Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bodhichitta is the Root to Omniscience

Bodhichitta is the root to Omniscience. I heard the Dalai Lama say this. I also agree with it through direct experience. Though I was born intuitively gifted and this created good health and grace in my life beginning especially during my teens and after, still there was terror at first and then later fear came and went during different periods of my young life. When root fear ended for me the beginning of this end came when I embraced fully two things in the early 1980s.First, I embraced developing compassion for all sentient life in time and space and beyond time and space. Second, I took Ahimsa vows. The most basic way to look at Ahimsa Vows is to say I took a vow not to kill any sentient being as long as I did not have to act in self defense of myself or others. What this meant to me in actuality was that if a fly or hornet or spider was in my house my first reaction was not to kill it unless it likely could or would harm people in my house. So, for example, a fly, if I could capture it under a plastic glass and then put a paper or my hand under the glass I would escort it out of the house. The same was true of bees and hornets and the like except I would only put a piece of paper under the plastic glass.

As soon as I began to do this all the time my luck in life got better in leaps and bounds. But just like on the TV show "My Name is Earl", I began to have extremely good karma in my life. However, at times big things that I didn't like still happened. However, there were much less little things that happened to mess things up. The positivity caused by doing this for over 25 years now is positively Amazing!

In regard to bodhichitta which directly translated means working on developing compassion for all sentient beings in all time and space and beyond time and space, I found that the very first person that is blessed by this is the person doing it. So even though this compassion and good will toward all beings including oneself helps all beings including oneself. The very act of trying to do this blesses amazingly the person doing this first. The good that comes from doing this is never ending and exponential. If compassion was money each dollar of compassion sent out seems to net at least 10 dollars of compassion sent back. At times one dollar of compassion nets millions of dollars sent back. One does not always know when the million dollar variety will happen so be sure to be giving out that one dollar to all beings in good will all the time 24 hours a day even in your dreams. Praying and blessings toward all beings makes bodhichitta millionaires out of all of us.

Another way to look at this is through what is called Enlightened Self Interest. Enlightened Self Interest includes all beings on the planet and beyond as far as I am concerned. Looked at in this way, it is a very real way to save the planet and all life upon it far into the future if enough of us do this!

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