Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mass Identity Theft Means the System is Obsolete

Mass Identity Theft Means the System is Obsolete.I'm sure many of you read of how about 25 million people in Great Britain's identities and credit card number were lost. It didn't surprise me and many of you that soon a whole city in England's people had their identities and credit cards compromised. When something this extreme happens in the free world it is time to question the whole system and consider it Obsolete.

In a similar vein the concept of "Stolen Value" has occured in the Adjustable Rate Mortgages. By unscrupulous people handing out these loans over the internet they didn't have to look into the eyes of those receiving the loans in many cases and so the people they were ripping off long term because of most of their ignorance about what an adjustable rate mortgage can do if the value of your house drops prevented them from understanding what could really happen not only to them but to our whole nation and to all the investors worldwide in these loans would be harmed as they are now.

The next stage will be all the business "Sharks" worldwide to buy up all these now "Worthless" properties at pennies on the dollar. One must consider the possibility of some very serious very rich white collar criminals or terrorists having been instrumental in planning this in the late 1990's. Meanwhile, everyone's property is suffering in value in the United States. In other words most properties are seriously dropping in value, the worst are dropping in value between 30 to 35 percent as of right now.

I submit to you one of the many causes of this debacle is business conducted on the internet. Some of you might understand as I do that for example Windows systems are still(as far as I know) based upon a krnl(kernal) that is the same as it was in 1980. The original Windows PC program was never designed for the internet because the idea of one existing on micro computers hadn't been thought of yet or if it had it wasn't designed for by programmers yet. The problem is like if a person built a small pyramid of bricks and then every 2 to 5 years built a bigger and prettier ones on top of the little ones. This would be fine except the little one wasn't designed for the bigger ones using it as their central base. If you look at the way our financial systems are set up or you look at the haphazard way (like a child's building blocks through the ceiling Windows has pyramided one top the next then you can see the multiple problems that likely would inevitably arise.

However, now the whole system is defunct. Without trust their can't be ANY safe identities (at least in the free world) and more and more people will likely after losing their homes and going bankrupt with Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 won't trust this free world economic system anymore!

I, personally, if I had been through this would find ways to disconnect myself as much as possible from such a dysfunctional system. I would join barter groups, withdraw at least 1000 dollars from the banks and keep it somewhere else, or even bury 25,000 in the yard somewhere like my grandfather did during the great depression when one couldn't trust the banks.

In case this whole thing collapses like it looks like it still could in the next 5 years I would keep at least 1000 dollars in cash somewhere just to escape if I lived in a big city, especially. The free world just doesn't seem to be plugging the identity theft dike fast enough or stopping the value flowing out of the free world's financial Dam from free world properties to the hands of criminals and terrorists. I'm very concerned that we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the free world. I seriously hope I'm wrong.

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