Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Time Space Drive?

A Time-Space Drive? Science Fiction? When I saw Flight of the Navigator, the Disney movie much of it was familiar to me because I had lived it as a child. My only real question was: Was I the only child on earth to have these kinds of experiences or were there thousands or millions of us? I can remember sitting in church being bored and then a Green CRT(a green screen television monitor) appeared in the air in front of me there in church. On it were the plans to build a time-space drive that was designed to fit into a flying saucer. At the time I wondered why this would be given to a child of only 8 or 9 years old. I could read the plans as I had been trained on Electrical wiring diagrams for building houses and warehouses by my father since I was 5 or 6. So it all seemed quite logical to me then. The only thing was: Why were they showing this to me? It seemed to me much more useful to give this to some adult. I still don't fully have an answer to that even now.

The drive was amazingly simple much like an electric motor is with copper windings and magnets and an armature that can spin and break the magnetic field and thereby generate electricity by continually breaking the magnetic field with the copper windings. Only instead of using batteries the whole magnetic field of earth is used as a power source and with this as a power source much like when Nicola Tesla who invented alternating current electrified Boulder Colorado the energy was free. There are no power meters at all involved nor do I think there could be for measuring how much power one is using or for billing purposes.

As I understood it at the time the main part was and is a man made crystal or man made? diamond that is, like the Great Pyramid, a direct ratio to the weight and size and mass of the Earth itself. So for a 25 or so foot diameter ufo saucer shape on would need about a 3 foot diameter Glass Crystal or Diamond as a base armature in the center of the craft. However, the 3 foot diameter Crystal or Diamond hovers once the craft is turned on. In this hovering position(levitating position) it is then free to spin in any direction (depending on where the driver wants to go and at what speed) Since I don't have a degree in Physics or Aerodynamics that is about as far as I can take it at present. Once resonance is reached then a way of focusing the energy allows for the positioning of the craft in relation to the magnetic fields of earth. A ship of this sort travels, I guess along the ley lines of the planet that are directly connected to the magnetic fields. So even though the magnetic fields might be moving the ley lines are constant in relation to the earth just like GPS readings are constant within about 3 feet in any direction usually. How the Time travel aspect works I don't entirely know. However, I do know that the time altering part of the drive is necessary for a zero to 5000 mile an hour acceleration in less than a second. So, I imagine that time is altered somewhat in the same way for instance that one makes a smooth braking stop in a car except in reverse only in this case warping time enough so one doesn't die in a zero to 5000 mile acceleration in less than a second.

At the time when I was 8 or 9 I understood that this was the primary form of transportation with in the Galaxy, in about a 25 foot diameter saucer shape. Of course there are many variations of this within the galaxy but this form of drive and the small saucer shape is the primary way humanoids from about 3 feet in height to about 7 feet in height travel the galaxies instantly(at least according to their experience of time). How much time the ship actually experiences is another question. By humanoid residents of this galaxy this basic drive and saucer shape is and was thought of about the way we saw a vw Bug in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

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