Monday, November 5, 2007

Personal Privacy or National Security?

Personal Privacy or National Security? I was horrified to see in last Sunday's Parade magazine out of our local Sunday Newspaper that 52% of people in a poll thought National Security was more important than Personal Privacy. I am obviously in the 48% minority that believe as the old adage says: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

This quote is why we had a war to separate ourselves from England in the revolutionary war. Without this sentiment our country is just a bunch of pansies and we are lost! If we give up our liberties for security at the rate we are now doing the ONLY result is National bankruptcy and the end of our American Democracy. This is I believe where we are headed now the way things are presently going!

One has only to look at the sinking dollar caused mainly by the American paranoia over Iraq, Iran and now in the last few weeks: Pakistan. Though I agree these are all serious problems in the world has any of these nations attacked the U.S.? Of course not. If we wanted to be angry with any nation the nation with the most citizens that HAS actually attacked us so far has been Saudi Arabian citizens during 9-11. Though they weren't a part of the Government of Saudi Arabia still they were Saudi citizens. That is why everything since 9-11 has been so crazy.

As our country's fortunes sink into the sunset while being vampired by Disaster Capitalist Companies like Halliburton that Cheney used to be on the board of and Blackwater that is now in dishonor in Iraq one must contemplate what the Hell is going on with America and its tax dollars?

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