Friday, November 30, 2007

The New Cowboys and Indians

The New Cowboys and Indians.In this article the Cowboys are the Israelis and the Indians the Palestinians. The present leader of Israel said that if they can't establish a two state peaceful Israel and Palestine that he is afraid that the same thing will happen to Israel as what happened to the white South Africans through Mandela.

Now for a little history. When Israel was first established after World War II, Palestine was a little third world nation and couldn't really stand up to the 1st world or their first world Jewish refugees who had survived the Holocaust in Europe. Europe helped establish Israel out of guilt for the 6 million gased and tortured Jewish people in nazi concentration camps. The United States helped because they felt bad about the holocaust too. At the time Palestine being 3rd world had no real hope of stopping either Europe or the United States, Canada and Australia from establishing a Jewish homeland on ancient Palestinian land. Both the Jewish peoples and the Palestinian people had been persecuted for thousands of years so they actually have a lot in common in some ways throughout history.

However, now everything has changed 60 years later. Most middle eastern nations have gone from Tribal based societies to at least feudal capitalistic states. So from 3rd world nations mostly without organized governments they have gone to where most european nations were about in the 1800's. So Europe and the United States can identify with this. Not only that nations like Saudi Arabia and their citizens are beginning to bail out large US based multinationals like Citigroup with billions of dollars after the subprime meltdown which is ongoing. So everything has changed in every way.

Like the cowboys of the wild west of the United States Israel has always been able to do more with less than anyone else in the region. Like American cowboys for years they rescued their nation with bravado. But now the heroes of both sides are gone from the political stage like Arafat and Sharone. Without these two the old cowboys and Indians are gone. And unlike America there is no smallpox to decimate the indians so that 95% of them were dead even before the cowboys arrived on the seen. By the time the cowboys arrived all there was left was a few people left in severe grief. However, I believe Olmert is right. It might be that Israel like Hong Kong might have to pass back to the locals. Because of world changes there may be no other long term choice.

Even Hong Kong is demonstrating itself to be only an instrument for mainland China as two American minsweepers were turned away from Hong Kong in a storm. They were refused refuge in a storm! Then two American Aircraft Carriers have been turn away from Hong Kong as well. What is going on?

Anyway, all I'm saying is that the world is changing and not in a way that Europe, Israel or the United States likes. But change is the nature of things and those who survive must be pragmatic enough to deal with those changes!

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