Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The simplest way I know to explain non-dualism would be the way Tibetan Lamas actually explained it to me.

For example, "Is rain good or bad? Is snow good or bad? Is wind good or bad?"

That's right it depends upon millions of factors whether something is good or bad to you.

This is a good way to explain non-dualism.

There is another story that I saw in a movie told by a CIA agent with Tom Hanks about "Charlie Wilson's War"
The story goes something like this:

There was a boy in a village in China and he won a horse at a fair and the people said, "Oh, what a lucky boy he is!" and the Local Kung Fu Master who they listened too said, "We'll see."

Then the boy broke his leg from riding the horse and the village people said, "Oh. How unlucky he is!"

The Kung Fu master once again said, "We'll see.."

Then a war broke out and all the young men of the village were sent off to war and died and then the people said, "Oh. The boy who broke his leg and didn't have to go to war is so very lucky. All our young men are now dead but him."

And the Kung Fu master once again said, "We'll see."--------

So, non-dualism is about seeing that most things are neither good nor bad but rather a long series of events and likely until all those events have passed you cannot figure out if Any or all of these events were good or bad and sometimes not even then.

I dare any of you for example, to look at the 20th century up until now and to say that the 20th Century was either good or bad.

I think my life (because I grew up in the U.S. was very good). However, many people might be horrified at many things that happened in my life and wouldn't have been able to survive any of it.

So, they likely would have died at age 2 with whooping cough if they had been me. But, instead I had an amazing life even though some times it was completely horrific and other times it was wonderful.

But, that's life.

C'est la vie!

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