Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pratyeka Buddhas

Pratyekabuddhas. Please forgive me for trying to express in words that which I don't entirely have words for. I was contemplating what God, the universe would want me next to do last night when one of my teachers came to me and told me that I was a Pratyekabuddha. Since I didn't even know what this meant, I heard the word "Prayetka Buddha". I decided to go online to find out what this meant. Soon, I found that the proper spelling was Pratyekabuddha and that such a Buddha becomes enlightened by the contemplation of "dependant arising". It is also rendered into English as "dependant origination","conditioned genesis","dependant co-arising","interdependant arising" etc.

Since it is an important part of Buddhist metaphysics it is sometimes defined as: phenomena arise together in a mutally interdependant web of cause and effect.

Because I experience the entire physical and non-physical universes as one continuum I suppose that what I do is to whenever possible increase the rate of vibration of the continuum by infinite reasonance whenever the opportunity arises. I experience this as being much like a surfer waits for the perfect wave and then being hopefully perfectly in tune rides this wave and thereby enriches both himself and all beings watching or photographing him.

However, in my case with infinite reasonance God (and all Buddhas if you prefer) assist me to be successful in this. So in this case God and all the Buddhas and Christs and I ride these waves together to create the most amount of Good (enlightenment) for all sentient beings throughout all time and space and beyond.

I am writing this for you who also do this and to say to you that you may also be a PratyekaBuddha also and just not have had a name for it before just like myself. Though I recognize that I likely knew this name and what it meant in other lifetimes this is quite new still for me in this lifetime.

While I was taking a shower this morning I again spoke to my teacher. I said, I think that I do teach but in a new format. Though I don't go out and publicly speak in front of groups of people
this is by choice. For I have found even the basic concept of religion no longer useful in our world. Religions at this point in human evolution, I believe are presently counterproductive to
the survival of humans as a race on earth. So if I teach it would only be ethical if I taught in a way to create evolutions of thought and contemplation rather than a religion. I believe at this time in the evolution of the human race that the way I am presently functioning is more useful. So in the way that I write online it tends to inspire other writers because I tend to share deep insights into the human condition. They then bounce off what I say like one does a muse and then re-translate ideas direct through to the general populace through articles, books and movies. In this way I externally try to lift mankind into a more useful and enduring state of consciousness than the ones people ordinarily inhabit. Also, since I write in more of a philosophical and humanistic vein less people get offended by what I write than those who write totally ingrained in any one religion or philosophy. I am simply one more being on earth trying to make sense of the universe we live in.

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