Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Shaman's Vision

My vision dream was of a narwhale. It first looked at me then blew its tusk or horn like a real bugle or horn. The sound was loud like a french horn or baratone horn. As I watched all the events moving I realized it was a harbinger of death. As a precognitive psychic I have known for a long time that life on earth would be thinned out. This vision was telling me that it was beginning in earnest. Being intuitive cannot be calibrated for time or space or even science at first. However, over time these sorts of things tend to prove themselves to be true.

The whole thing seemed ominous. I have no doubt that those having made the decision to spray pheromones in California thought this would be a good solution. However, now I know for sure that the fragile ecological balance on the Northern California coast has been upset. It is possible there will be no way to repair it this time. All I know it is the beginning of the end for most life on earth. At the end of this cycle whether it be 300 or 1000 years I now expect only about 5% of the amounts of all life forms on earth to remain. I do not have prescience to know what life forms will remain. I expect some humans will survive. I do not know what other forms will survive. I simply know unexpected things have been set in motion without enough thought and foresight. And so there will be many unexpected results over the next 20 to 50 years. There will be many extinctions of local flora and fauna as a direct result of these changes. This I know for sure.

The main purpose of my writing this is for you who are still young and can learn terraforming and ecological refurbishing of some of the ecological nitches on earth so earth can still be worth living on 500+ years from now.

PS In rereading the above article I realized I needed an addendum for clarification. "The problem is not the spraying of Monterey County in itself. The problem is with the long term consequences of it being okay to spray ANYTHING over large populations of people in the United States or elsewhere. In other words "If it is okay to spray anything on large populations is it also okay to spread mind altering things to control people's minds as well? If it is okay to control people's minds by any means is it also okay to spray things on democratic people to kill them, thin them out, or whatever? The problem with spraying ANYTHING over large populations of people is precedent. A precedent could be like the planes going into the World Trade Center in New York. After these kinds of precedents life on earth won't ever be the same!

These are the real long term problems of the survival of life on earth that I'm referring to as a precognitive psychic not just the extinctions of local populations of Monarch butterflies, racoons having gone blind, birds having gone blind, or miscellaneous indiginous species of animals, fish, insects or birds having respiratory or blindness issues because of the spraying.

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