Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis. My middle daughter has red hair and blue eyes and is very strong and strong willed. The week she was born The plasma from the sun came to Earth and knocked out one or more power plants in southern Canada.

Sometimes I associate this daughter with the Solar Plasma Beings I met when I soul traveled to the Sun and was sent in soul form to the Core of our Galaxy so I could beg for help for Earth. At the time I was worried a lot about Earth nuking itself out of existence. After I was promised help to prevent this occurance or more accurately promised that even if this was done multiple times that time would be altered to prevent extinction I finally have felt at peace knowing that there would be humans alive colonizing this Galaxy and maybe others for millions of years to come.

It was difficult for me, at first to not think I would burn up in the sun because at that time I wasn't used to soul traveling beyond earth. I believe it was 1970 then and I have had almost 40 years to get used to bi-location or multi-location by now. For most of you what I'm talking about will be just jibberish except for those who have experienced this paradigm personally. Once you have experienced this it is as real as your life in a body on earth, especially if you have tested yourself for accuracy. However, if you embark upon this path I recommend invoking Angels, Arcangels or Jesus or whatever holy beings you trust to accompany you as otherwise this could be very dangerous.

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