Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Hard Being a Precognitive Psychic

It's Hard Being a Precognitive Psychic. First of all, I have learned over my lifetime of being a natural precognitive psychic that most of the time you can't tell people what you see. If you tell people what you see and then they don't change and prevent what you see then the bad things I saw then happen and sometimes those left alive blame me. So to avoid that I usually try to redirect people so the bad thing doesn't happen. If that is successful then I don't get blamed for the bad thing and the bad thing doesn't happen and people don't die or get maimed and everyone but me is ignorant about the problem in the first place.

I sense many thing before they happen. Sometimes the only thing I can practically do is pray. I suppose it would be like if your son or daughter was dating someone who because of your life experience you knew was a complete mistake to be dating. If you are a precognitive psychic long enough it sort of becomes an ongoing useful tool just like eating, breathing, drinking water, like that. People who haven't spent the time to develop gifts like this would have to then compare being psychic to learning a skill, whether that skill was driving a car, riding a horse or motorcycle or writing. All these skills take a whole lot of practice if you want to be really good at any of them. Like they say, "Practice makes perfect".

Lately, what I have been experiencing on earth as a psychic is a whole lot of what I would have to call "World Post traumatic Stress Disorder". The problem of this is that normalcy has to be maintained by at least some of the human race. However, what seems to be happening is that so many species are going extinct at once on the planet now both plant and animal that all psychological balance of all species on the planet seems to be upset. There doesn't appear to be a real normal anywhere one looks. In this kind of reality the only normal seems to be the one each one of us generates inside ourselves through things like positive reinforcement and meditation and prayers and encouraging our friends and relatives and giving them hope so they can go on another day.

It appears that the balance of all species is affected by each extinction of any plant or animal. I'm not sure exactly how this works other than I can experience it as feelings as it happens because I have second sight. For example, when there is going to be an earthquake I sometimes get nauseated for up to a week or more. I'm usually relieved when the earthquake actually happens because then at least I know I'm not going to die and that I was just experiencing a pre-earthquake nausea. When the Indonesian Tsunami and Earthquake happened around Christmas 2004 I thought I was going to die for about a month it was so bad. Then another eerie thing happened. The heaven realms drew nearer to earth than they ever had in my lifetime. Then when the earthquake occured my nausea and headaches suddenly ended and I knew I wasn't going to die. I was relieved for myself and my family even though I was horrified at the deaths of almost 200,000 people from the Tsunami. Other psychics I know had the same experience and we compared notes after the Tsunami. I didn't know where and when I only knew something was coming, either death or an earthquake. It turned out to be both but me and my family were safe. This also explained why the heaven realms drew very near to earth during the weeks and months before the Tsunami and quake. They were preparing to receive about 200,000 souls.

I was speaking to a friend who is also a psychic in her 80's now. When I was only 21 and considering suicide she was a member of my parents church and she showed me how to invoke angels into a state near the physical when needed. I realized then that I didn't have to commit suicide because I could invoke the angels and heaven right here on earth. I definitely have had an amazing life.

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