Wednesday, September 5, 2007


One can travel physically or one can travel in ones mind. Have you ever noticed when dreaming how real everything feels sometimes? I propose to you that some of the things you dream may be more real than you might first think. I'm not saying this to upset you for I realize just as you do that not believing in some of the bad things one dreams can keep one sane. However, I'm saying something different. For example, if you were driving your car down the road and say a piece of a truck tire was there and you did not avoid it by driving around it then you might hit it and catapult your car off the road and have an accident.

When I studied with Tibetan Lamas in Oregon, California, Nepal and India they told me that from a Tibetan Buddhist point of view everything one dreams or experiences in the physical was equally real or (unreal) from their point of view. This really made me think about things in a new light. If that was true then maybe what one thinks and even dreams affects all aspects of ones life all the time. My parents had taught me as a child the adage that "Whatever you put your attention upon you become!" As a child I found this concept pretty scary. However as an adult I have found it absolutely true.

So, whether you see a piece of tire so to speak in a dream or in physical reality it is better to drive your car around it so you don't get catapulted off the road. Yes, I know that in your dreams you can sometimes (if you are lucid dreaming just turn the piece of truck tire into a flower or water or something like that.) But the point is that if the piece of broken truck tire stays a piece of broken truck tire it is better to be avoided whether your car is in the physical or not.

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