Monday, April 6, 2009

Life I Still Love YOU

Though I wrote this in 2001 I just discovered it again and thought I'd share it.

Posted 8:54 December 3rd 2001 written Friday November 30th 2001


Life, I still love you
Though you break my heart at least once every day
Though I grow old and lose my looks and get fat
Though I cry sometimes in desperation

Life, I still love you
Though I wake up in physical pain most mornings now
Though making love isn't what it used to be
Though I wonder sometime each day why I go on for me at least
Though every day seems to get harder to get through

Life, I still love you
Because you are still a joy to live
Because this lifetime is just after all a day in the life of my soul
Because you have loved me so well
Because you have shown me that all beings are loved by you and
Because you have shown me just how free I am

Life, I still love you
Because in knowing all life everywhere I know you too, God
Because in knowing God I know life and in knowing and loving life I know God
Because once you came to me God and showed me personally who you are
Because after that real experience all books became only a mirror reflection of the God I have seen and known firsthand
For after all God is written in our eyes and ears and face and innards and upon every blade of grass in God's infinite universe

Yes, life, I still love you
Because you are me and I am you
And we will never be alone again
Because we will always have each other
And God will be ever with us

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