Friday, November 30, 2007

Being a Free Thinker

Being a Free Thinker. When I watched the movie "National Treasure" tears came to my eyes when the little boy in the beginning of the movie was discovered and knighted by his grandfather for this was the kind of relationship I had with my father as well.

My father taught me to be a free thinker always. I remember he would set me up in a debate in the car with my mother listening. He and I would debate almost anything. He was teaching me to be a free thinker and to analyze even at age 8 or 9 any given situation so I could make good critical decisions at all times with whatever information that was presently available to me. He also showed me how to research whatever facts I needed to make even better decisions. He said that "One must make decisions throughout ones life but the important thing was to never be frightened of decision making. One must plow through all the decisions with whatever information one could garner in the moment. He also said that most decisions can be modified in some useful way when more information is learned as time goes on. In this way he said, one could constantly modify according to available information all aspects of life. He said that this was how people had moved from being cavemen and cave women to where they were today.

My father also always wore his blue sapphire ring with a diamond in the center of it to church as he was in charge of our Los Angeles church and head lay minister there from the time I was 6 to 12 years old.

I was reading an article today that brought all these memories back to me. It was an article about Dan Brown's new book that is based loosely upon freemasonry and the history of our founding fathers. Washington, Franklin and many others at that time were free masons and so the design of our capital was set by Washington along free mason engineering ideas and concepts. Here is the article which reminded me of reading the American Heritage publications that my father subscribed to most of my childhood that I always read with great fascination about all these remarkable people who started our country.

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