Sunday, October 7, 2007

Make a Difference!

Make a Difference! Lately I have been reading polls as to presidential and congressional approval by the American people. Both polls are that the president and Congress have an approval rating somewhere between 25% and 33 % which is the lowest approval rating in U.S. History. If you were driving down the street a drunk driver swaying back and forth between four lanes on a freeway wouldn't even have a 25% to 33% chance of injuring or killing you and your family! Think about it!

Our Government is out of control mainly because Government representatives have to answer to too many corporations and special interests. It has gotten to the point where unless you are bought and paid for, and by the way if someone buys you they expect something in return. There are no free rides.

Therefore, if we want ourselves and our families and friends protected and not harmed by our government then we owe it to ourselves to bring our government back under the will of the people rather than the will of big multinational corporations and special interests the way it is now. Unless we can either as private citizens buy back or vote back the government that will actually be there for us then we need to do something new so we have a government that actually is there to represent the common man.

Since multinational corporations now have bought our government and turned it against us the people one way to start to change this is to find out what corporations are working against our best interests. If you find a corporation that is working against your best interests or the best interests of your nation then do NOT buy anything it makes and don't support it in any way. If you have stock in a company that is doing bad things in America or the world sell your stock in that company and invest it somewhere else better in a company that is doing some good.

Second, write your Governors, congressmen or congresswomen and Senators and tell them what you think.

For example, lately I have written everyone that I can think of to try to make them stop spraying populated areas by air where I live. There is nothing locally here on the Central California Coast that has had the residents here more pissed off the last 30 years than to learn that we may be sprayed every month from Santa Cruz county south to Carmel and inland through Salinas until 2010. The spraying each time is three or four days and done at night. Do I or the residents trust what we are being sprayed with? Not Really. Not after Iraq and Katrina and the torture of prisoners. This just isn't the country I grew up in anymore and I know of people who moved to Canada or Europe several years ago because they were just so disgusted with this nations foreign policy moves.

Since the crazy way the Iraq War has been run and the crazy third world nightmare response to Hurricane Katrina most of us realize that our Federal Government is completely dysfunctional and not necessarily a friend to the common people of the United States. The question then becomes "Who then is benefiting from the misappropriations of our tax dollars?"

Like most everyone else in the polls I trust the government now to to something positive for me about 25% to 33% of the time. The other 70 to 75% of the time I do not trust the government to do anything to help me or any other American citizen. In fact, more and more people are afraid of their government in this country much like most people in 3rd world countries. I hope this can change in time for the majority of the people who live here in America to physically survive it.

When our Government at every level is more dangerous than 100,000 drunk drivers on the freeway are to my well being and the citizens of our nation then something just has to change!

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