Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What is Possible for Humankind? 2

What is Possible for Humankind2? To understand fully what is possible for humankind one must also understand fully what is not possible in order to be levelheaded enough to actually create what is possible in a grounded enough way to actually make it work long term. Almost any fool can make something wonderful happen for a night or a weekend but if one wants something to last and be beneficent for all mankind and all beings on earth and beyond, one needs to make a more complete study and be very compassionate and yet very disciplined in their approach to this subject. I have definitely suffered enough to take this subject seriously, yet not enough to unhinge my mind like it has so many others. My suffering has not really been that much physically, even though I almost died of whooping cough at age 2, then almost died from childhood epilepsy from ages 10 to 15, and then was considered a dying person by all my doctors when they couldn't properly diagnose my heart virus at age 49 and 50 (even though during the angiogram they said I had the cleanest arteries and veins of any person they had ever seen and were jealous)(I guess they had never seen anyone who had been a vegetarian since birth to age 32(I'm still 95% vegetarian from 32 to 59 at present).

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that I definitely have known what it is to expect that I wouldn't survive another day and have learned to make peace with the Creator.

What comes from this experience? For me, what comes from near death experiences is a level of honesty that I don't see very many people experiencing in their everyday lives. KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE! Well, one is set free from the honesty one lives and shares from learning the truth about EVERYTHING!

Another strange experience I have had that I have noticed over and over again that experiences that would kill or drive insane most people I go through and come back stronger each time. I believe the reason for this is that whenever God takes me to the edge I jump into God's arms. At night when I'm really at the end of my rope and know I'm done for I will say, "God take me. Let me die! I live or I die for you by your Grace!"
So I wake up the next day after doing this reborn as God has willed it!

I think it is sort of like the old saying, "Hope Springs Eternal if we Die Daily!"
By living this saying I have survived everything in my life I never expected to!

And by the way if you are agnostic or atheistic temporarily or permanently I get you too. I totally understand that just surviving here in this place we call earth is a really tough thing to do. I believe that if it takes believing the moon is made of green cheese then people should do that. As long as your basis is not to harm yourself or others I don't have a problem with your process, just don't force your process on me! Whether they be Atheistic, Agnostic, Religious or spiritual forcing your ideas on others is a fundamentalist process that always results in the insanity and death to the others being forced to conform!

So I have just as big a problem with fundamentalist Atheists as I do with fundamentalist Scientists,or the fundamentalists of any religion!

Freedom to choose ones basis of reality is necessary to prevent wars and violence of all kinds. Without the freedom to choose ones reality there will never be peace and there will always be violence and insanity! So, it is not just Freedom of Religion that is important. It is just as important to have the freedom to not have a religion or the freedom to design ones own religion or the freedom to be a humanist, agnostic or Atheist. People need to be free to be whoever they need to be as long as it doesn't harm other beings on earth including humans!

I grew up in a Christian America. Though I understand that it is Politically Correct not to have Christmas Carols playing everywhere like they used to I find I really miss them being played everywhere like it used to be.

I think it is possible to try so hard to be everything to everyone that one loses EVERYTHING in the process. I think Political correctness is guilty of throwing out the baby with the bathwater leaving us all childless and alone and miserable in the process. Peace is important but so is individuality. Without both we have lost what is most important about being human!

What is possible for Humankind will never be fully known until all people on earth at least have food, clothing, and shelter even if that is a tent in warmer climates. Until this happens to be human is to be a joke! How can any of us look ourselves in the mirror as long as even one of us doesn't have food? So I say to you there can be no real progress on earth and wars cannot and will not be eliminated as long as there is even one person on earth without food, shelter and clothing.

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