Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Muse for Writers

A Muse for Writers. About 20 years ago a good friend of mine who has published 10 or 20 books that he has written read a few pages I had written. His reaction was, "Fred. I could write 10 books about what you have written on these two pages. You have absolutely incredible ideas but you wouldn't be able to publish them in the form you have written them because it is like listening to your mind before you translate your mind into something people around you can relate to. However, what you write is amazing and can't help but inspire writers who CAN translate what you write into concepts the average person can relate to."

Since I prefer not to edit or to force myself to write in a translated way it allows other writers to glean what they can from my raw, wild, mind, experiential data and to convert what I write into something that the average intelligent person can find useful. In this way I can not only be a muse to other writers but I also find a lot of my ideas in movies and books.

You might say to me, "Oh that is just zeitgeist of this era." In other words "Great minds think alike". I suppose in the end it is hard to say. However, I see myself as a muse for other writers to help save the world. That is how I see myself.

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