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Heroes. Last year I became a fan of "Heroes" the NBC TV series. In the world we are presently living I think it is quite obvious to every thinking person that without real heroes who are gifted intellectually and spiritually there really isn't much hope for the human race of earth to survive through the next few thousand years. So a program like "Heroes", even though it is hollywoodized to the MAX, at least opens the possibility of people who will dare to use their gifts whether they be physical, intellectual and spiritual for the greater good of all beings.

As a very young person I was frightened by the prospect of nuclear holocaust. For those of you who grew up in the U.S. of the 1950's like me every time your school had you get under your desk in a nuclear war drill(Once or twice a month) you thought, "If this really happens all of us will be cinders in a moment." It was very real for us all as World War II had already happened to our parents and we were all living the Cold War every day. I then at age 12 I read a book called "Alas Babylon" about a post nuclear war scenario of a man and his family in the United States. It wasn't pretty. It was very genuine. As a thoughtful young person in a world where the draft still existed (until at least the mid 70's), I was trained from age 3 or 4 to EXPECT to fight and possibly die for my country. As you can see the world was very different than now when people are pretty unrealistic in general about anything very REAL. In grade School, in junior High School and in High School we were always told to prepare to be drafted and to fight. Those who weren't physically and psychologically prepared to fight and die all knew were the first to die in conflicts and the most likely to have psychological problems afterward. These things were all expected by boys my age at every point from 4 to 6 years of age. Girls were allowed to play and be silly but boys were expected to prepare to fight and die. It was the way it was. So boys played soldier and Cowboys and Indians a lot to prepare for the inevitable when I grew up in the 1950's.

I was lucky. Because I had had childhood epilepsy I was classified 4f. This meant I wouldn't be drafted unless our country was physically attacked. If our country was physically attacked everyone of all ages fights that is still in the country. That is reality. No matter what you may have been told. I felt guilty as I watched friends join up, get drafted, get student deferments, move to canada, get married and have kids and basically do anything to prevent getting drafted and going to Viet Nam. Even people who volunteered I watched come back strung out on drugs from being over there or just crazy and self destructive to the point where you know they were going to kill someone or themselves soon.

When I lived in Venice, California which then was a lot like living in Haight Ashbury San Francisco I met many many men and boys who had been to Viet Nam. Mostly they were a little crazy from the experience and some decided that they would do anything not to go back. Some died. Some left the U.S. and some survived and led relatively normal lives. But to a man anyone who had really seen action refused to talk about it. It was either something sacred or their private torture that seem to eat and them and diminish them daily.

After I left Venice because to many people I knew were going crazy and dying, I moved to San Diego where I returned to College and was quite successful in school from 1971 to 1973. Then I married because my girlfriend was pregnant and started raising my son when I was 26. In between Venice and getting married I grew in intuitive gifts a lot, partly out of necessity of staying alive in a body and partly because I saw the wisdom of being gifted in this crazy world we all live in. During my times of exploration I discovered I could soul travel, read auras, remote view anywhere on earth, sit in my car and see what might happen on that journey and time my leaving to prevent car accidents etc. Each day between 1970 and 1973 it seemed I learned something new.

For example, once my paradigm shifted into experientially understanding soul travel, astral projection and bi-location I decided mostly out of sheer terror to stick with bi-location. Because at least during bi-location one doesn't have to worry about other beings trying to occupy ones body as one does during Astral projection. Bi-location is the ability to be in more than one place in consciousness at the same time. Some people that are really excellent multi taskers can do multilocation. I personally don't like being more than 3 places at the same time as I find it too distracting and basically not useful to me. So now I like to be either everywhere at once with a reference point as my physical body or I like to be everywhere and nowhere at once with two reference points of my body and one or more other places. However, my present system has evolved over about 50 years of conscious experiences.

Some people prefer to live as prisoners within their own bodies and some also like generating forcefields around them within about 3 feet in all directions. I used to do this and was trained to do this as a child. But when I started studying other metaphysical systems and tried some of them in scientific experiments which to you would be like test driving cars at a new car dealership I found that I could customize my system and design one that suited me and my nature best so I did.

At this point my concern for the world Nuking itself out of existence and my progression down the road to bi-location through direct experience interfaced and I found myself praying myself to find a way to save the human race from extinction by nuke or any other means. I found that I could also bi-locate off earth in 1970 at that time even though this is much harder to do in 2007 for a variety of reasons. I made it out into space and noticed that space did not affect my mind or soul body (you might have your own name for the kind of body that one can travel of world in). So I thought myself to Venus and also found that there were other beings that lived there in mind or soul bodies(though not ones in physical bodies at least as we know them). I told them that I wanted to go to the center of the Galaxy because I believed that God would help me save the beings of earth from extinction if I did that. They told me to go into the Sun as that was a way to the center of the Galaxy for me. I said, "Won't I burn up in the sun?" They said, "You are not in a physical body so you won't burn up." I said "Oh!" So I did as they told me and went into the sun. There I met people made of plasma. These plasma beings put me in a plasma chair or something like that and sent a part of me to the center of the Galaxy. In the center of the galaxy I was very confused because what I thought was there was not at all what I experienced there. Instead of God I found beings there with millions of IQ points but that couldn't go to where earth was because they would die. I found that there is an extremely developed culture system in the center of the Galaxy but that is still concerned about earth the way the United Nations might be concerned about a small Pacific Island that might nuke itself out of existence. I guess that would be a fairly accurate way that they would look at earth sort of like a place someone would go if they were physically healthy enough and rich enough for a vacation.

I asked the leader of the Galactic Government for help with earth. He said, "I will help earth if you let me see through your eyes when you return to earth. At the time I was naive and said, "Yes!". Looking back at this it seems like a pretty naive thing for me to agree to.

You may say to me, "Boy, do you have a good imagination!" However, I must tell you the lead up to these experiences.

I was going to college in San Diego County and I lived then in Rancho Bernardo just off Interstate 15. I believe it was 1970 or 1971. I had been taking a course at the experimental College at San Diego State University in addition to my other coursework. The course was called Universal Awareness. The class started in Aztec Center with 100 to 200 people. As the class progressed some stayed and some moved on. Eventually, a core group of about 20 to 50 people decided to meet every friday night at someones house in Balboa Park in San Diego near the San Diego Zoo. It was here that this core group started to experience in real time reading auras, astral projection etc. In other words I started to have genuine experiences that were scientifically provable to me. Having been a computer programmer in the past as well as working building houses I had learned to be methodical, logical and scientific in everything I was serious about in life. At this point I asked God if I could soul travel so I could be with God and travel the Galaxies with him. I asked this as a prayer knowing full well that anything I had ever asked God for with this intensity he had given me. There was a certain level of naivite still in me as I was still only 21 or 22. I don't think I really thought about the REAL consequences of what would happen to my life if I actually starting soul traveling consciously any time I wished!

I got the flu and decided to go out to the desert in Yucca Valley on the Yucca Mesa to "dry out" my cold and flu so it wouldn't interfere with my studies in College. I was alone here at least 100 miles from anyone I knew. As I went to sleep way out in the desert in the cabin I felt uneasy being there alone so far from anyone I knew. At about 2am I got up to go to the bathroom in that half asleep state one gets into in order to relieve oneself without fully waking up. As I tried to turn on the light switch my whole arm went through the wall. My first reaction was an internal scream of realization that I was not in my physical body. I did not try to urinate as I knew I would only wet the bed of my body in the other room. The most difficult experience was of walking into the other room and seeing my body asleep. It took all my will power to remember what I had read a person does in this situation. I laid down into my body and immediately woke up shaking. I was scared I was going to die of fright right then. After I had calmed down enough I got up packed up my then 1966 seablu volkwagon bug and by 3 am I was driving back to Rancho Bernardo. As I drove out of the driveway I said to God, "YOU almost scared me to death! Please God. Give me a good experience to take the awful taste of this one out of my mouth!"

God did as I had begged him to. I am grateful for God's kindness and Grace to me. Two months later I woke up and sat up out of my body. I looked back and saw my body sleeping peacefully and yet I wasn't terrified because I was still joined to my body from my hips to my toes. Then something even more unusual happened. Another of my bodies walked into my bedroom door with an angelic peaceful look on its face. This body wearing the same pajamas that I and my other body were wearing laid down into me and then I laid down into my body. I felt Peace this time and said, "Thank you, God for this good experience that I asked for!" At this point my entire paradigm of reality permanently changed. Because I realized that both I and my soul existed separately from my body I knew for sure my soul was immortal. I knew my physical body was like a car my soul drives and I knew that I had to take care of my body as it was the only physical one I had here on earth. This was a personal powerful experiential shift that permanently changed me into someone new! Yes, in a way you could say I was reborn in that moment because I knew from DIRECT EXPERIENCE my soul was immortal!

Each one of us, you and me included are the Heroes that are the hope of the human race for millions of years to come!

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