Thursday, September 6, 2007


In the county where I live there is apparently an Australian Apple moth problem. The county's solution is to spray pheromones so that the male apple moths will mate with the wrong gender or species and thereby prevent new little apple moths. The pheromone is supposed to be sprayed at night by helicopters over heavily populated areas between 8 pm and 5 am. Does anyone else see the many problems and questions that come to mind in doing this? First of all, is it even safe for a helicopter pilot or pilots to do this at night without endangering himself, herself other pilots, drivers of cars etc. ? Second, they say this is a synthetic pheromone. Where has it been tested and what were the results? Third, isn't this a little Orwellian as in 1984? Do we really trust any level of government in the US to protect us after Hurricane Katrina and the way Iraq has been handled? In the end America has always been about people who believe, "God helps those who help themselves."
For myself, if I know when this is going to happen I will make sure not to be there when it does along with a lot of other well informed residents.

I actually have met people who got testicular cancer from the time they sprayed most of California for the Medfly. I know firsthand how untrustworthy government is in these kinds of situations. One poor guy was just sitting in his backyard on a lounge chair sun bathing when a crop duster dusted not only him but his house and yard. He got testicular cancer from it within 1 year of being personally dusted in his yard. I'm not sure now whether he is still alive or not.

Though they are spraying pheromones not insecticide this time I have neither seen nor heard of any evidence of this kind of thing done to the public nor any of the test results on the main populations of humans when this was done.

I was living in Mt. Shasta, California around 1990 when a train tanker car filled with Sodium Bromide went off the tracks got punctured and then 16,000 gallons from that tank went into the pristine (at that elevation) Sacramento River and killed everything living in it all the way to Shasta Dam. Think about this folks. Everything that had lived in the Sacramento River for thousands of years in that 40 mile stretch of River died right then. Sure some species upriver reintroduced themselves but I wonder how many organism species in that 40 mile stretch went extinct that day.

Later when investigations were done sodium bromide had not been authorized for transport near water because of the chemically explosive chain reactions that would take place. Yet it had been allowed to travel the rails and many people and their property and the life in the river itself were harmed.

Now we are told synthetic pheromones will be sprayed over most of this county at night. I don't know about you but something really doesn't feel right about this. My intuition is going off big time. I, like most of you have survived by listening to my hunches. It might be time for us all to listen to all our hunches .

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