Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Yoga of Time Travel

The Yoga of Time Travel. Not everyone believes that time travel is possible. Not everyone believed it was possible for heavier than air flight. Some say the biggest reaction at Kitty Hawk when the Wright brothers first did motorized flight was open mouth of disbelief. However, when that many upstanding individuals see something things change. Unless of course, the government and or Area 51 are involved. But that's another story.

When my father was 9 years old his science teacher told the class that within a few years people would be flying around the world in ships and across oceans. The children laughed and scoffed at him. Yet when Linburgh flew to Paris, France from the East Coast of the United States everything changed.

When I was 11 years old in 1957 and the Soviet Union put Sputnik into space you would have thought they had invaded us people were so upset. Yet within 12 years the United States put men on the moon. No other nation has done that since (at least as far as the news media says).

I believe the same is true of time travel. However, here we have a catch. The catch is that he who controls time travel can stop any war by preventing it before it happens(at least theoretically) even a nuclear one. So since the ultimate weapon is not nuclear weapons but time travel which likely is related to getting anywhere in any galaxy instantly(at least it would appear instantly to the time travelers) I don't think anyone is going to tell us about time travel anytime soon.

If time and space travel are inter-related then there could already be many U.S, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese space colonies already in space and on planets in this solar system or even elsewhere. Because why should the average person be told any of this? After all, the public is like a herd of cattle and if they stampede in shock or fright, assets could be damaged even their sensibilities of finding out that World Governments have lied to them since World War II or thereabouts.

Because of my own experiences in 1974 on Mount Shasta and in 1990, over Mt. Shasta City I believe that both space and time are being travelled by being who are definitely associated with American military black ops. Whether it is american or alien pilots I don't know. However, I do know we are in cahoots with them as a nation.

However, I also believe like our government that for individuals to know too much in specific about time travel could be very dangerous for life on earth. However, I believe it is just as important for people who are educated to know that it is likely that time travel now exists on earth. In this way the intelligencia of earth can help be a part of the checks and balances necessary to keep this thing from getting entirely out of hand. I don't believe it is very useful to have aliens police time travel once it started to be used here in the 30's and 40's. In order to be respected by alien races we all must do what we can to police timespace travel so that serious problems aren't created with alien groups.

Recent articles about a new form of time travel that scientists are now experimenting with can be read from the last months news. In this newly invented form one can only travel back to the point in time where the machine was made. Since this is being built now as I speak it could be useful to bring people back to this point in time especially if thing get environmentally ugly for life on earth in the next 500 to 1000 years. I can especially see the usefulness if another ice age gets triggered in the next 100 years or so. In that situation life on the equator would be what was left for humans. If it goes the other way I was reading that it was once 74 degrees farenheit average temperature at the north pole. It was said what brought the temperature back down to what we have experienced the last few centuries was 1 million years of ferns growing from the north pole to the equator. Ferns it seems really love carbon dioxide.

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