Thursday, December 20, 2007

California's Clean Air Slapdown.

California's Clean Air Slapdown. If interested read article

Though California is leading not only the nation but the world in Clean Air standards as a psychic I don't feel it will be enough to stop the affects of Global warming generated in the last 3 centuries of Industrial revolution, livestock expansion, deforestation and population explosion. For example, when I was born the world population was a little over 2 billion. Now the world's population is estimated at almost 7 billion. This amounts to at least a 3 fold increase in world population just since I was born. That alone puts us in a whole new ballgame. But when you add to that the melting of the northern ice caps, the continued extinction of thousands of species of plants and animals and the dead zones in many seas like off of Oregon and Louisiana and various other places on earth. We must all know we will never see anything like the way things were in the 20th century for hundreds if not thousands of years no matter what anyone or any group does.

Though everything people might do might slow the changes down there is nothing to do to stop what is coming. I think accepting the changes and learning to survive them is an even more important group survival process than even trying to slow the process down.

Look, for example, with AIDS in the United States. By preventing its spread somewhat in the United States, most people now here are relatively complacent about the mass deaths in other countries less medically educated and sophisticated than us.

The exact same thing will happen when countries like the United states change their habits to create a fix. Other countries won't change no matter what they promise and that is the real problem. If the United states says it will do something it usually does. That, however, is not necessarily true of most Governments on earth!

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