Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Guardian

I think I'll call this "The Guardian". After writing the last blog about an ideal robotic sentient female I got an idea. The idea was how one could design a male, female or neuter robotic guardian companion. If the robotic companion was connected in some way to the human it was associated with(in other words the humans neuron impulses and emotional and physiological responses would be electronically relayed to the robot so that the robot could use this information (in real time to assist and help the human companion). The human, of course would have the option of turning on or off this information that could be relayed to the robot companion based purely upon the need of the human. Or in the case of a toddler or child the information could be relayed constantly so the robotic companion could be there to protect the child from itself or others or other creatures such as bad dogs, insects or whatever or even humans who might want to kidnap the child. In this way every human who could afford it would have a protector helper companion that would act as au pair, guard, companion, teacher, mentor, friend etc. This could greatly enhance the life of the human and the human race in general.

As a precognitive psychic I also remember not only the future but also the past. I remember thousands of years ago a highly advanced culture that I lived in that some call Lemuria where it was common for the upper class to have these kinds of companion, teacher robots from birth until 18 to 21 years of age. So I have memories of these kinds of sentient beings already. They were both good and bad in their long term effects on humans. They were good in that they allowed most people to function at an almost genius level. But they created problems in that humans raised in this way had difficulty functioning without them as adults. So it seems that if a child was raised in this way they always needed their robotic companion to be a whole person throughout their lives. This sometimes created problems when they married as often the person they married had a robotic lifelong companion too. Sometimes this worked out and sometimes it didn't.

Often the robotic life form that had been with them since birth would correct the human as to the facts of a situation and embarrass them in from of their mate. This could end marriages if not properly handled. So, often this robotic companion could resemble in this situation a mother in law or father in law with similar results.

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