Saturday, September 15, 2007

Intuitive Gifts

Intuitive Gifts. Being born with intuitive gifts and using them to benefit oneself and others, developing them through genuine needs are very different things. As a lifetime precognitive psychic at 59 I have learned a great deal as you can imagine through direct experience as well as talking to other gifted people on the subject.

The most important thing I guess is: "Do you really need to develope these gifts that you have?" If the answer is "NO" then I think you should think again about embarking down this path as it is not an easy one. If the answer is "YES" then expect to encounter the same kinds of problems that both physical and intellectual athletes encounter for there are many unexpected things that begin to happen when you either consciously need to develop these gifts or circumstances beyond your control take place such as accident or other kinds of injury force these kinds of gifts into your life.

For example, though I was born very intuitive two incidents forced me to develop. The first was whooping cough. The way I learned to not die like many toddlers was to give up when I was literally choking to death. By giving up and fainting from a lack of oxygen my coughing ceased once I was unconscious and my body automatically began to breathe. Children who fight and never give up often die from both suffocation and exhaustion. Learning to "Let go and to Let God" opened the door for God to bring me both abundant life and abundant grace. The second big change in my life was getting childhood epilepsy at age 10 until age 15. Surviving this came from accessing both spirituality and religion. When I powerfully invoked God to live with me in my body my once every 6 months seizures at night while I was in dream state suddenly ended never to happen again. The other things that happened were a complete change in the way I looked within a few months and an integration of very powerful supernatural abilities in and around my life.

Since then my life has reminded me a lot of how prophets of the old testament speak of their experiences with God. At first I moved in Fear and Terror of God but then realized that moving in this way was both stupid and ignorant. So I realized that if I was going to have to be a spiritual person then I should have fun being that way. So I developed a system that I have called the Alchemy of Joy. In other words I decided to have fun seeing how many people I could help supernaturally to have better lives. Over the last 45 years or so it has led to to study mystical Christianity, Self Realization Fellowship,the Native American Shaman path and Finally in the 1980's Tibetan Buddhism. I found that mystical Christianity and Self Realization Fellowship had a lot in common. However, it wasn't until I began to understand non Dualism that I felt fully at peace with the supernatural Gifts that God coursed through my mind and body all the time.

My personal understanding of non dualism is that if one looked at everything the way one looks at weather around the world then one has a more realistic assessment of what is really happening on earth. For example, is rain good or bad? Obviously, it is neither and at times it can be good for one area or bad for another area or group of people. The same with wind, snow, drought, earthquakes, etc. So in the end mostly it is all about balance as too much or too little rain, wind, snow, drought etc. causes problems in greater or lessor ways.

Understanding non dualism helped me to see the gifts God had given me and why I was the way I was and that compassion towards all life in the universe was what God was asking of me so I would only use my gifts to make all life in the universe better all the time.

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