess it would be similar to the key that operates a car only in this case the "key" would be the way the pilots neurons create their thought signatures.

If you are interested in this book it is called "The Day After Roswell" and it is written by Col. Corso who was one of those officers instructed to piece out real ufo technology to be reverse engineered by American Corporations. You are viewing this information on one of the results of this reverse engineering. Though Col. Corso has passed on now. I can remember hearing a radio interview where he was asked by the interviewer why the CIA and other Intelligence gathering institutions hadn't denied the truth of his book. His answer was interesting. He said, "They wouldn't dare!". What I also found interesting was Senator Strom Thurmond's introduction to the book.

For me, this lended even more credence to the book as it was the extreme right wing of the military that worked with President Truman and then President Eisenhower to hide evidence of UFO's from the citizenry. After several people died that Halloween after hearing the infamous War of the World's reading over the radio and believed it to be true it was thought that although individuals can be smart, groups of people faced with impossible situations very often panic at first and so often many people die in these kinds of panic. As a result of this kind of thinking in very disciplined military circles it was thought that Earth civilizations and institutions would only survive if at least the United States military would deny all ufos as being real visitors from other worlds or dimensions. Though it is generally accepted by the public now that ufos are real(about 80% believe) the United States Government still formally denies the existence in order to preserve institutions like Governments, Corporations, Organized religions etc. It is thought that Earth civilizations might collapse otherwise.

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