Thursday, September 27, 2007

Musings of a precognitive psychic

Science Fiction? Since most of you are not lifelong precognitive psychics that have had the capacity to be telepathic when necessary I believe you should consider the following(unless you have had similar experiences) as theoretical in nature or fantastical in nature.

I write in this manner to encourage people to become all that they can be as a soul manifest on earth in a human body or for beings beyond earth to be all you can be in whatever form you now inhabit.

My memories span about 6 millions years. I can remember from about 5 million years BC to about 1 million years AD. However, I'm not always sure how useful all this is except when I meet someone who is reincarnated in the present that I have known in the past or future.

What I find is there is no one that I Speak to in this lifetime that I haven't known as a friend or relative or closer in another lifetime. So many times I'll be walking down the street I realize that I have known this or that person before. Usually, I will just quietly send them a blessing(prayer) and walk on my way unless they introduce themselves as I don't want to frighten people by walking up to them and starting a conversation. That might be okay for someone who was under 5 foot 10 inches tall with a very mild personality. However, I am almost 6 foot 5 inches tall and very strong built and I find introducing myself except during an emergency or a necessary communication to be difficult for people because my size and strength intimidates people. Even if I make my personality very mild it sometimes scares people. So generally speaking I let people come talk to me if they feel something unless there are very special circumstances.

I have memories of some of my lifetimes between 1100 AD to 1930Ad that were on the Asian Continent. There were also lifetimes during that time period of lifetimes in Europe and the United States as well. These lifetimes were based upon friends and relatives and what I was trying to learn as a soul at the time. Souls tend to travel in groups through incarnation after incarnation much like people do here in this lifetime. They do this so they won't feel so alone. Incarnating in groups can be very good or very bad depending upon the soul. Sometimes souls can be supportive and other times they can be destructive to the evolution of a soul. Generally speaking it is good to stay with beings both in between lifetimes and during lifetimes that take you to a good place and not a bad one. To stay with people that drag you down or just drain your life blood isn't good generally for the soul. However, for really profoundly developed souls like say a Jesus or a Buddha it doesn't really matter so much because they will do whatever it takes to lift everyone. But souls this developed are very rare and it takes thousands of virtuous lifetimes to become like them. Just like in the same time it takes a lot of work to become a good doctor or psychologist. A lot of people aspire to be a really good doctor or psychologist but how many really make it there? The same is true of a Jesus or a Buddha.

Also, it is my personal experience that not everyone chooses to have multiple lifetimes or even one lifetime in a physical body in a place like earth or any of the other thousands to millions of planets in our galaxy. (There are planets in thousands of galaxies that are inhabited by various types of life forms including humanoids). I would define humanoids as beings with 2 eyes, five fingers and 5 toes on hands and feet that have legs and arms etc. and are from 20incles to 50 feet in height. Note:added Friday 9-28-07 I was told that the smallest humanoids in this galaxy are about 1/2 inch in height. Their children are about 1/4 inch or less and their babies are 1/16 of an inch or less. They live on a moon with atmosphere and water and are therefore genetically designed for optimum living conditions and longevity there. They wanted you to know so if we visit there we don't step on them accidentally. end note

In the writings of Buddha he speaks of many of these places and even Jesus says, "In my father's house are many mansions."

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