Thursday, September 27, 2007

Theories of Space and Time

More on theories of space and Time. I do not have a degree in Physics but I am interested in the subject and have studied some in regard to this subjects and many others. What I tend to be best at is in being a synthesist. In other words I do my best in bringing different disciplines together in an intuitive instinctual way and thereby creating something useful and new.

It is my present understanding that Earth has its own unique version of space time. In other words the average person may think(just like those who thought the earth is flat) that time is constant throughout the universe. In fact, this is just not true. So it is my understanding that the mass, existence and movement of earth combined with its spinning core of hot magma create our unique space-time that we tend to experience here on earth. Of course there are other factors like the effects of every other energy or mass in the universe upon earth and her specific space-time. So then the magnetic fields and associated gravitational fields of earth are what I would like to talk about. In theory these gravitational fields and magnetic fields which permeate and surround earth as if it were a giant magnet with north and south poles are the basis not only of all electricity generated on earth but also of altering space time by using a little of the power of the magnetic and gravitational fields to generate the necessary force to actually travel through space time to any other space time.

So, in theory if one wanted to travel say to the center of the galaxy in a ship based upon a space time drive one would first shift to a location near the sun and then using the gigantic north south magnetic and gravitational fields of the sun access the power to shift instantly into the center of the Galaxy, hopefully arriving at a safe location that could maintain human life in the ship. Since beings that live near the center of the galaxy would have different physical needs than ones where we live arriving at a safe location might be a lot to ask for. But that is not to say that it wouldn't be possible to do.

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