Sunday, October 28, 2007

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon. My grandfather told my father that our family line is directly related to Francis Bacon in England. When I grew up my parents owned a rare copy of The Biliteral Code of Francis Bacon. This particular decoding of the original Shakespearean manuscripts is based on A's and B's. Later my parents let a friend who studied such things borrow the book and then eventually we let this man donate it to the Saint Germain Foundation Library in Mt. Shasta.

According to this decoding, Francis Bacon was one of two illegitimate sons of Queen Elizabeth the First. She was so traumatized by the murder of her mother by her father that she wouldn't recognize either of her sons, according to this code. It is interesting to note also that Francis Bacon was such an amazing mind that he not only invented the Scientific Method but his code and cipher book was still during World War II the best around until computers started to be invented. In the Biliteral Code he also says that his brother was beheaded by his mother because his brother was going to out the fact that his mother had two sons she was not recognizing.

It had never occurred to me before today but I realized that if, in fact Francis Bacon was a son of Queen Elizabeth and actually did write the Shakespearean plays then that makes Queen Elizabeth a series of Greats and then Grandmother to not only myself but to a whole lot of my relatives in the United States that came here to the United States between 1720 and 1730 and now live not just in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kansas, and Illinois but probably in every state in the U.S. including Washington, Oregon and California.

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