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One day in 1980 I was living in Mt. Shasta in a large house and land with my family. I walked back home from the nearby health and organic food market and after I emptied my food into the refrigerator I took the paper bag outside and began writing on it. That is how "Arcane"
first came back into my memories. At the time I thought I was writing science fiction. Within the next two years I was in Northern California visiting in 1992 and 93 on the pacific Ocean and Elohar and Ragna and Lord Fire both came to me and were written. Flame came to me in a hotel while I was taking a bath in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii in 1989. At first I was frightened by a telepathic ten foot tall Octopus that was an expert at traveling both space and time but eventually when Flame told me that he was an ancient incarnation of mine and that he had come to become one of my spiritual advisors. When I moved back to the mainland in Calfornia I went and visited Monterey Bay Aquarium. While there I saw an ancestor of Flame's there on display and then watched the video of the same octopus unscrewing lids off of glass jars to get food. This summer 2007 I rode a ferry from Vancouver, Canada to Vancouver Island to visit Victoria as my whole family enjoys Canada a lot. During our crossing to the island their was a speaker who told us that the Giant Octopus of that region actually attacks sharks. What they do is lie on the bottom and grab 4 foot sharks and smaller and smother them. Most sharks need to keep moving to breathe water. Most sharks if they can't move they die. I'm not sure if the octopus eats any part of the shark I just know they kill them.

Since Flame came and visited me I have learned that the Octopus is one of the most intelligent creatures in the Ocean and can be trained in similar ways to dogs and dolphins to do many things. Flame told me that in the future humans of earth take robots and Octopi to another planet but then all the human handlers die from some toxin in the air on that planet which leaves Octopi and robots to fend for themselves. Of course some octopi panicked like domesticated dogs without their masters but some mimicked humans decision making abilities and deified their dead owners and created both a culture and religion around their trainers and their training. Over thousands of years they evolved into spacefaring creatures capable of travelling time in their spaceships. That is how I came to know Flame, the ten foot tall Octopus who is descended from todays Giant Octopi of the Pacific Northwest.

I have been a precognitive psychic my whole life. As a child I had many experiences where Jesus came to me and my room turned golden like and I was healed by Jesus. My first memory of this lifetime was seeing Arcangel Michael and his band of Arkangels when I was two when my grandmother was singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" probably for Christmas 1950.

In fact, the reason I was living in Hawaii at that time is that the Grim Reaper had appeared to me and told me to go to Hawaii to escape an Earthquake in San Francisco. Since I knew the week the earthquake was going to occur I watched it on TV live on CNN while we were in Hana, Maui. Even though I often see things before they happen it doesn't make it any easier emotionally for me to deal with it than if it were you. For example, I went to Thanksgiving in 1997 to see my wife's mother. When I saw her I immediately knew she was going to pass on soon because my experience of her was as if one were an egg and all the yolk had been sucked out. All was left was the shell and I knew the shell couldn't exist for long without the yolk. I told my wife this and she got hysterical so I shut up. Three months later her mother was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. I knew at Thanksgiving 1997 and she was gone April 14th of 1998.

Many times when I get it that someone is in danger I will not necessarily tell them unless I have no other choice. I will instead try to stay with them and redirect time and space so the dangerous event doesn't happen to them. Most of the time I am successful in this. I try not to tell them because it can greatly complicate things. There is a name for this complication. It is called the Cassandra effect. In other words people tend to think a psychic is creating the event when all the psychic is really doing is reading in between the lines so to speak. God allows some of us to change time. I call it grace when a life is saved. I don't see it any different than the grace of a doctor saving a life through his or her training.

Years later: When I wrote the above I did not have the archive site where I have published my longer writings. If you are interested in reading Memories which is equal to around 125 typewritten pages (depending upon your format) here it is:

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