Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Intuitive Experiences

My Intuitive Experiences. My wife is reading a fictional series on Native American Shamanism and police work. She started talking about all this with me this morning and I told her she was trying to heal an old college relationship with someone who kept an old friend's skull in his college dorm room. She had convinced her friend to bury the skull so the soul would be at peace. Both these men were from northern mexico and the one alive was a medical student. I told her about the article I had written about Intuitive Gifts and she was interested in what I had said. She said she was grateful that even though she had asked God not to have supernatural experiences that would scare her that I had made a different covenant with God.

My convenant with God is, "God, show me what you want me to see, let me know what you want me to know, let me feel what you want me to feel but protect me and always, hold me close to your heart in all times." In this way though I have many supernatural experiences I always feel safe and protected though I must admit I must take a warrior's attitude, a warrior's stance. This means that the more unusual an experience is the more I refuse to have any emotions while it is taking place. This is because whether this experience I later consider to be either Good or bad or neutral it is not useful to me to become drained by bad experiences or so intoxicated by good experiences that I lose the ability to be rational and useful to God in whatever he wishes me to know to help other beings or my family or friends.

For example, if it is a good experience though I might feel the presence of angels I know it is more important in the moment to communicate with them even though the human experience is to swoon with positive emotion. So even though I allow these good feelings to wash over me I still stay rational because I have a responsibility to God to stay centered and rational to receive whatever it is that God is sending me through the angels so that I can be a good servant of God just like the angels and arcangels that bring me communications and empowerments are. It is the difference between acting like a child in an adult body to actually being the adult in an adult body that God demands of me and many of you.

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