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Reincarnator. To some of you this might be a dirty word like Californicator which is what Californians are sometimes called by people from other states. Californians usually laugh this off just like I laugh off people who dislike me for believing in Reincarnation. You see, I know something most of them don't. I know for example that Pope Silverius was put in jail sometime between 300 to 500 AD and was only released by Emperors Justin and Theodora when he agreed to take all references to reincarnation out of the Bible permanently. Emperors Justin and Theodora wanted Hell fire and brimstone instead to scare the common people into being better slaves instead. By making Christians their emotional and mental slaves by denying them second and more chances through reincarnation preachers bent on hell, fire and damnation went to work and Justinian and Theodora got rich on the enslavement. Theodora was Empress alongside Justinian from April 4th 527 AD to June 28th 548 AD.

Justinian and Theodora's army entered Rome on December 9th, 536 AD. Some time after than Pope Silverius was imprisoned by Justinian and Theodora until he made major changes to the Bible including the elimination of all Christian references to Reincarnation. Unfortunately, over time most of these changes became permanent even though the effect was to change Christianity in major ways from what Christ actually taught as far as the Catholics and Protestants are concerned ever since.

My experience of Reincarnation has come to me slowly over the years. When I was still a child I asked my parents why we were Christians but also believed in reincarnation. My parents told me the story of what happened to Pope Silverius and the Catholic Church and protestant churches as a result and told me that they wanted to be Christian the way Jesus was Christian and not the way some dumb kings and queens changed it. My experience as a little child was to feel very sorry for all the Christians who never knew this truth. By writing this for you I feel a little healing taking place in that little child that asked this question over 50 years ago now.

So my parents taught me that everyone including Jesus is a son or daughter of God and that Jesus is the example for all of us to become through perserverance and reincarnation to become just like him. As a child I found this idea pretty frightening as I couldn't see myself nailed to a cross with blood dripping down. I'm sure many of you have thought like this too.
However, as I grew up I saw that the real point is to be kind and to become an example of kindness to others and to protect others when possible from harm. This is what Jesus really did in teaching forgiveness of oneself and others. He protected us all by teaching us forgiveness. He didn't say allow injustice. He just said we must forgive ourselves and others and not repeat the transgressions.

As I grew older I realized that most Christians really didn't care that Reincarnation was once a part of Christianity because it was more a culture like being an American than anything that was really true to them so they could really care less about what truth was. All these people really cared about was the order of their lives. Truth really meant nothing at all. When I learned this I was really scared. Because if order was more important than truth all humanity not only was in trouble but IS in trouble.

My issue with truth is about 500 times worse now than when I grew up because of corporate speak. I.E. corporations masquerading their ideas as real news. It is a lot like driving down the road blindfolded as a country. Sooner or later you will hit something with you car. It is not if but when. I think the subprime collapse of flexible rate home loans is just the first lie our country is going to hit now. It looks like there are going to be many more lies to come.

It's times like these I'm glad I have no mortgages or need of one. However, let me get back to reincarnation and reincarnators like myself. I realize now that I have memories of past lives stretching back over 5 million years as humans and other types of beings in this galaxy and others. I also have memories of being a part earth human colonist about 1,000,000 years in the future. What is odd is that this life has already been lived even though it is in the future. I have written about this life at my other website in what I call "Memories". It is about 125 or more pages long and covers a few of many more lifetimes between about 5 million BC to over 1,000,000 AD. When I first started to write this it was 1980 when I lived in Mt. Shasta. I didn't know they were past lives until it began to dawn on me that Elohar and Ragna was the story of the future lives of my parents in 7000+ AD in what is now called Switzerland and Northern Italy. Slowly it began to dawn on me that what I was writing wasn't science fiction but was a history of some of my past lives and past lives of my parents, children and friends.

Of course I have no proof of any of this just like you don't have any proof that God or Jesus exist or existed or that Buddha existed other than that some people left writings about them. Actually, it is less important to me that you believe that these are legendary stories of a few of
my past lifetimes. Because of a variety of factors and the fact that likely this is my last lifetime as a human for a variety of reasons I may need to live longer than average to complete what I'm doing as a soul. However, I'm open to passing on at any moment between now and 10,000 years or more from now. Each possibility I believe is about equal because of a variety of factors taking place both in my life and upon the earth. However, since you might not have second sight it might not be as obvious to you as to me. However, there is always the genetic factor. Both my grandfather and my father thought they would never die. However, they both did which was a pretty big disappointment for me although from a pragmatic viewpoint expected.

The following is my website at Yahoo Geocities that I have maintained since 1999 when I almost died. Since God allowed me to live I made a personal Covenant with God to publish online all the things that I had been afraid to publish before for fairly obvious reasons.

The Yahoo Geocities site I would say is PG13 and not really written for kids under about 12 or 13 at a minimum even though some are very precocious. However, I purposely put no graphics or visuals of any kind to discourage all but the most mature from studying what I have written.
I have written at this site to empower all those who are ready and who are gifted for a much deeper and more personal relationship with God and enlightenment. I have tried to share what will not only help you and your family and friends survive and prosper but also equally important what will help the human race survive and prosper now and in the future but will also help as humans begin to colonize other planets and dimensions once again from earth both in this Galaxy and others.

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