Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Plant and Animal Cells

Plant and Animal Cells. A cell whether plant or animal or human cell is the structural and functional unit of all known living organisms on earth. Colonies of cells whether they be plant or animal or human live together by communicating with each other and sharing resources for their mutual survival. All known psychic telepathic communication is done cell to cell whether it be plant, animal or human. People like myself that can harness this ability are simply doing what all other forms of life have done on earth for millions of years. They are learning to harness this ability for survival of themselves and hopefully for the survival of mankind. This has always been my interest as well.

When I was young I became interested in studying comparative Religions. My best friend in College eventually got a Master's degree in the History of Religion from UCLA specializing in Buddhism and Sanskrit. By combining my interest in my natural psychic abilities with a study of comparative religions it allowed me to move in new directions. I discovered that I was a cultural relativist. A cultural relativist is someone who realizes that no culture is intrinsically superior to any other.

My own reasoning goes something like this. Each culture has its own definition of intelligence therefore unless one is a member of a specific culture one will not be considered necessarily intelligent by members of another cultural set of norms. So therefore there is a tendency of all people to only consider intelligent and sane and normal those people from their own culture and norms. So the wisdom of being a cultural relativist is that one can then have a chance at understanding other cultures by at the very least equally valuing them to ones own culture. Without enough cultural relativists inside of any cultures the most likely result of associations of any two cultures is eventually a War.

Verbal communication is very lacking because of all the nuances and culturally hidden meanings. Because of these nuances disagreements between people often arise that come from different backgrounds. Even between English speaking people from England and American English speaking people from the U.S. are sometimes referred to as "Two peoples separated by a common language."

Therefore, the more people who redevelop the ancient communications of cellular communication the better off we all will be. There will be less wars, less disagreements and more relative harmony between all beings and therefore more harmony between all plant, animal and human Cells on Earth!

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