Sunday, September 30, 2007


Enrichment: I had a dream last night in which a young man (under 30) financed his upper division education through graduate school education by writing a self help and get rich type of book series. He would also lecture people about his system. His system not only made him rich but also financed his education. Though most people would just take the money he valued his education for its own sake and so pursued it through to a PHD in Psychology and eventually became a psychologist.

In some ways this kind of thinking reminded me of when I was young. I was also studying psychology at the time I got married and had a son. It became too difficult for me financially to stay in school at the time and I didn't want to owe thousands of dollars in student loans so I just started working full time to support my wife and son. I have never really regretted that because my son gave me a reason to stay alive for real and no education would have done that for me. However, I continued to study, learn and to educate myself regarding anything I have been interested in and continued to take community College courses until I went to a University.

This dream sequence as I began to wake up triggered past life memories in Atlantis when I worked on developing sentient robots to work with and help people. In this life I began in this direction again at age 18 but by 21 I saw that we were about 50 years too early for what I wanted to do so I went on to other things in my life. The interesting thing is that now we are just entering the time I wanted to be in. However, now I see things completely differently than I did at 20 or 21. My life brought me through many experiences that moved me to study spirit and nature and religions and philosophy, anthropology, sociology and psychology. This brings me to a totally different world view than I had when I was 20.

If I had traveled down the path I was on at 20 I would now be very closed minded likely. I would not have opened myself to understanding many cultures, especially Tibetan and Nepali and India. My experiences living with Sherpas in the Himalayas and visiting Dharmsala, India where the Dalai Lama lives have completely changed my world view as well as my view on spirituality and Religion. I, personally found that the Tibetan form of Buddhism had more to share with me personally than anything else I studied. Sure, there are flaws to any system. For example, I did not find enough equality for women in Tibetan Buddhist Culture because women in the United States have more equality. However, I found in Nepal for example, that women tend to own everything because it is a matriarchal culture. So the men have an entirely different role in that culture. This has created a different kind of equality there. So even though it is very different than here it works in its own way.

For example, California where I live is still based a lot upon Spanish law traditionally. In Spain there is a matriarchal culture as well where women control wealth a lot. So this has created a very equal playing field for women in California to the point where we are a no fault state. In other words no one has to be at fault legally for the dissolution of a marriage. This creates a kind of equality of the sexes and lessens the problems in divorce to some degree in California because of the historical role of matriarchal thought and law traditionally when California belonged to Spain starting in the 1500's until 1849 when California became one of the United States.

Anyway, I'm digressing. For me, my dream simply connected some of the many Freds I have been in many different lifetimes so that I could see them in a new light. Rather than seeing one as good and another as bad I saw this time each one had its value in the culture my body and soul lived in. Each person I was was a direct response to the problems that I encountered in that lifetime. So the basic thing I realized was that whoever I became was whoever I could be and survive the problems of that life and culture. This gave me an entirely different take on all my lives. Before this, I had tended to view myself as intrinsically the same person in each lifetime rather than taking into account all the traumas and experiences of each lifetime in their effects on my being and soul. Even though understanding this is much more overwhelming to my senses it makes much more logical sense than my previous understanding of reincarnation.

Also, one does not necessarily embody as just a male. Though I can remember some of my female incarnations they are usually more male in their approach to life. It is possible that I have also been in many other female lifetimes its just that I can't perceive life that way anymore. It is such a different approach to life for me that I just can't always get there in consciousness.

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