Thursday, September 6, 2007

Physics and Consciousness

I suppose most people don't try to link the two. However, I do. If you are interested in soul travel otherwise known as out of body travel you might be interested in this. First of all, according to the laws of physics it is only a probability That any atom anywhere in the universe will be in any one place. Atoms can literally go to any other time or space and do literally whenever they feel like it. So it could be said that the atoms in any of our bodies have been literally anywhere and any when. Not all at once but one or a few at a time. Once again the laws of physics say that it is only a probability that any atom will be in any one place at any given time. It is also possible for atoms and particles to occupy multiple places at the same time.

As an avid out of body traveler for multiple lifetimes now I postulate to you that out of body travel is most easily accomplished by following atoms in your body as they go to other times and spaces by consciously accompanying an atom or atoms or particles going where you want to go. More precisely, an intuitive agreement is made between oneself and that atom that you will consciously accompany it to a specific place in time that you are aware of. While there one can make friends with other atoms and particles to form a state of consciousness there and to also bring back memories from that time and space. This is my scientific hypothesis as a life long soul traveler to other times and spaces. However, IT IS much better to be accompanied by angels on these trips as otherwise you might not be Safe!

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