Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No More Northern Ice?

No More Northern Ice? I was reading about what Al Gore was saying about how all northern Ice could be gone in the summers in as soon as 7 years all the way to the north pole. Some shipping businesses and oil companies think this is great for making money but the poor living on the equator just think it is a slow ticket to death for them and their lives, and properties and livelihoods and countries.

Financial world problems have at least some hope of resolution. However, as a psychic there isn't really a hopeful solution to global weather changes and hasn't been one since about 1900 AD. By 1900 we had already passed over the threshold into something different.

Now it is inevitable that we probably will at least reach 74degrees farenheit average temperature at the north pole. So if most people aren't living near the north pole in places like northern China, Siberia, northern Mongolia,or Canada High in the Himalayas, High in the Andes, Alps, Rockies, Sierras, Urals etc. or near the south pole world wide then they will be pretty miserable or dead. This timeline is within 300 years at this point unfortunately.

At this point going as green as possible likely will mean the difference between whether all the races and any of the human race survives out the other side of this or not. Already, I can guarantee your children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren will curse you and I and our ancestors for visiting the hell they will go through on them. However, they also will understand most people were ignorant of what was going on until it was too late. And even those who knew about it would have had to commit suicide en masse by the billions in order to stop it and do something else.

NO, now what we are dealing with primarily is thousands of years of complacency and people used to doing mostly the same things. People who don't radically change their lives now and their childrens simply will go extinct within 300 years. That is a given. If you ask any precognitive psychic who like me can see the far future then they will tell you the same thing I'm saying.

For me, it is just as if I had binoculars and most other people don't. I have been watching what I have seen ahead of time happen most of my life. Sometimes, it makes me happy when something good happens but more and more it just makes me sick to watch so many die unnecessarily now and in the near future.

Mostly, those who survive in the future are the most mentally and physically adaptable and the most criminal and crazy survivors. These have always the kinds of people who tend to survive bad things. It has always been this way and I guess it always will be.

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