Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Survival is Opportunism

In these difficult times world wide let us all not lose sight of what it took to get us all here. If we look back at thousands and thousands of past generations of humans and what they did to get even one of us here it make one stop and think.

Only by being opportunists to the maximum were they able to find a way to get each generation to survive. Each group of parents had to do literally "whatever it took" to get their children to survive medically, fed, clothed sheltered from the storm and educated enough to survive and safely raise next generation.

Can we do any less now?

When people tell me their dreams I think back of when I wanted to be like Jacques Cousteau and travel around the world in the research ship Calypso being an underwater photographer when I was 12-14 years old. And before and after then I wanted to be a Bush pilot in Alaska delivering people and goods to very remote places up there. Did I actually do either of these things as a living? No.

I got a solo pilots license and I became a SCUBA diver by age 12 but I never did either of these things as a living. Instead I became an opportunist and took advantage of the opportunities available. One can be so close minded and block headed about ones dreams that one dies poor and alone.

It is very good to have dreams but if they just eat you up what good is that? One must also survive in a very real and cruel world. One must find a way forward not only for oneself but for ones family if one is lucky enough to have one.

So, have your dreams but also always be looking for opportunities in life in regard to earning a living, meeting the right people, meeting your special person to share your life with. These are what is important. But often ones dreams are too impossible to ever happen and one must find ones way forward any way they can. Otherwise we just don't physically, mentally or emotionally or even spiritually survive at all!

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