Friday, September 28, 2007

Saving Bees and Spiders

Saving Bees and Spiders. Whether you keep bees and spiders alive like I do because of ahimsa(vowing to not kill anything) or whether you just understand that the more bees are left alive(especially these day) the more that humans might survive because pollination will continue so humans will have most fruits and vegetables to eat because of the pollination. And if you don't like mosquitos biting you and giving you West Nile Virus and if you don't like flies contaminating your food by barfing on it like they do then keeping spiders and mosquito hawks alive is a good idea.

Where I live there are a variety of spiders called daddylonglegs. Though these spiders are the most poisonous in America they cannot bite through human skin and therefore are safe for humans to be around. However, they kill all the other spiders because they are the most poisonous. So if I see a jumping or other spider I usher is quickly out of the house in a wad of toilet paper. However, if it is a daddylonglegs I let it stay until it is 1 inch to 2 inches in diameter but if it is laying eggs and having babies then they go out immediately. In this way I maintain the ecosystem within my house to my liking and I have almost no mosquitos or flies to worry about because all the spiders set up house in the eves outside of my home and garden
and protect my home and family like guard dogs. The other positive thing about all this is that I don't engender negative karma or negative will against me by killing anything unnecessarily.

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