Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Cycles. Today I'm the last man standing in my family. My wife and daughter have a serious flu. Hopefully, I don't get it as I need to take care of them.

I was talking to a grief therapist my family talks to regarding originally the passing of my wife's mother and now the eminent passing of my own. I was talking about how the business world and economics in general reminds me a lot of when the Savings and Loans collapsed in the early 80's. Then they collapsed in part due to the craziness of Viet Nam. I could also say that the Subprime worldwide financial loss is also due to 9-11 and the wars that have followed. There is always a craziness that lends itself to any war. There is also a group post traumatic stress disorder that ripples through any nation at war as the psychological and physical casualties cause repercussions throughout all eventually in our nation. There is always similar lack of accountability in the financial arena that accompanies any war as well. It is as if all the normal sane rules of functioning go out the window during a war.

It is not that torture of one kind or another hasn't happened in any war. It is just the way it is done and the way it is viewed changes from era to era. The most tortured from these last wars are actually everyone on earth almost equally for now like Thomas Friedman's book title says, "The World is Flat", in other words the rules have now changed and the opportunities are becoming more equal worldwide. What that means for us in the U.S. is likely a general lowering of our standards of living even as other parts of the world increase their standards. While still other areas people will just tend to starve and die because of changes in the weather.

As a psychic I expect (unless major changes in terraforming and weather controlling technology are invented) a population of about maximum 2 billion people to remain in 2100 on earth and 1 billion or less in the next century. Whether this is a bad thing or not to you probably depends on whether it is your friends and family that genetically go extinct during this century. Generally speaking I expect the population losses to in ratio be just about the way populations and ethnic groups are on the planet now.

World population right now is expected to be between 6.5 Billion and 6.7 billion. The United States is expected to be 308 million by 2010. China is now 1 billion 330 million approximately.So if I take the total population of the earth and create a ratio between 6.7 billion and 2 billion its closest approximation would be 30%. So if you take your calculator and multiply by .3 what your nations population is an approximation of what population I believe as a psychic that will be left in your lands as of 2100.

Pandemics can take away as much as 95% of an affected population as well. So if there is a major pandemic in your nation then this is a totally different thing.

Each of us creates our own future and the future of our wives, children and friends by all the decisions we make (or don't make) now. Not only that, people we don't know that may not be educated at all in another area of the world are affecting our lives and futures by the decisions they make or don't make right now as well. Therefore educating the masses as to the full consequences of their actions might be the easiest way to create more survival for all of us. One way to do this is the XO computer being built by MIT and others to cheaply bring hand crank laptops capable of wireless wifi communication in 140 degrees farenheit basically anywhere on earth as long as there is a wifi compatible computer or hotspot to log into. By educating 3rd world children who can not only access most knowledge but learn to program open source technology for all to use we might be able to begin saving ourselves.

So in regard to population changes that are likely if major changes aren't implemented, the U.S. likely (if nothing changes) will be around 92.4 million people.

In regard to China their population likely would be 399 to 400 million people. In regard to your country just do the math if you are interested.

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