Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ideal robotic sentient female

When I was about 19 years old in 1967 I began to be frustrated with women. I had gone steady with one girl or another since I was 15 but I found that fantasy and reality did not coexist so that although I was a well trained gentleman I found myself most always frustrated and feeling kind of nuts underneath the veneer of civility. So at age 19 I decided to major in Computer Data Processing in an effort to gain the knowledge to build myself a robotic female companion similar to the one Captain Kirk met on the TV show Star Trek. Within a couple of years by age 21 I had given up my idealism and had become more of an idealistic pragmatist. I had realized by then that human technology wasn't at a real point where building a female companion was possible and I had come to terms with what women really were: very different than men in every way possible. In other words I realized completely by age 21 that women were an entirely different type of species than men and unlike most men decided to completely accept that basic truth.

This put me in great demand by women and because AIDS, Herpes, and other diseases were not either in existence or prevelant and because I then lived in Los Angeles County I had many many girlfriends especially between 1969 and 1973 when my son was conceived. At that point my son became the most important part of my life and I married and stopped dating all those women.

However, now, today here in 2007 40 years later it IS possible (although very expensive still)(Probably millions of dollars) to build an ideal female companion. However, now I'm not really interested anymore. However, some of you reading this will be. At present, however, it is still not a true sentient life form because of the basic design. However, within 100 or more years it will be sentient and likely on a purely logic driven level superior to human thinking. However, in regard to common sense, intuitive reasoning and just plain hunches I don't think robotic sentient life forms can ever be exactly like humans in all senses and abilities. However, they will be able to mimic all human actions and responses.

Now, here I believe is the real danger of robotic sentients mimicking real human actions and responses: it will be a de facto lie. It will be a complete lie just as if a car salesman, for example was trying to sell you a low mileage car (that he had really just jacked up and run in reverse for thousands of miles) or in the case of computerized odometers simply found a way to reset them to any number he wished. The danger of a mimicking robotic female(or male) that someone becomes enamored with is the lie and the self delusion possibly in that interaction. I'm writing about this because I still remember my own fantasies of an ideal female at a young age. And if I hadn't suffered enough with this to get to where I just accepted women for what they really were rather than be angry because they weren't what I fantasized them to be I wouldn't be as happy as I am now with the truth. Instead, if I had really built an ideal female robotic sentient companion I would be living in an unreal fantasy. Now, it is one thing to choose knowingly to live in an unreal fantasy. It is quite another to believe that unreal fantasy is reality!

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