Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I have enjoyed writing my whole life. Especially since I was 9 years old. I remember Mrs. Crell very well. When I handed in my story she read it in front of the class so I knew she was impressed with it. I was very shy then so I turned red from embarrassment. When she asked who the class thought had written it a little girl named Penny said, "Fredric wrote it because he turned red." Even though I was embarrassed by all the attention I realized right then that I had some skill in making up and writing down a story. Even though I have always been into riding bicycles, Motorcycles, flying planes, skiing both downhill and metal edged cross country mountaineering Playing music and writing have been things that I have done since those times. I started piano lessons at age 8 and continued for 8 years. I took violyn from age 9 to 14 but when I got to be over 6 feet tall I got tired of being teased for carrying a violyn case home from orchestra every day. So I gave up the violyn and kept playing piano and organ in church and sang in the choir.

When friends of mine became professional musicians and some still are I decided not to go in that direction because I wasn't interested in playing in smoke filled rooms with people drinking and other stuff going on. However, I met many girlfriends in the late 60's and early 70's playing music for them and singing to them or with them at home or at parties or weddings.

Anyway, writing has been a big part of my life. I have found it the most useful as a self therapeutic device. In other words I can write down what is bothering me for example and later I can read it and get insights into solving problems in my own life or others. I have found this to be an incredibly powerful tool in catapaulting my life forward into good places both in relationships and financially and spiritually. For in the end all three things seem to go together in this amazing life we live here on earth.

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