Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Being a Responsible Precognitive Psychic

Being a responsible precognitive psychic I feel I have a duty to share the future I presently see coming. It is not a pretty one. However, to me the whole purpose of being a psychic who can see the future is to tell people what is coming so they can change it to a better one.

If nothing changes from the way the human race is presently moving I expect a 95% die off of humans within 1000 years. Whether this will lead to a total technological collapse that takes the human race back to the stone age again I can't say. What I can say with absolute certainty is that unless something major happens to change the way people live their lives on earth the 95% die off within 1000 years is inevitable. I suppose the good news is that earth might regenerate herself once again like she did when the large dinosaurs went extinct. The bad news for humans is that it is very possible that we might lose all technical and written and artistic culture of the past 10,000 years or more. A 95% die off would leave approximately 350,000,000 people still alive. Which 350,000,000 people are alive and from what area of earth they live in would tell what aspects of culture would survive on into the future. For example, if there was one or more nuclear wars the people who would likely survive would be very remote and without major technology (at least they would be without the technology to replace the technology they presently had when things ended)

However, if there were no major wars then it would be more likely that people in large cities might be the ones who survived over the people more remote. They would do this by maintaining greenhouses and by the use of solar power and recycling water when their were droughts and the use of wind power and wave power. In this scenario the more remote people wouldn't survive because of winds over 100 miles and hour most days under 5000 feet in altitude and floods and droughts.

Unfortunately, it is possible, even though it is presently implausible to most humans that this scenario could play out within 100 years.

Like I said, what I'm speaking of could happen within 100 years if we humans are really stupid. It could happen 1000 years from now if we are less stupid as a race. In the end it's up to all of us to make sure what we care about survives at all!

There is another scenario that even though it is a potential scenario it is much less likely. As a psychic I realize it is possible for up to 14 billion people to live sustainable lives on earth. However, most people would be unwilling to do what it would take to create a sustainable world for this many. Living on the surface of earth the way we presently do only 200 to 500 million people can be sustained indefinitely(thousands of years or more). However, if humans en mass lived underground and ONLY used the surface for farming, transportation and recreation then earth could sustain 12 to 14 billion people. This is the only practical way to sustain as many people as we presently have on earth.

If humans insist on the present numbers living on the surface then I believe the ecosystem earth will create the demise of all but 200 million to 500 million humans on the surface between 100 and 1000 years from now.

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