Thursday, September 27, 2007

Behavior Modification by Pheromones

Behavior Modification. Spraying pheromones over populated areas is causing behavior modification of the affected humans, animals, birds, insects etc. No one wants their homes, schools, cities to be sprayed for the Australian light brown apple moth! Since I last wrote on the subject I have learned a lot about the subject. First of all, when we returned to our home in Coastal Monterey County, California after the spraying was supposed to stop but didn't my wife immediately within 24 hours of our arrival got asthmatic bronchitus and was laid up for one week on heavy meds to prevent a stay in the hospital. I felt myself getting a sore throat along with my daughter from the spraying but stopped full illness by will power, garlic caps, and taking heavy doses of vitamin C so I could take care of my wife during her pheromone spraying caused illness.

By the way, everyone who volunteered at schools after the spraying to wash and wipe down playground equipment got sick, in Marina, Seaside, Monterey, Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach, California. Carmel was sprayed even though they weren't notified. We were notified only by a postcard that arrived less than 24 hours before the aerial spraying began. My wife's physician expects a new cardiovascular disease to be named after the spraying that is beginning here but looks like the spraying could spread all over California.

Another doctor we know of that specializes in menopause problems says that pheromones are common to most creatures and they affect the hormone balance of almost all things that breathe air. In humans it affects sleep cycles long term. In my own case my sleep cycle has been altered about 4 hours from my own norm. My wife's cycle has been altered in that she can't sleep hardly at all. I have heard the same sleeping complaint from many women over 35 since the spraying started. I have listened to birds outside my house and even their songs have changed to something that sounds like, "What the F--- is going on?"

Though it is bad enough that our area has been sprayed it is much worse than that now. Yesterday, on local tv news I heard that spraying of pheromones by air is going to spread now to Santa Cruz County, and to Las Lomas, Prunedale, Aromas and to Salinas. Since this variety of apple moth from Australia breeds prolifically it lays between 300 to 1500 eggs at a time and it eats not only the tender leaves of crops but also it likes ornamentals and oaks and even pine needles. The diet includes somewhere between 250 to over 1000 or more varieties of plants. They are in at least 11 or more California Counties including Los Angeles County. However, I believe it is very unlikely that spraying pheromones will stop their spread. The main reason they are spreading so fast is that ornamental growers unknowingly are transporting them all over the state to this state and others because their are no laws in place yet to stop and check ornamental plants. There is no other insect that I know of that is native to the U. S. that eats so many different things. Most insects eat only one or just a few types of plants. So the Australian Apple Moth is a potentially devastating creature for Agribusiness throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico and further south.

If my wife gets ill again we are considering putting my daughter in independent study from her private school and moving out of the area until the spraying stops one year from now. They are planning to spray our area again in early October and every month for one year. That is just too much behavior modification for us. I don't even drink alcohol except once a month or less so I'm not interested in living my life this altered. Also, I don't want my wife to die from her obviously allergic reactions to the spraying.

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