Friday, September 14, 2007

The Narwhale

I was rereading my last article "The Shaman's Dream vision" and realized more about what the narwhale was communicating. It was speaking of the end of the ecosystems of earth as least as we have known them for hundreds of years on earth. The first to go seems to be the arctic north of Earth. Many species, especially the polar bear are expected to be extinct by 2050 except in zoos around the world.

The other factor which I have been aware of for sometimes is that when systems get out of balance whether they be ecological, governmental or just mankind as they now are on earth people start to get sort of crazy more than they are normally. It is a kind of groups post traumatic stress disorder that sets into the main populations. These types of ptsd in groups ebb and flow by ecological distress or wars or dysfunctional governments in an area. For example a study was done that said basically 25% or more of Iraqi's now living in Iraq were now for all intents and purposes psychologically dysfunctional and may be for the rest of their lives.

Americans and people of the western nations were psychologically damaged in a new way by 9-11,Afghanistan and Iraq and Darfur. Though all this except for the Global Warming and Global Change scenario seems a lot like what happened during Viet Nam a lot to me, each of us should take the time to think about whether our reactions are normal or abnormal. Also, I suppose there is a saying, "When times get tough, the tough get going!" In other words no matter what is happening if you don't do whatever it takes to survive you just don't survive!

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